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Estancia “La California”
1891 Day-Book

This is the third diary that has survived the years.  Most of this diary was written by John E. Bz., with help by Herman V. Bz. and others.

Background:  The background image is John Schreiber’s lithograph of “La California”, which he drew in 1878.

Reference Pages:  To aid the reader with Spanglish terminology, unfamiliar names (people & places), and old measures (weights, distances, currencies, etc.) we have provided a set of: Reference Pages.  We recommend you have these available — they will open in a second window or tab.

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The day-book has been transcribed as written, verbatim, without correction.  All spelling and grammatical errors have been retained unchanged.  We added month titles for clarity and simplified the preprinted day titles, otherwise anything we added or corrected is enclosed within [square brackets, with our comments in italics.]  (Transcribed by: Jorge Cáceres.)

Newspaper clippings, notes, business cards, and any other items found inserted in the diary we have placed where most relevant.  Items for which we could not determine dates, we placed where we found them.


Ernesto Bunge Calle Victoria 539 Buenos Aires
Borges   "   Libertad 676   "    "
Agar Cross y Cia.   "   Defensa 124   "    "
Tomas Lee   "   Balcarce 352   "    "
Antonio Saralaguia y Cia.   "   Rivadavia 842   "    "
Ravenscroft 559 Calle Piedad (altos)   "    "
J. Schreiber   "   Berutti 677   "    "
F. H. Chevelier Boutell   "   San Martin 36,   "    "
Antonio Yeend Estancia Fortinzuelas, Veria, F.C. Oeste   "    "
Rhodes 304 Chestnut Street  Philadelphia  U.S.A.
G. Benitz a/c Elias Anambari  Gualeguaychu
Fallenstein   Urquiza 668 Calle Entre Rios 56 Rosario
E. Middleton (Casilla 55) Entre Rios 147   "
Moore y Tudor   "   Urquiza 102   "
Bartolo Viscornia   "   San Juan 78   "
Alison Hall (Baraca Nueva)   "   Entre Rios 58   "
Juan Jackson   "   25 de Diciembre No 1034   "
Miguel Freire Serodino, F.C.B. y R.
Justo Salvatierra    Progreso 1146
  "   San Luis 852
Stevens   com.agent. Calle Jujuy 425 Santa Fe
Kinchant Las Petacas San Jorge
Carmen Valle Estacion Las Perdises. F.C. Andino. Prov. Cordoba
L. Woods y Cia Corrientes esq. Tucuman
16 Casilla de Correo

January 1891

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Thursday, 1 January

Very hot day. strong north wind.  Sent horse cart to the station to get some groceries and three one inch boards.– from Piquet Lamuniere y Cia
Herman receiving wheat from Colonist with two bullock carts.
All hands killing locusts.  got up a cart load of alfalfa hay to burn the locusts.
Antonio Andel paid his year rent 300.  & we also regulated the ac. we had with him.

Friday, 2 January

Another hot day, strong north wind.  All hands killing locusts, and trying to keep them out of the quinta.
Received two cart loads of wheat ar 1000.  sent two ox carts with 70 bags – and horse cart with 20 bags, to the station part of 157 bags of wheat sold to Bohtlingk at 7.25 the 100 K.  horse cart brot back 50 listones spruce and 1 box sheep dip.  Haywards , sent out from Rosario. by Mr Fea
Manuel come back from taking the tropa to B.A.  ~~~
Miss E. Macintosh and brother went back to Rosario.
Two ladies, Miss Hunt and Miss Jeneser.  came out from Rosario will stay a while on a visit.  Johnie went through the Tijeras potreros, worked carpentering on the sheep dip all afternoon.
Hired a new baldero at 15.00 he is to drag at 5 wells.

Saturday, 3 January

Hot north wind.  looked stormy in the evening.  Sent Gustaf to the station with horse cart 20 bags wheat, brot back 1 barrel of cement and 7 bags bran.
Received 4 cart loads of wheat ar 1000.  Three peons killing locust all day.  Macintosh killing and Johnie carpentering.
butchered a novillio, will cut up it hide  ~~~.

Sunday, 4 January

A strong pampero last night, rained about an hour.  got beautifully cool.  turned the water into the sheep dip.

Monday, 5 January

Beautifull cool day.  Ricardo Frontera took away fifty 50 novillios did not pay for them.
men killing locusts.
worked half a day.  on sheep dip . pens.

Tuesday, 6 January

North wind getting cool again.  finished the pens on sheep dip.  Received wheat ar 1000.
Two tropas locked in for the night.
Butchered a novillio  ~~~
Sent 40 bags in 2 trips with horse cart to the station to Bohtlingk, brot back 1 bag sugar, three one inch boards and some nails.
Mr Bohtlingk and Don Luis came over to tea.
ladies drove to the Tijeras.
Mothers birth day.
Peons burning locust.

Wednesday, 7 January

Fine cool day.  All hands killing locusts.  received wheat from colonists ar 1000.
Mr Hall here for the night.
a tropa from the 51 shut in for the night.
Anacleta began to dig a new well in the horse potrero.

Thursday, 8 January

A pretty warm day.  received wheat.
butchered a novillio.
Mr Wasey and Mr Hill had breakfast here.
Mr Hall left.
Sent horse cart to the station for a little cement.

Friday, 9 January

Very warm forenoon.  in the afternoon a storm came up and it rained a little and cooled off nicely.
killed locusts.  and received three loads of wheat.
brought up the old mares from the puesto and killed one for the pigs.
William.  Mr Johnston and Mr Judson arrived in a hired carriage from the station.

Saturday, 10 January

Beautifull day.  Took the visitors around the Tijeras.
killed a fat lamb, and had a picnic in the quinta.
masons finished the sheep dip.  mixed the dipping powder and put it in.
killed a little sucking pig.

Sunday, 11 January

Quite a warm day.  The ladies all went to Bohtlingks to breakfast.
braught up the flock of capons from the Tijeras and the flock from the Pig mens potrero.
Mr Johnston shot a lot of chorlitos.

Monday, 12 January

[Likely author 12-21 January: Herman V. Bz.]

It was a warm day.  Johnie and William and Mr Jonson and Mr Judson left for Buenos Ayres.  Ceareaca went with them.  Herman and the two cart men halled wheat the hole day.
Anacleta and chiverro took some boards down to the potrero well and are halling bricks to the well.  This afternoon Bertlingks came over to tea here.  Justaf came back and is working again here.
Juan Garié has shut a tropo in our carrall.

Tuesday, 13 January

This morning it was fine warm day.
We diped all our sheep and Mr Macintoshs sheep also.  Mother drove over to the town and took the ladyes along with her.
This afternoon we set our poens at diging the new well  Seja and Avelino halled bricks all day long
we butchered a young calf.
Herman went over to the stateion and arglared the acounts there.
Herman has recieved $2800 from Ricardo Frontierro for novillos.

Wednesday, 14 January

This morning it was a day it looked stormey.  Herman and Manuel took a tropillo of horses and went on to the Chupinos camp looking for some stolen horses and found three horses.
This afternoon Herman and Manuel came back.  We butchered a calf.  The poens are still at work at ws the well in the horse potrero
Mr Robson went after the mail and bread we did not get any more wheat to day.
And seven sheep died at Tijeras

Thursday, 15 January

This morning it was very warm day
yesterday Donald skined ten sheep and to day he skined six sheep that died from the diping. Don Ricardo Fronterro came and parted 50 novillos he shutin our carral.  Herman looked after the poens diging the well.  Herman went over to the town after the mail.
The poens are still at work at the well  We did not recieve no wheat to day  two men came looking for work.
Quallo [??] gave his tropo water at the pigmam well.  Ventrerro [??] was here he came for meat.

Friday, 16 January

This morning it got cloudy and it rained nearly the hole day long.  The poens worked half a day to day.  Mr Macinstosh has left early here to go and work for Bertlingk
Don Ricardo Frontierra is still here  Herman and Don Ricardo went over to Las Lomas to get a certificate made for the novillos.  We butchered a cow.
Jose Rivearro [??] is stoping here with a tropo.  We got one hundred bag ready to send for bran.

Saturday, 17 January

This morning it was a fine day.  Mr Robson took Don Ricardo over to the stateion. Mr Robson also sent the one hundred bags to Mr Hill In carrania [Carcarañá].  Herman set poens to work at the well.  Herman took Seja with ox cart and recieved wheat forom Carlos Rulinesco [??].  We also recieved wheat from another colonist

Sunday, 18 January

It was a fine day.  Herman went and looked for some turnequetes.  We butchered a cow.  Robson went to the Las Lomas but no one was at home.  Two colonists were here to see if Johnie has come back yet.

Monday, 19 January

This morning it was a very warm day
Herman set poens at halling bricks to the well.  Herman and Seja went and recieved wheat from Pedro Rubollo.  This afternoon all hands at work at the well.  The two mason comenced to brick the well.  Seja halled wheat to the house.  Manuel came back this evening late  Mr Robson and Herman put a colt from Lomas camp into our potrero.
Donald skined three of our sheep and one of Mr Macintoshes sheep.  Mother drove to the Rosas town with Miss Jeemi [Jeenis? Possibly Miss Jeneser, 2 Jan.].

