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Willie at School
Photos 1901-1910

Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh, 1901-1904

Willie did his secondary schooling at Merchiston Castle, in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We currently do not know why this school was chosen.



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Willie Benitz
(age: 13-16)
(Source: John E. Bz - Album 7)


University of Illinois, 1908-1910 (class of 1913)

While at the university, Willie joined the Phi Delta Theta fraternity where he made some life-long firends.  He was class of 1913 (i.e. would have graduated June, 1913) but did not complete his undergraduate studies.  His father died (1 April, 1910) and Wilie returned to Argentina to take on the managememt of ‘La California’.


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Phi Delta Theta – Eta Chapter – 1909 or 1910
202 E. Green Street, Champaign, ILL
Willie is standing far left.
(Source: F.M. Benitz)


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Willie Benitz (& Bus Meeks ?)
Clip from Phi Delt photo at left.
(Source: F.M. Benitz)


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Fraternity Lounge, ca.1910
202 E. Green Street, Champpaign, ILL
(Source: F.M. Benitz)


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Willie (right) & date
Phi Delt fraternity front lawn, 1909 or 1910
(Source: F.M. Benitz)


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Willie's desk (left)
Phi Delta Theta fraternity, 1909 or 1910
(Source: F.M. Benitz)


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Photos above Willie's desk
Notice photos of mother & father.
(Source: F.M. Benitz)

101 Ranch, Bliss, Oklahoma



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Willie as a cowboy
Almost certainly at the 101 Ranch
Bliss, Oklahome – 1909-1910
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(Source: C. Le Bas)


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