Tuesday, 20 January

This morning it was very cloudy day it comenced to rain and it rained nearly all day long.  We butchered a calf.  Seja and Gervasio brough up a big load of alfalfa.
Chevirro and Avilenno halled bricks to the well  Anacleto and the two mxxasons worked at the well.  This afternoon we did not work at the well.  We put the poens at chaseing langostos out of the quinta.  The masons are white washeing the back coridor yet.  The water pulling boy has left the Tijarras  Gustaf is still here he tends to the pigs

Wednesday, 21 January

This morning it was very wad warm day.
We put the poens at burning langostos. Herman and Seja went and recieved wheat from a colonist.
In afternoon Chiverro and Gervasio halled bricks to the new well. Herman took Seja and Avilenno with ox carts and recieved wheat from the pigman.
Johnie came home in the evening from Buenos Ayres.

Thursday, 22 January

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Fine cool day cloudy.  All hands chasing locusts out of the quinta.  Gustaf cutting alfalfa for the pigs. and doing other jobs about the place.
Sent to the station for the wagonette that Johnie baught in B.A. for 640.$.  killed one of Don Juans balderos for the pigs.  butchered a vacillona.
Our novillios arrived from the Chaco.  8 men 15 days on the road.  a tropa from the Victoria locked in also.  Mother and the ladies went out driving in new carriage.

Friday, 23 January

Fine day.  Took the novillios to the Tijeras potrero No 1.  and counted them.  485 animals of which 3 are bullocks and four cows.
In the evening Johnie went to the Rafango and back.  baught a yearling bull for 150.00 thoroughbred.
Alfred arrived from the Chaco by the evening train.
braught a lot of skins with him.
butchered a calf

Saturday, 24 January

Very hot day.  had a slight shower in the afternoon.
all hands working putting the brocal into the well in the horse potrero.  Alfred and Johnie recorered the potreros.  sent horse cart to the station braught over 101 bags of bran baught in Carcaraña from the mill.

Sunday, 25 January

Very hot day.  braught up all the Cordobese horses from the Tijeras and marked them 41. in all.
also braught up the potrado and parted out five potros for Alfred to take to the Chaco.  also the two potros burros hechores.  Mr Nash and a Mr Williams here all day.  made Mr Nash a present of a blanco potro.  butchered a nov.

Monday, 26 January

Nasty weather.  hot in the forenoon and dusty south wind in the afternoon.
Mr Ray and M Fair came to see their novillios  ~~~.
The tropa peons went back to the Chaco.  took all the Cordobese horses alongs.  also two mules from Nash.  a big tropa gave water today.
poisoned all the hides.  Anacleta working at new well. Gervasio felling up around the bebida in the south potrero.
Herman received wheat 1200.

Tuesday, 27 January

Fine day.  rained nearly all day hard.  finest and best rain we have had for eight months.
a boy from Chupino braught notice that some novillios from the Tijeras were down there.

Wednesday, 28 January

Johnie and three men went to look for the novillia.  found 63 eleven still missing.  sent peons in the afternoon to look for them found eight.  leaves 3 missing.  Rained hard nearly all night.  hurrah!
butchered a vacilla.
received the last cartload of wheat.  wet had to put it on a lona to dry.
Alfred and Johnie went all around all the potreros.  also over to Bohtlingks.

Thursday, 29 January

Beautifull day.  Mother and Alfred went to C.  de Gomez.
capared 20 macho pigs.  Gervasio filling up around bebidas. Anacleta finishing work at horse potrero well.  Gustaf also worked there half a day.
butchered a cow.
Herman very bad with tooth ache.
Sent carriage to the station to bring back Mother and Alfred but they did not come.
Manuel and his brother campiared the 3 nov all day.  only found one.

Friday, 30 January

Beautifull day.  dipped the sheep in south potrero.  best flock.  counted them after picking out some caponsitos to put down to the Tijeras.  373. ewes-.  also dipped Macintoshes sheep after parting out caponsitos counted 156.
butchered two old sheep that had verugas on their udders.
peons mended stacks.  and huntared leña de vaca.
Johnie drove mother and Alfred and a Miss Rios from the station.
Herman went to Rosario to have his tooth fixed.
one of the Colonia Vieja novillios died impastado.

Saturday, 31 January

Braught up the puesto sheep dipped them and culled out 29 ewes and put them into best flock.  making 402 in best flock, and counted the puesto sheep 404 in all.  also braught up the capons from the Tijeras and dipped them.  420 capons.
butchered 4 old sheep.  Gustaf worked all day at the Tijeras. Peons mended fences.

February 1891

Sunday, 1 February

Beatifull day.  Arreglared all accounts with the peons – and after this pay them .50 cents the day or 15.00 monthly.
Mother and Miss Rion drove over to Bohtlingks.
Herman came back from Rosario.  braught Miss E Macintosh.  back with him.  butchered a novillo

Monday, 2 February

Beatifull day.  Sent Manuel and his brother to the Rafango with some oxen.  to fetch a bull that Johnie bought from Nash.
Two peons worked chasing locusts.
Alfred and Johnie went to the Germania in the afternoon.
a milch cow calf fell into the well and drowned.

Tuesday, 3 February

Very hot sultry day.  passed the chaco novillos from No 1 potrero into No 3.  alfalfa splendid . there.  counted the animals 482  braught up three bullocks and 4 cows leaves 475 in that lot.
put the 3 bullocks into pigmans potrero and the 4 cows into stack potrero.  all the potros mixed with the potrancas separated them.

Wednesday, 4 February

Rained a little shower last night.  very hot and sultry all day.  locusts dreadfully bad.  eating the bark off of all the trees.
butchered a calf.  two ewes died in best flock.
masons began to make a new calf pen.
sold all the wheat that is in the stable galpon to Bohtlingk at 8.45 the 100 K.
Two tropas locked in to night.

Thursday, 5 February

Rained very hard last night.  flooded everything.  thundered a great deal.
Alfred went to Rosario.
Ricardo Frontera parted 63 nov at 28 = 1.764.  he paid 1.400 for the tropa taken last time.  owes us for this.
butchered a novillo.
a colonist Frederico Bosso has braught his seed wheat to the Estancia to be taken care of for him.

Friday, 6 February

Quite a cold night last night.  and a beautifull day today.
Hauling bricks.  masons working at calf pen.
sent horse cart to station to fetch.  10 bags flour and semita from mill at Carcaraña.  also from Piquets. 2 one inch boards and 3 tirantes 2x3 and 3x3.
Macintosh came back from Sastre.
skinned a sheep in big potrero.
Locust came flying very thick late at night, and settled on the trees in the garden and with their weight broke a great number of limbs off of the beggest trees.
Mr Nash sent the right bull that Johnie picked out there and took the other one away.

Saturday, 7 February

Fine day.  Masons building calf pen still.
Took the new bull and introduced them to his cows – at the puesto.
a colonist ox died in horse potrero.  skinned it and braught up the meat for the pigs.  Macintosh rode to C. de G. and back.
Alfred came back from Rosario.

Sunday, 8 February

Alfred baught in Rosario.  20 quintals No 9 wire at 8.40 and at C. de Gomez 280 wooden varillas at .30 cents.
Mother and ladies drove up to the pulperia.
Alfred and Johnie went to Las Lomas.
butchered a small animal.

Monday, 9 February

Very warm day.  began to haul wheat to the station with two bullock carts and one horse cart.
made two trips 202 bags.
Masons still working on calf pen and corralon.

Tuesday, 10 February

Very hot sultry day.  sent 9 loads of wheat to the station.
butchered a novillio.
Mother and ladies drove to the station.

Wednesday, 11 February

A sleight storm last night, rained a little.
longostas going away.
Sent two one trip of wheat to the station.
Mrs Thome arrived from Cordoba on a visit.
sold the rest of the wheat to Bohtlingk at 9.00 the 100 K.

Thursday, 12 February

Carted wheat with 3 ox carts and 1 horse cart all day.
Alfred went to the Santa Catalina.

Friday, 13 February

Rained quite a heavy shower last night.  could not cart wheat only in the afternoon four loads.
butchered a novillio.  took a butcher a Mr Ward to the Tijeras showed him the cattle there.
Alfred came back from the Victoria.

Saturday, 14 February

Very hot sultry day.  finished calf pen.  and cleared up the rubbish.  sent 8 cart loads of wheat to the station.
took some lecheras back to the puesto and braught up others.
Mr Elliot and Mr Lamuniere called on in the evening.
Paid Lamuniere 300.$ as our subscription to Kemmis bridge. B. Cuffia paid his ac.  here.

Sunday, 15 February


Monday, 16 February


Tuesday, 17 February

Alfred and two men went to the Independencia and baught in a novillio.
Mr Nash arrived from the station.

Wednesday, 18 February

Ladies and Herman all drove up to the Cardo and stayed the day there.
Macintosh drove Mr Nash to the Rafango in the little trap.
All hands worked at the Tijeras clearing out No 1 well.
butchered a capon at the Tijeras.

Thursday, 19 February

Very cold disagreeable day.  strong south wind.  men hauling bricks to a garden house.
butchered a calf.
killed one of Don Juan balderos Old Fritz for the pigs.

Friday, 20 February

Beautifull day, but very cold morning.  nearly froze last night.  two peons ploughing and planting paraiso seeds in the quinta, and two peons hauling earth around the peones hause.
Johnie went to the station and Las Rosas.
ordered some timber and zink through Piquet Lamuniere.
Tropa from Argentina locked in over night, braught as – two cows and a novillio from the Argentina.
butchered a cow.
Ladies went out riding.

Saturday, 21 February

Beautifull day.  men sowing paraiso seeds in the quinta.  and hauling earth to the peons hause.
brôt up horses from the Tijeras and put them into the puesto potrero.  a potro died at the Tijeras.

Sunday, 22 February

Very warm day   hot north wind.  Mother and Mrs Thome drove to Las Lomas in the afternoon.
Mr Thome arrived from Cordoba

Monday, 23 February

Very hot day.  brought up the three flocks of sheep parted out the rams to keep them separated.  and pared the sheeps feet and senelared 20 lambs–.
butchered two old sheep.
Set the men at making wire netting.
Johnie drove Mr and Mrs Thome and Miss Macintosh to Las Rosas on a visit.

Tuesday, 24 February

Hot day sultry, looks like rain.  brought up all four manadas and caught up the stallions to keep seperate.  put them into the stable.  but will turn them into the pony potrero.
put Solomons mares into puesto potrero.  Marengo’s into pig mans potrero.  Monte Cristo’s into stack potrero and Mazeppas into horse potrero.
Cylinder and bucket fell into well in south potrero got it out.  also a sheep that fell in.
Mr Riply here for the night.
butchered a cow.

Wednesday, 25 February

Very hot day.  Mr and Mrs Thome left.  go back to Cordoba.  Mother went as far as C. de Gomez with them.  began to set up the wire netting.
Sent two men to the Independencia to fetch the toruno that got back there again.

Thursday, 26 February

Hired a new capataz for the Tijeras.  Mercedes.  and discharged the old one.  Ventura Jara.
butchered a cow.
Mr Nash here for the night.
Mother came back from C. de Gomez.

Friday, 27 February

Very hot day.  north wind, clouds to the south.
sent cart to the station for 44 chapas of zink for the new hen hause.
Mr Nash went around the potreros and left for the Rafango.
braught up some bullocks and nov. from the puesto.
men making wire netting.

Saturday, 28 February

Worked putting up the wire netting.  it rained very heavy for an hour during the forenoon.  fine.
the Miss Macintoshes drove to Los Hermanos and back.  a peon went along with them.  Mrs Bohtlingk stopped all afternoon here.  Mr Nash called on in the afternoon.

March 1891

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Sunday, 1 March

Counted all the potrancas  101 of  ~~~  and 84  ~~~  put them from No 2 into No 1 potrero.

Monday, 2 March

Beautifull weather.  fine cool nights.
began to dig the foundation for a new hen house and galponsito.
Received the ac. for the wheat sold to Bohtlingk.

591 bags–39.859 K at 8.45 the 100.K– 3.368.05
869   " –58.143 K " 900.  "   "5.232 85
 $ 8.600.90

Found 17 of the Tijeras potrancas out, put them back

Tuesday, 3 March

Fine weather.  Hauling bricks to the masons.
making wire netting.
Salvatierra and Cuello here.  showed them the invernadas.
Mr Hickatier from the Germania called.
Sent cart to the station to fetch door and windows for new house.

Wednesday, 4 March

Tomasito took 12 potros, 7 redemones 2 mares & a foal to Avelino at the estancia 51.

[Likely author: Herman V. Bz.]

This morning it was fine weather
Alfred has left for the Chaco Johnie went into Rosario to see some sheep.
Herman went down to montey yoko to the mill to see about bran
We butchered a novillo.
The poens worked allday long at twisting wire and fencing
Anacleta halled bricks the holeday.

Thursday, 5 March

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Johnie came back from Rosario.  sold 250 capons to Salvaterra at 450 each  has time to take away in.
Paid Alfred 500.00$ to take to the Chaco.

Friday, 6 March

[Possible author: Unknown]

Very warm day.  North wind.
Herman and three carts went to Montes de Oca for bran.  Johnie went to Petacas.  Two peones hauling bricks.  Masons building.  Butchered novillo in stack paddock.  The two Halls came from 51 to stay all night, also Ripley from Cañada de Gomez.

Saturday, 7 March


Sunday, 8 March


Monday, 9 March

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Johnie came back from the Petacas.
very hot day.

Tuesday, 10 March

Baught Macintoshes sheep from him 211. head at 400 also paid him his share of last year wool 87.46
Macintosh goes to Rosario as mayordomo to Halls place at arroyo seca.  Miss E Macintosh also went to Rosario. Very hot day.

Wednesday, 11 March

Very disagreeable weather.  hot north wind.
Hall here.  he sold his oxen to Dickinson.  26 head at 40.00.  Dickinson took them away.  also sold him three of our own.
butchered a novillieto.
Masons and one man building.
three men making netted wire.
two men hauling bricks and two taking down fence.  for new pig potreo.
Gustaf boring posts.

Thursday, 12 March

Cool day.  but plenty of storm clouds hanging about.
theee men making wire netting.  two helping masons.
two setting up fence.  Anacleta took cart to Las Lomas  braught home the well boring machine and nineteen wool liensos that Dickinson had borrowed.  also four rams that Johnie baught at twenty five nats apiece.
Received the money for the three bullocks sold.
butchered a cow in the evening.
getting awfull dry again.  potreros very dry.
Merceder the capataz of the Tijeras died last night.  at the station of influenza.
Jackson came over.  asking subscriptions for the internal loan.

Friday, 13 March

Strong north wind.  storm clouds to the south.
Counted all the cattle at the Tijeras, and changed the Chaco novillios into No 1 potrero from No 3.
butchered a calf there.
braught up a potro for Manuels bother Calistro to break in.
Sent horse cart to the station to fetch a barrel of yerba and some boards.

Saturday, 14 March

Put the rams back into the sheep.  five into best flock.  6 into puesto flock and three into Macintoshs.
Sent horse cart to Prov Cordoba to fetch some young ostriches.
Paid to Piquet Lamunier y Cia 605. to our ac.
Johnie went to a dinner at the Hotel at station.
butchered a cow and a capon.
South wind blowing all day.

Sunday, 15 March

Cold disagreeable day.  south wind drizzling a little.  hope it will rain more.

Monday, 16 March

Sent three oxcarts in the morning and two in the afternoon, to the station fetched 292 posts baught from P.  Lamuniere at    apiece.
Dickinson sent over for 120.$ first instalment to the loan.
Gustaf mending gates.  cut green alfalfa for the pigs.  Calistro domaring
Hired a new capataz to the Tijeras name Hippolito.

Tuesday, 17 March

South wind.  cold drizzly day.  men putting up netting and setting post and putting up fence on the lane.
butchered a cow.
Gustaf looking after the gates.
Calistro domaring.
Killed one of the old horses for the pigs.

Wednesday, 18 March

Cleared up at last but no rain.  beautifull day.
braught up two more potros from the Tijeras to tame.  cured a potro of cancer also capared a strange bull.  Herman recorering the Chupinos colony.  Three men working on lane fence.  three men making wire netting.  two men helping masons and two men hauling bricks.
Gustaf getting alfalfa mower ready.
Bohtlingks came over in the evening.

Thursday, 19 March

Cloudy all day.  began to rain in the evening.
Ventura came back from Prov. Cordoba braught six young ostriches.
butchered a sheep.
Mother and Miss Macintosh drove to the station.

Friday, 20 March

Rained hard last night.  Johnie went to Las Lomas.
Sent 50 cow and 9 potro hides to Hall in Rosario.  horse cart braught back from blacksmiths a pair of wheets and axle and a door and shutter.

Saturday, 21 March

Beautifull weather, rain has moistened up the graund beautifully.  hauling bricks all day.  finished cutting alfa.  began to rake.  butchered a small animal.
a tropa locked in all night.
Sent two horses to Rafango to fetch a cultivator that sows alfalfa seed.

Sunday, 22 March

Fine day.  four men worked in the alfalfa all forenoon and three in the afternoon.
Anacleta arrived with the machine.
Blacksmith from town came over paid his ac. 141.20

Monday, 23 March

Sent horse cart to the station for 23 bags of alfa seed H. Fea baught for us in Rosario.  1074 K @ 450. the 10 K. — 483.30
In the afternoon sent Anacleta to sow with Nashes machine and three horses.
began to stack the alfalfa in the afternoon.  in the pony potrero.
masons putting roof on the hause.
Parted out at the Tijeras 6 novillios for a colonist to tame one died of rage and overheating.
butchered a novillio took hide off for cutting up
killed the old stallion for the pigs.  old suffolk punch stallion  ~~~

Tuesday, 24 March

Hot sultry day.  Masons finished putting roof on hause.  finished stacking the alfa, made a stack in the pony potrero.  braught a load up for the pigs.
Anacleta sowing alfa seed.
Mother and Miss Macintosh drove over to Bohtlingks
skinned the novillio that died yesterday.
cut up two hides one for cojundas and one for a well rope
One of the newly baught rams was killed by dogs.

Wednesday, 25 March

Warm day.  men finished making wire netting began to put it up.  masons still at the new hause.  Manuel and Calistro domaring.

Thursday, 26 March

Warm day.  big storm in the south all day.  hope it rains.
Three men working putting up netting.  one boring varillas.  Anacleta sowing alfa seed.  Masons and two men still at new hause.  finished laying bricks,  one man making cojundas.  one man finished putting earth around the bebidas.  Manuel and Calistro domaring.
butchered a calf.
Las Lomas people shooting partridges at the puesto.

Friday, 27 March

Rained hard last night.  ! hurrah! no work all day.

Saturday, 28 March

Quite a cool morning.  beautifull day.
finished putting up the wire netting and parted pigs into their new potrero.
butchered a cow.  Herman mended the roof
recorered all the potreros.

Sunday, 29 March

Beautifull day.  played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 30 March

Beautifull day.  Anacleta sowing alfa.  put two frison potros into the machine – and they pulled first rate.  Masons and two men working on new white peon-room,  three men taking down fence of the callajon and digging post holes-.  put up a new shade place in new pig potrero.  and braught up hay and covered it.    hauled up bricks.
butchered a cow.
Salvatierra and Cuello here nearly all day.  looking at invernadas, want to buy the novillios.
A. Mr Hindley a friend of Miss Macintoshes arrived.

Tuesday, 31 March

Johnie left early in the morning with a led horse to go to C. Bouquets place at Tortugas to see some sheep for sale there.
men working at the callajon fence.

April 1891

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Wednesday, 1 April

Rained hard in the morning and again in the evening.  men finished the fence.
Johnie came back late at night.  baught a thausand sheep at 250$ each.  gave an order for the money on Salvatierra.  left the peons with the sheep this side of Montes de Oca. 

Thursday, 2 April

Sheep arrived.  put them into No 4 Tijeras.  braught up capons from there and put them into the horse potrero.  and the small flock 152 head from there put them to mix with the flock in the south potrero.  butchered 3 capons.-  gave 1 to Bohtlingks who come over in the evening.
Rained a little in the morning.  but cleared up nicely.  it rained all night heavily.  splendid.  but muddy.
Commisioned a man to buy cattle, gave him 50.00 on ac. expenses.
braught up a load of alfa hay for the pigs.
Sent the second instalment of 125$ government loan to Dickinson.

Friday, 3 April

Beautifull day.  All hands mending up horse potrero fence.  Masons rebocaring new house inside.
Gustaf blacksmithing.
butchered an old horse for the pigs.
Manuel and Calistro riding the young horses.

Saturday, 4 April

Fine weather.  peons still working on the potrero fences.  braught up the two flocks and parted out the rams.
twelve heads one is missing.  butchered an old sheep.

Sunday, 5 April

Beautifull day.  Played polo at Las Lomas–.  Mother Miss Macintosh and Mr Hendley went over too.
a mestisa heifer at the Tijeras broke its leg.  butchered it for the Tijeras-.
butchered a cow

Monday, 6 April

Beautifull weather.  Sent Herman to Montes de Oca to enquire the price of affrechilla.
Peons took down part of the old calfejlon fence.  and put in more posts and set up the seven wires.
reparted the rams.  that went back among the ewes.
Mr Robinson was here over night on his way to the Rafango.
Herman went to the station in the evening.

Tuesday, 7 April

Warm day.  sent Gustaf to Montes de Oca to fetch affrechilla baught 37.  and 3 bags bran.  affrechilla at 5.50$ the 100 K.
Robinson was here over night.  laid out fence in front of quinta and garden.  began to plant posts.  and take down old quinta fence.
butchered a cow.
Herman and Mr Hindley went over to Las Rosas.
blacksmith from station here putting up the doors and windows on the new rooms.
two tropas locked in over night.

Wednesday, 8 April

Fine day.  finished planting posts and began to get wire ready and bore posts holes.  finished taking down old fence.  Anacleta still sowing.  finished the piece he has been working on, 30
dog killed two sheep at Tijeras.  Herman killed the dogs.
The greyhounds caught a deer a young buck in the old colony.  braught it home alive.
Sent for three quintals of wire to Piquets.

Thursday, 9 April

Nice day.  Peons all pulling wires on new quinta fence.  made a bridge over the ditch on the new road of 4.2 inch boards and a lot of broken posts.  covered it with earth.
Justo Salvatieras was here.  sold him the Chaco novillios.  450 head at 30.00 apiece has until the end of June to take away in.  is to pay for them as he takes
made a boletta with him.
A sheep died at the Pigmans potrero.
little Nellie died. (fox terrier)
broke in a new horse to alfalfa seeder
Cylinder broke at the Tijeras.

Friday, 10 April

Gustaf mended cylinder at Tijeras.
Men finished the fence.  marked out the holes for putting more post on the east fence of the quinta and pony potrero.  which is all to be taken down and made over.
Mother and Miss Macintosh and Donald drove to Larguias and back.  peons braught up leña de vaca
Changed the Chaco novillios from No 1 to No 3 Tijeras potrero.  braught up from No 4 Mr Nashes 26 novillios  ~~~  and put them into the pigmans potrero.
butchered a vacilloño.  braught up a load of hay.
Cecelio a man to domar arrived.
Beautifull weather.  broke in a new horse to alfa seeder

Saturday, 11 April

Warm day.  braught up the potros from the Tijeras.  parted two into the stable and handled them.
Peons scattering posts, and boring varillas, and cleaning up around the brick kilns.
Received a bundle of tanned wild animals skins.

Sunday, 12 April

Cloudy day looks like rain.  played polo at Las Lomas.
J Salvatierra here parted 150 novillios paid us for them $4.500 shut in corral over night.  paid blacksmiths ac at station.
baught J. Netherhalls boring machine 100$ sent cart for it.  gave Salvatierras a poder to recaudar a horse with.

Monday, 13 April

[Likely author: Herman V. Bz]

It was a fine warm day.  We are still at work at the fence around the quinta.  We butchered a Chaco novillo.  Johnie left for Tucoman
Gustaf and Seja and Avilleno Garcea and Jose and Panta Chevirro worked half a day.  and all the rest work the hole day long
Anacleta got the Alfalfa sower out of order
Gustaf mended it again.

Tuesday, 14 April

It was a fine day it was warm weather.
Herman went over to the staition to see about some wire for the fence.  Garcia went with cart to the Rosas town.  All hands hard at work at fence.  This afternoon sent Garcia and Panta to fix the stack fence and also bring a big load of hay.  Oristackio Ramonos [H: Eustackio Ramos] brought the cattle there 245 head inall.
He bought a capon frome us.
We put the stallions into the small potrero.

Wednesday, 15 April

This morning it was warm and cloudy.  Herman and Carlistro brought up about fourty horses out of the Alfalf.
They all belong to the town.  So we shut them into the carrall and let the Comisario know he sent a solidar for them.  Poens still at work at the fence.  This afternoon the poens worked till three Ocloc for it rained hard
We butchered a cow.
The masons are working very slowly at the new house

Thursday, 16 April

This morning it rained hard.
And the poens could not work.  Mother and the servant girls worked a little in the garden
Herman took Garcia with cart and got five kintals of wire and ten turnekets.
A tropo is stoping the night here

Friday, 17 April

This morning it is still cloudy and it is drizeling hard poens could not work at the fence  Herman went to the Tijas.
Set Seja and Avilleno at work in the garden half a day.
A tropo is stoping here the night
Herman is on well [H: unwell] this evening

Saturday, 18 April

It was cloudy but did not rain.  We set the poens at fenceing again.  We butchered two calves.
Anacleta sowed Alfalfa the hole day long.
Gustaf went to the Tijaras and mended the shute, braugh up a big load of alfa.
Andrez worked at the well in big potrero.

Sunday, 19 April

It was a fine day.  Avelinos brother brough fiveteen horses for us.  He took Normans horse to the fivettyone.  Herman went on a visite to Bertlingks.  Mother and Miss Macintosh went out walking.

Monday, 20 April

It was a little cloudy.  Herman set poens to bring up some more Alfa.
Herman and Avileno went to the stateion to get some more sand and kalk.  We also got some more wire to finish the fence.  We butchered to capons yesterday.  Cehevirro worked half day.
Garcia did not work.  Anacleta did not work.  We butchered a vacillona.
Herman got two more boards to make buckets.  Sosa and Loreto came
Mr Nash sent over for his seeder

Tuesday, 21 April

It was a fogey morning.  Set Cheviro and Jose at mending the fence on north side  Herman and Sosa went over to Station with Avileno with cart and got four brg bags of flour.  And four bags of sand and one of kalk.  The Largeias gairls [H: Larguias girls] came on a visit a stoped the night here
Herman set poens at filling up around the berbeados by the poens house.
Mother drove the ladyes over to the Rosas town.  Andrez got finished with putting earth to the berbeados.

Wednesday, 22 April


Thursday, 23 April

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Johnie came back last night.  was up in Santiago del Estero.  baught in Estacion Simbal F.C.C.N.  1.506 quebracho colorado picked posts at 50 cents put in wagon also 20 telegraph posts at 1.50 each and 20 long sleepers - at 1.50 and two logs for morteros.  Total 813.$ also ordered at the same saw mill 10.000 varillas of quebracho blanco 1 metro 40 ct metros high by 5x7 centimetros thick at 25 cents each.
Paid Eustakio Ramos for the 245 head cattle al corte  ~~~  2.695.$.  changed potreros manada Monte Cristo and Mozeppa.
Braught up the sheep from the Tijeras to dip tomorrow.  mixed the dip.
butchered a cow.  discharged the cook, hired another.
peons mending fences.  sent cart to Piquets for yerba sugar turniqts [??].  took the 15 cordobese horses to the Tijeras No 3 Potrero.
Received 162 head of cattle from Nash  ~~~  put them into No 2.

Friday, 24 April

Beautifull weather.  dipped the sheep also the rams.  counted the sheep 1091 head.
peons finisted recorering south fence on colony side.
three men making wire netting out of No 13 wire for a garden fence  three men planting the posts for garden fence.
masons whitewashing and putting new floor into meat hause.
hauled up a cart load of bricks.
Sosa arived from the 51 with his mares.  shut them into corral.
killed an old horse for the pigs and grease.

Saturday, 25 April

Fine day.  men finished making wire netting and putting it up.  finished the potrerito.  turned the ostriches into it.
Hauled up a load of hay,  butchered and old cow Kemmises mark.
Masons white washing.  Sosa still here with his mares.
Bohtlingks came over, braught Mrs Tiedjen and children over.
Mrs Wall child and son also nurse arrived, stay on a visit.
tropa shut in over night.  brot us a cow from the Trebol.

Sunday, 26 April

Fine weather.  like spring

Monday, 27 April

Beautifull day.  took up both gates of the big corral and set one gate on the north side, and filled up the other gap with their posts.  cut a load of green alfa for the pigs.
butchered the cow that the troperas braught.
Johnie played polo at Las Lomas in the afternoon.
Mother and Mrs Watt drove over.
Started Goyita digging wells in new camp.  pay him for wells 4 varas in diameter (round) 7.00 the vara in depth and double that in the water, and 15.$ for putting in the brocal.

Tuesday, 28 April

Cold morning nearly froze.  braught up the lecheras and marked the calves twenty one in all.  left the toritos entire and put them into the stack potrero and seperated the embras to take to the Tijeras.
The lechera bull and one of the rams baught from Dickinson are sick.  dosed them both with black and red draught.
Calistro and Cecelio both handling the young horses.
Took up the black gate on the road to Armstrong.
Hauled bricks to the well that goyita is digging.

Wednesday, 29 April

Fine day.  capared all the bull calves among the new cattle at the Tijeras and braught 18 head up. and put them into the stack potrero to kill.  took 7 vacillas marked yesterday to the Tijeras to potrero No 4.
The thorough bred bull  ~~~  died
hauling bricks to the new well.  hauled up a load of hay.
Mrs Dickinson drove over in the afternoon
Donald came back from Rosario.
The posts arrived at the station.

Thursday, 30 April

Beautifull weather.  Sent three carts to fetch the posts from the station.  paid the freight bill 212.40 $ for each wagon for 7 wagons – 1.486.80 $
butchered an old ox traded from a colonist for a novillio, very fat.  cut up its hide also the hide of the bull, and made two long twisted ropes for well.
Sosa left, lent him 50.00$ on ac. of the interest on the money.
also lent Peter Trumpet 50.00$ to help him out of difficulties.
Sosa left two mares and a potro here lame.  took them to Sosa.
Carts made two trips, piling up the posts in the patio.
Calistro and Manuel and Cecelio working with young horses.
Young Mr Watt arrived, to take Mrs Watt away to morrow.

May 1891

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Friday, 1 May

Mother went to Rosario, shopping,  braught up the capons and Salvatiera came and parted 280 and sent them to Rosairo.  he pays 4.50$ apiece for them = 1.260. $.
Mrs Watt went back to the San Andres-.
Carts made two trips with posts.  6 loads 3 hundred posts.
hauled more bricks to the well.
Sent to Las Lomas for certificate for capons.
counted the capons left.  134 .  dipped them.
a young capon pig died

Saturday, 2 May

Carts made two trips with posts.  took up the pens of the sheep dip, to arrange them better.
one of the Rosas big rams died lung disease.  also a yew died in south potrero.
capared 34 young macho pigs-.
Mr Riply called on in the afternoon.

Sunday, 3 May

Strong south wind cold.  began to drizzle after sundown.
butchered a cow.
Two peons fought cut each other a little.

Monday, 4 May

Cold day south wind.  peons that faught taken before the judge at station.
Carts made two trips with posts.
Sent Gustaf to Montes de Oca to fetch bran in the horse cart  braught 38 bags – 73.89$
Discharged the water drawing man.  originator of the row yesterday.
broke the horn of one of the oxen.

Tuesday, 5 May

Frost this morning.  the first one this year.
carts made two trips with posts.
The sheep are lambing very fast.
marked out two new wells for Goyito to dig
Hauled up a load of dry hay.
Herman drove to the station to meet Mr Hall but he did not arrive.
butchered a cow,  Peons domaring.
Paid Pilar his yearly salary.
sent horse cart to the station to fetch 2 bags sand one bag lime.  4 one inch boards and two white wash brushes-.

Wednesday, 6 May

Strong north wind all day, getting warm again.
Carts made two trips, finished carting all the posts.
braught up the sheep from the Tijeras.
a tropa locked in for the night.
Herman again went to meet Hall, but he did not arrive.
Gustaf blacksmithing.
killed an old horse for the pigs.

Thursday, 7 May

Quite a warm day.  parted out the sheep that we want to keep and sent the rest 450 head belonging to Salvaterras to the puesto.  to be left there until he sends for them.
butchered a cow and a sheep.
dug up one of the big silver wattle trees that the locusts killed.
Gustaf blacksmithing.
sent to the Tijeras for a load of leña de vaca.
Mr Schultz and another gentleman from the Germania were here for tea.
a sheep died in pigmans potrero.

Friday, 8 May

Warm sultry day.  Herman and four men went to the Tijeras, and put posts (9) alongside of broken and burnt ones on the fence, and took a big post down and put it in place of one of the latch posts that was too short and always loose.
Dipped the sheep recently baught.  617 ewes and 11 capons.  took the ewes to the Tijeras and the eleven capons put among our own.
Mr Marrul and gente passed on the way to Cordoba to fetch cattle.  a tropa fetched in for the night.

Saturday, 9 May

Carts (three ox carts) hauled bricks to one of the new wells.
Salvatierra sent for his sheep delivered to him 457 head.
At noon a very sudden storm came up and it rained and hailed awfully.  the hail knocked all the twigs and leafs off of the trees and broke windows and destroyed all the vegetables.
the hail lay in great heaps all over the place untill late.  at night,  butchered a cow troperas broke into pig mans potrero.

Sunday, 10 May

Masons finished their work.  paid them off.
Very cold morning.  south wind all day.
braught up the top of the stack in the pony paddock, it had blown off.  put it into the stable.
Herman went to meet mother, but she telegraphed that she had missed the train.

Monday, 11 May

[Likely author: Herman V. Bz]

It was a cold day.  Johnie went into Rosario to get wire for fenceing.  Anacleto and Jose and Seja and Avelino are still carting bricks to the new wells.  Chiverro did not work.  Panata worked half day.
Panta and Secillo braugh up a big load of hay.  Herman went over to stateion to meet Mother in big carriage.
Herman fixed the buckit in big potrero
Butchered a cow.

Tuesday, 12 May

This morning it was very cold and a heavy frost.  Herman went to the Tijarras to see how things were.  And brough up two well ropes to mend the one in big potrero.  The carts got finished carting bricks.  This afternoon Herman sent Gustaf with horse cart to the station the cook went a long.
We also sent Seja and Jose with ox cart to the station to get the fivety rollas wire that have arived.
Avelinos brother came this evening late with the muels,

Wednesday, 13 May

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Johnie came back from Rosario this evening.

he baught at Chiesa hnos hardware to the amount. $ 564.00
 "  "  at E. Woods y Cia 150 Quintals wire @ 9.25 1.387.50
 "  "  "  "   "   "  " 7.50 torniquetes @ 29 cts 217.50
 "  "  " Van Oppens lumber @ 15.$ = 100 Pies. 813.37

Thursday, 14 May

Fine day.  north wind.  Herman rode to Armstrong to hire the carpenter that worked here two years ago.
Johnie Donald and Anacleta marked out 1 legue of holes for fencing a lane along the Tijeras fence the road from Armstrong to Las Rosas station.
Peons fixing up carts and working about the place.
braught up the potros from the Tijeras.  and caught up two potros to tame.
butchered a cow.
Mr Ripley had breakfast here.
Sent carriage to the station to fetch N. Hall

Friday, 15 May

Foggy morning.  sent the three bullock carts to the station and braught over 1500 varillas wooden. in the three loads – and in the afternoon three loads of lumber.
Sent Gustaf with cart and four horses to Montes de Oca baught 50 bags bran @ 6.00 $ the 100 K.
Set a man at boring the varillas 7 holes-.  bored 48 in the afternoon.
Mr Hall left for the 51.  Mr Riply was here.  received from him 100 $ for the two bayo horses sold, minus 10.$ com.
Eusebio digging post holes.  pay him 3 cents the hole.
Donald poisoned caranchos with meat and strechnine.

Saturday, 16 May

Warm day.  cloudy.  north wind.  carts made two trips to the station,  Jose Montoye [Montoya ?] boring varillas.  Eusebio digging holes-.  Sent horse cart to the station to fetch a painter.  but he did not come.  but braught his box and bed.
Cut a load of green alfa for the pigs.
butchered a cow

Sunday, 17 May

North wind, warm.  played polo at Las Lomas-.
butchered a cow.  two sheep died.

Monday, 18 May

Warm day north wind.  began to work on the fence.  peons all went down in horse cart.  took lona for tent cooking utensiels, barrel water meat.  and a locked box with caña and rations and biscuits.  Herman took his bed along will sleep there.  Took three ox cart loads of posts down.  Three men setting posts, two digging and two boring holes.  and one cooking.
A sheep died in south potrero.  and one of the rams lately baught from Dickinson.  it had been sick a long while.
Jose bored varillas ½ day.

Tuesday, 19 May

Rained very heavy last night.  no wind.  beautifull rain.  fine warm day, alfalfa growing like anything again.
Could not set posts in the forenoon, the holes full of water.  Two men boring varillas.  Gustaf mended broken cart.
Seja sick in bed.  butchered a cow.
Sent horse cart to Bohtlingk for 10 bags of maize.
cut a load of green hay for pigs.
Salvatierra and gente here to part novillios tomorrow.
Mrs Dickinson and Mrs Daniel came over to tea
Mr Ripley called on.
a tropa locked in over night.

Wednesday, 20 May

Foggy nasty day, south east wind.  Salvatierra took away 104 one hundred and four novillios.  did not pay for them, will the next time he comes up.
Two men boring varillas.  one man helped Gustaf to mend bullock cart, streightened the axles.
In the afternoon sent two ox cart loads of posts to the fencers.  Herman and men setting posts all day.
butchered a capon gave half to Salvatierras men and sent the other half to the fencers-.
butchered a small animal in the evening.  also an old horse for the pigs.
Sent to Las Lomas for certificates for novillios and sheep.

Thursday, 21 May

Nasty drizzly day.  strong south cold wind.
Herman and men worked on fence all day.
Sent wire, torniquetes and varillas down began to draw wire in the afternoon.
Mr Agar and Mr Cross arrived in hired carriage, on a visit.
butchered two capons.  a tropa locked in over night.

Friday, 22 May

Cleared up, looks like it was going to be cold though.
Mr Aagar and Mr Cross left by train.
Sent three carts over in the afternoon.  brot over 1 load of 750 turniquetes, and 2 loads of varillas.  1 cart broke its pole at the bridge left the cart there.
butchered a vacilla.

Saturday, 23 May

Noth wind cold drizzly day.  All hands at the fence.
braught the cart with broken palo to the hause.  and the two other carts braught over varillas.
braught up a load of hay in the afternoon.
butchered two animals in the morning.
Mrs Dickinson and Mr Wilson rode over in the afternoon.
Mr A. and L. Hall arrived by train, on a shooting trip.

Sunday, 24 May

Beautifull  Mr Hall and nephew went out shooting  Donald drove them in the big carriage.
Sent Cal Manuel and four polo ponies to B. Aires.  he rode them to C. de Gomez.  to play at Hurlingham on Friday.
Johnie played polo at Las Lomas in the afternoon.

Monday, 25 May

Beautifull day.  Mr Hall and nephew shot all forenoon
went down to Rosario by the 4 oclock train.
Salvaterra sent to take away some novillios  ~~~ o
delivered him 119 head.
All hands began again on the fence, sent a bullock cart load of varillas.  to the fence in the morning.
Sent two carts to the station in the afternoon, brot 1 load of varillas and 1 load of 50 quintals wire.
butchered a bullock.
Sent horse cart to Armstrong to fetch Scherr the carpenter, it came back again in the evening.
Bohtlingk came over in the evening.

Tuesday, 26 May

Cloudy nasty day.  All hands at fence.
Eusebio finished digging holes on the lane.
marked out holes for the division fence through the new alfalfa potrero.  east and west.  nearly thirty squares.
Two carts went to the station.  brot over wire and 1 barrel tar.
brot up a load of hay, and took a load of varillas with horse cart to the fences-.
Scherr the carpenter began work making bebidas.  pay him 50.00$ per month
Painter painting upstairs and putting in windows panes-.
butchered a capon.

Wednesday, 27 May

Cloudy nasty day.  Sent a cart load of varillas, and another of posts to the fencers.
got a load of leña de vaca from the Tijeras.
Took the afles [axels ?] off of two ox carts, streightened them.
Jose boring varillas all day.
Mother and Miss Macintosh drove to the fencers and to the stations.
sent carriage to bakers for lgalletas.
Mrs Watt and son had breakfast here.

Thursday, 28 May

[Likely author: Donald Macintosh]

Cloudy wet forenoon.  One ewe died in south potrero.  It was skinned and the meat brought up for the pigs.  One mala cara horse butchered for the pigs.  Two animales butchered.  José and Seja bored varillas all day.  Donald drove Mr Johnnie to the station.  He is going to Buenos Aires to play polo.

Friday, 29 May

Cold damp day.  Herman removed his tent farther along the fence.  In the morning two carts went to the station for varillas, and in the afternoon three cart loads were brought over.  No varillas were bored to-day.
One ram cleared out, and was brought back in the afternoon.  It was with the sheep in the south potrero.

Saturday, 30 May

Wet foggy morning.  The carts were unloaded and then José and Seja bored varillas the rest of the day.  Avelino and Panta took an ox-cart load of varillas down to the fencers, and in the afternoon pilled up the varillas.  The cook left to day.  Gustaf drove him to the town, and brought back two bags of stone coal, one barrel yerba, a demijuan of caña, one box groceries, 2 cans paint, and one bag of galletas.

Sunday, 31 May

Fine day.  Herman came up last night, and went back this afternoon.  Butchered a cow this morning.  Mrs Benitz and Miss Macintosh drove out to the colonists in the big carriage.

June 1891

[Likely author: Donald Macintosh]

Monday, 1 June

Fine day.  Butchered two cows in the morning.  José and Seja bored varillas all day.  Avelino and Panta brought up a cart load of hay.  In the afternoon Avelino took ten quintales of wire down to the fencers, and Panta mended a broken fence.  Donal brought a parcel from the station.

Tuesday, 2 June

Warm day.  Avelino and Panta took meat and biscuits to the fencers and brought back green alfalfa for the pigs, and then hauled brush to the peon house.
Calistro, Cecillo and José Montoyo went to the Tijeras and parted out twenty cows and put them in the horse potrero.
Seja bored varillas all day and José half a day.
Avelino and Panta loaded up their carts with posts and then sawed wood the rest of the day.
Donald took a demijuan of caña to Herman and then drove to the station for the mail and biscuits.
A tropa was locked up in the big coral over night.

Wednesday, 3 June

Warm day, south wind.  Avelino and Panta took two ox cart loads of posts to the fencers, and then sawed wood the rest of the day.
Butchered a cow this morning.  Seja went in the cart, and when he came back bored varillas with José.  One borega died in pig man’s potrero.  Sent a telegram to Chielsa hermanos for varnish and wrote for two dozen bits (screw).  Received from Salvatierra’s capatas the sum of three thousand and ninty dollars.
A tropa locked in over night.

Thursday, 4 June

Beautiful day.  Salvatierra’s capatas took one hundred and eight novillos away this morning from the south potrero.
Panta mended fences, and Avelino worked in the quinta.  Seja and José bored varillas.  Seja, in the morning brought up two sheep from the pig man’s potrero for the pigs.  Butchered two cows.

Friday, 5 June

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Johnie came back from B.A.  licked the Porteños at polo
all hands working at the fence.  sent two cart loads of material to the fencers.  cut a load of green alfa for the pigs.
a novillio died at the Tijeras, also two ewes-.
Carpenter busy making bebidas.
Jose boring varillas.


Saturday, 6 June

Cloudy day but warm.  Johnie drove to the station to meet Mrs James but she did not arrive.
sent horse cart to the fencers with torniquetes.
braught up the Cordobese horses from the Tijeras
got up a load of alfalfa hay.
Paid railroad freight bills.

Sunday, 7 June

Began to rain in the morning, and rained steadily all day, but not cold, east wind.
Herman drove to the station in the morning and braught back two bull terrier pups Mr A Hall sent out by encomienda.
butchered two vacillas in the morning.

Monday, 8 June


Tuesday, 9 June


Wednesday, 10 June

Finished the fence of the lane (one legue).  moved the tent and tools to the next line of fencing to do.
Salvatierra sent gente to part novillios took 99 nov  ~~~  from the Tijeras.  shut in over night.
Sent three loads of stuff (posts) to the new line of fencing.
butchered 2 small animals.
braught over 3 cart loads of algarroba beans from the station.
Very damp weather.

Thursday, 11 June

Warm foggy nasty day.  Herman began to set posts and pull wire with his gente.
sent four cart loads of material to the fencers-.
Paid for the algaroba beans 93 bags — @ 118 the 10 K ==$302.00
Calistro got a bad kick in the face from a mare.
Made Salvatierra certificate for the 99 novillios  ~~~  (made at Las Rosas)  His men took away 18 nov  ~~~  the last ones – but one left back as sick.  they also took away 3 old bullock out of pig mans potrero, left here tired they last time they passed down.

Friday, 12 June

Cloudy sultry weather.  butchered 2 capons and 2 vacillas.,
Carpenter working on the bebidas.
Gustaf blacksmithing.  an Italian peon cutting bolts.
Hermans men fencing all day.
1 peon cutting wire for tying on varillas.
2 ox carts scattering posts and varillas all day.
A cow of Mr Nashes  ~~~  died at the Tijeras,

Saturday, 13 June

Cloudy day again.  but warm.  Johnie met Mrs James and two children and governess at station they come on a visit.
Took two hurdle gates and set them up on the new fence.

Sunday, 14 June

Cleared up at last.  hurrah!  sun shone all day.
Bohtlingks come over in the afternoon.
Gave the capataz of the Tijeras four more horses for the work there.

Monday, 15 June

Foggy in the morning.  but cleared up into a fine day.  north wind.
All hands again at the fence.  hired two new peons.  pay the fencing peons .60 cts the day.  give galletas and a tot.  Sent three carts made two trips from station with varillas.  Marked out thirty squares of post holes along the west side of R.R line.  Eusebio digging holes.
Butchered two small animals.
Jose Cequiera was here in the afternoon.
Sent horse cart to the station for the cook.  who came back again.
Jose boring varillas all day.

Tuesday, 16 June

Fine sunny day.  but big heavy clouds hanging about.
Mr R. Dix the Rosario R.R government inspector came out and Johnie brot him home in the carriage.  he comes to make inquiries about the fencing of the R.R. through our land.  he went away again in the afternoon.
Sent some varillas to the fencers-.  in the horse cart.
The ladies drove out in the afternoon.
killed an old horse. (saino chaira) for the pigs.
Paid the freight on the last load of varillas $150.50

Wednesday, 17 June

Beautifull day. sunny.  but heavy clouds hanging about.
Braught up the potros from the Tijeras.  caught up one for Cecelio to tame.  and one to give to Adolfo Sauewein.
Getting along pretty fast with the fence.  changed the encampment.
Butchered two animals.
Sent three ox carts to the station for wood.  a wagon load arrived for us from Colston in Cordoba.
Mother and ladies drove to the Tijeras.
Mr Norman Hall here for the night.
Jose boring varillas every day.

Thursday, 18 June

Rained quite hard last night.  thundered a lot, but cleared up fine in the morning.  and was a fine sunny day.
Set up a gate oposite the gate going into the Tijeras camp.  xxx the lane.
Bohtlingk sent over a cart with 4 bags of maize for us, and took away 130 varillas sold to him at 35 cents.— 45.50
also 14 bags of alfalfa seed weighing .  601 K @ 5.00 the 10 K.

Friday, 19 June

Cleared up and got very cold last night.  but in the morning it clouded up and rained a little nearly all day.
finished the division fence,  scattered three ox cart loads of posts along the line along the R.R.
Butchered two animals, and a sucking pig.
Sent horse cart to the station for galletas, caña, and an encomienda.
a sheep died in south potrero No 1 flock.

Saturday, 20 June

Cleared up last night, with a strong south wind very cold day.  Moved the tent to the south end of line along the R.R. and recorered and mended up the whole of the old south fence 30 squares – and made one square near the line entirely new.  putting in more posts.
Foot ball match a Las Lomas.  all our folks attended except Johnie and Miss Macintosh.

Sunday, 21 June

Beautifull day.  froze hard in the morning.
Mother and Mrs James drove to Las Rosas=.
Johnie played polo at Las Lomas-.
dogs killed two sheep last night.
butchered two animals.

Monday, 22 June

Cold morning, but beautifull day.
Herman and all his men began on the fence along R.R. fifteen men.
Mrs James left in the afternoon.
Hauled pileta and tirantes and legs for bebidas, in two bullock carts.  to the south well in the new potreros.
Sent some horses to rest, in No 3 potrero at the Tijeras.

Tuesday, 23 June

Fine day nice and sunny.  Hauled two ox cart loads with 6 bebidas to the well in the forenoon.  and one with 2 in the afternoon, and one load of posts scattered along the line.
Changed the encampment.  took varillas down in horse cart.
butchered two animals.
Adolfo locked in a tropa over night.  entregared him his potro.

Wednesday, 24 June

Beautifull day.  hauled two cart loads of posts to the fencers,  and two horse cart loads of varillas.
Gustaf tarred bebidas and pileta at new well.
braught up a load of dry alfalfa,  and a load of green alfa for the pigs.
Parted out   animals at the Tijeras, for butchering, put them into the horse potrero.
Donald drove to the station and braught home Mrs Cornish and two children.
Johnie rode to C. de Gomez and back, had a solicitud written out by a notary.  to send to the Minister of the interior to oblidge the RR. pay for the fencing.

Thursday, 25 June

North wind, getting warm again.
Herman getting along faster with the fence now.
Hauled down two cart loads of posts, and one of wire and turniquetes, and hauled two trips of varillas with horse cart.  Two men boring varillas.  Gustaf tarred the bebidas again.
Laid out the land with single plough for ploughing in the new quinta.
butchered two animals.
Mr Dickson here for tea.  Mrs Cornish Miss Macintosh and Maggiee went out riding in the evening.
Received receipt from Santiago for the varilla cheque sent 2.250 $
sent a letter for the two wagons more of posts.

Friday, 26 June

North wind, but cool.
Set up a hurdle gate with lock, in the Tres Lagunas corner.
killed an old mare for the pigs.
dogs killed a lamb and a ewe in the big potrero.
Horse cart scattering varillas, as fast as the men could bore them.
finished marking out the holes along the line as far as the end of the camp.  and then marked out on the east side of rails, and south side of little paddock.
Carpenter putting together another set of bebidas.
Ladies went out riding in the evening.

Saturday, 27 June

North wind, getting warmer.  Mr Lokwood here for the night.
One ox cart made three trips scattering posts along the line.  also hauled torniquetes and wire there.
butchered two animals.  bröt up a load of dry alfalfa.  began to cut off of the stack back of the galpon.
Mrs Chute come out by the morning train but went back again in the evening, also Mrs Cornish and children.

Sunday, 28 June

Strong north wind, quite warm, played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 29 June

Very close warm day, cloudy.  All hands began at the fence again.  Hauling down varillas and wire.  two men boring varillas.
Donald and a peon went to Las Lomas-.  looked through their south flock of sheep, but did not find any of ours.
butchered two animals.
A. tropa of 2000 head of cattle very thirsty, gave water to them at pig mans potrero well.  in stack potrero well and south potrero well.  and dried up all the wells.  but gave water enough, rondared in the camp tonight.
Sent Calistro to the Cardo with solicitud.  to get signatures.

Tuesday, 30 June

Wind changed and in the afternoon it rained hard from the south, could not work.
tropa passed by. on the way north.
Johnie took owner of tropa to the Rosas.
Mr Hall here for breakfast.
Special train passed with Mr Fisher and Mr Craig the man that is to take Mr Fishers place as manager.

July 1891

[Likely author: John E.  Bz]

Wednesday, 1 July

Cleared up nicely last night.  but it was a nasty foggy cold morning.  fencers began to fence on the east side of the R.R. from Kemmis fence this way.  hauled down posts with horse cart.
Two men boring varillas.

Thursday, 2 July

Heavy frost this morning, but a beautifull sunny day.
Hauled posts and varillas to the fencers, with horse cart.
Two ox carts bröt from station 85 rolls of wire.  baught at 11.00$ the 45 K.  from E. Woods.
butchered two animals
Mr Nash was here.  came to look at his cows at the Tijeras.

Friday, 3 July

Cold disagreeable day.  finished scattering material for the fence of potrero east side of rails.  also finished planting posts.
Braught up the No 1 flock of sheep out of the south potrero.  and senelared the lambs one hundred and ten.  and parted four caponsitos out.  also hand cured the rams.
Miss M. Macintosh went to Rosario.
1 sheep died No 1 flock.

Saturday, 4 July

Put up the flag.  very raw chilly day.
finished the fence of the potrero east side of rails.  put up gate going into little potrero, also gate at the crosing of the R.R.
butchered two animals.
braught up a load of hay.  took four bebidas to the new well in the five hundred square potrero.

Sunday, 5 July

Very cold cloudy raw disagreeable day.
Johnie played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 6 July

Cloudy misty day.  Moved the tent to this side of the RR. oposite the hause potrero fence.  all hands began to take it down.  marked out post holes.  Eusebio digging holes.
Started to plow with double plow in the new quinta, with bullocks.
Butchered two animals.
Jose boring varillas.
Carpenter putting together another pileta.

Tuesday, 7 July

Very misty day, damp.  Hermans fencers began to put up fence on north side of hause potrero, extension to the rails.  scattered material with ox cart in the morning and in the afternoon with horse cart.
ploughed all day.
Seja takes care of pigs brings up two loads of green alfalfa every day for them.
Braught up the sheep No 2 flock, senelared 318 lambs and cleaned tails and cut hoofs.

Wednesday, 8 July

Very close foggy all day, marked out holes, west east side of R.R.  fencers began h south fence of extension of hause potrero to the R.R.

Thursday, 9 July

75th anniversary of the Independence of the glorious Argentine Republic.  hurrah! peons only worked half a day.
put two more wires on the east fence of south potrero.  making seven wires, to keep the sheep out of Raymundos wheat.
butchered two animals.
very damp nasty weather.

Friday, 10 July

Wind sprang up from the south, rained hard during the forenoon and in the evening looks like clearing up.
Carpenter making a cylinder, Gustaf mending shovels.

Saturday, 11 July

Very cold day this morning, strong south wind all day.
Herman and his men recorering old fences.
Anacleta digging holes to transplant parisos near sheep dip.  Horse cart scattered two loads of varillas, along line to fence.
butchered two capons, sent one to station master present.  butchered 6 fat pigs.  sent horse cart to station for groceries.

Sunday, 12 July

Received from Salvatierra, 3.509.50 $ ar ac. arreglo of invernada sheep capons and last lot of 99 novillios.
Beautifull sunny day.  Heavy frost in the morning.
cut up and packed down the six pigs killed yesterday  butchered two animals.  Johnie played polo yesterday at Las Lomas.

Monday, 13 July

Frost this morning, but foggy untill noon.
Mr Nash came.  lent him three peons, he parted out 15 of his cows at the Tijeras, put them into the pigmans potrero, they are for Mr James.
Nash staid all night.
Carted pileta to the well in 500 square potrero.
Herman with horse cart and four men took wire and turniquetes to the Tijeras and pulled two more wires on one legue of fencing, on the N. and W side of No 4 potrero to keep the sheep in.
Braught a potranca  ~~~  from Tijeras camp.
Hauling bricks to the new puesto.

Tuesday, 14 July

Very heavy frost this morning.  Mr Nash left.  gave him a fat capon.  lent him 100. $
braught up the capons.  cleaned their tails.
One wagon posts arrived 235 braught three loads over, scattered them along the line of holes-.
Men still at work at the Tijeras, passing more wires.
Sent horse cart to the Independencia, braught up the meat of toruno of ours we had butchered there.
Paid Piquet Lamuniere on their ac.  1.000.$

Wednesday, 15 July

Very cold day, north wind.  ox carts braught three more loads of posts.  scattered two, along the line of division fence.  scattered varillas also.
Fencers began fence along the rails.
Miss Macintosh came back from Rosario.

Thursday, 16 July

North wing, very damp weather, cloudy, foggy.
Mason began on the puesto at the gate of the R.R. crossing.
Peons parted out 25 reses at the Tijeras, at the same time parted out all the calves 39 out of  ~~~  cows, and put them with the reses into the horse potrero.
butchered a cow.
All hands at the fence.  did a good bit.
sent hose cart to the station, for yerba and sugar.
killed two capons -.  gave one to some passing surveyors.

Friday, 17 July

Very warm sultry day.  north wind.  looks like more rain.
Fencers finished fence along the rails, began extencion of south fence of hause potrero. to the rails.
butchered two animals.
Mr Nash sent two men to take away the 15 cows  ~~~  parted.
braught up a load of dry alfalfa.
Masons working at fence puesto.
a sheep died lambing.

Saturday, 18 July

Wind changed to the south and it was a beautifull day.  Changed the 26 nov  ~~~  from pig mans potrero to the south potrero.  and braught up the heifers and vacillas  ~~~  72 from the Tijeras No 4 and also put them into the south potrero.
Finished the fencing this side of line, and after clearing up all the old wire posts and varillas moved the tent, to the new line of fencing division in the new potrero.

Sunday, 19 July

Fine day.  Commision from town were here.  collecting money for the church.  subscribed a hundred nats.
played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 20 July

Began on the fence ½ legue long division running N. and S. through the south 6 hundred squares potrero.  it goes by the well.  same well will do for both.
Braught up the potros.  Valentin begins to tame caught up two for him, one for Cecelio and one for Calistro.
Butchered two animals.
Finished breaking up the land in new quinta.
and began on the one on the other side of corral.
Very close cloudy day.  looks like rain.
Put the potros into the south potrero.  will put the mares down to the No 4 Potrero Tijeras.

Tuesday, 21 July

Beautifull morning, but at noon the wind changed to the south and it began to rain and got cold.
Fencers could not fence as the posts ran short,
Johnie and Gustaf took the fencing peons and began to set up pileta and bebidas untill weather stopped them.
Sent Manuel to the Argentina to revisar the cattle.  that are a going to be taken off the camp.
Pedro Toledo the former capataz of the Argentina braught his cattle here to sell, 95 head put them into No 4 Tijeras, did not arrange price yet.
Nashes peons’ shut in some stallions, in corral.

Wednesday, 22 July

Terrible temporal, strong south wind raining hard all last night and all day.  tore the tent peons all wet and miserable.
Pigs suffering from the cold.  could do no work except in the shop.

Thursday, 23 July

South wind, but beautifull day.  very cold night, rained hard
a lot of little lambs died, also young pigs.
Too wet to do any work.
Jose boring varillas.
Johnie arreglared accounts with Bohtlingk.
butchered two vacillas.

Friday, 24 July

Beautifull day.  Herman took men to the Tijeras and finished pulling the two wires araund No 4 potrero.
Two ox carts braught from station zink and wood for puesto and other wood iron and nails to the hause.

In the afternoon ox cart took legs for bebidas, cylinder and other nessesarys- to the well in 600 square potrero.
Pedro Toledo was here, paid him for the 95 head of cattle at 5.00 each 475.$ gave us certificate.  mark  ~~~.
Avelino breaking up camp on other side of canal.
Mason working on puesto.
paid freight bill.  10.00

Saturday, 25 July

Fine day.  Johnie Gustaf and fencing peons- set up the bebidas and finished them.  also set up a gate near the well on the division fence.
Mason working on the puesto.  ox cart hauling bricks to the puesto.
Butchered two vacillas.
Posts arrived at station.
Sent a cheque to B. Jorgensen [?? - written over printed date] Santiago del Estero for a wagon of po varillas for Dickinson 625.$ 300 posts Bohtlingk.  270.00$ and 485 post for us — 242.50 $. == $1.137.50

Sunday, 26 July


Monday, 27 July


Tuesday, 28 July


Wednesday, 29 July

Johnie came back from Rosario.  paid all the bills owing there.  with purchases – and expenses paid out $1.107.30mn  baught another double plough.
Fencers finished the division fence.  began to make fence araund the well.
Gustaf tarring all day.
Mason working on the puesto.
Took one ox cart load of varillas to the fencer in the morning.
I. the afternoon braught 2 loads – last ones of posts from the station.
Braught up the potros.  caught three more to tame.

Thursday, 30 July

Johnie, Gustaf and fencing peons, made fence araund well and put up uprights and cylinder at well of the two south potreros.  finished tarring everything. Butchered two animals.
Peons domaring.  Avelino domaring.
Savalla sick.

Friday, 31 July

Put up part of fence and uprights and cylinder at well in 600 square potrero.  tarred everything.
Carted bricks to puesto in bullock cart.
Herman went to the station in carriage.  got two demajohns wine and stuff for pasteles for the dance tomorrw night.
Goyita finished working at the wells.
Anacleta and one peon filling in colonist wells.
one peon sawing off tops of fence posts.

August 1891

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Saturday, 1 August

Foggy morning, finested [finished] the well.  put up ropes and bucket and finished the fence.
Mother came back.  Mr N. Hall came with her.
Santos Cequiera braught 305 head of cattle al corte to invernar, put them into potrero No 6.  at 75 cts a head.
butchered a cow. con cuero. for the baile to night.

Sunday, 2 August

Beautifull day.  discharged, paid off, all the fencing peons.  peons danced all night.
Cequiera had all the bulls capared in his cattle.
Johnie played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 3 August

Beautifull day.  drew water for the first time in the two wells finished.  braught up the cows  ~~~  out of No 2 potrero and put them into the new potrero No 7.  Mason still working at the puesto.

Tuesday, 4 August

Frosty morning.  skinned one of Sequieras animals.  in No 6 potrero.
Butchered two animals.
Braught up the manada (Monte Cristos) out of the stack potrero put it into new No 6.  put the work horses into new No 5.  and peons horses into horse potrero.
Sent oxcart to station for a double plough and boards from Rosario.  in the afternoon hauled pileta and two bebidas to the new well in new No 8 potrero.
dogs killed a sheep in No 1 flock.

Wednesday, 5 August

Very heavy frost this morning.  white as snow.
put the wood for the rooff on the puesto.
hauled a load of bricks to the puesto and two into the back yard.
Gustaf tarred the pileta and bebidas.
took the calves  ~~~  from the horse potrero into the pig mans potrero.

Thursday, 6 August

North wind but very cold in the morning.
Johnie and peon laying off furrows for ploughing.
braught up all the yeguarisos animals from the puesto.  parted out Solomons mares and the foals of the old mares and put them into No 7 potrero.
and the old mares into the horse potrero.
and the rest of the animals back to the puesto.
Received news from Landa.  Mr H. Fea engaged to Miss A. Macintosh.

Friday, 7 August

North wind, getting warm again.
Gustaf and mason putting zink on puesto roof.
Mother and Herman went to the station shopping.
Mr Nash and a gentleman here for breakfast.
butchered two animals.
a sheep died No 1 flock.
Panta ploughing.
three peons digging holes to plant trees.
Cecelio and Valentin went off to galop their potros.

Saturday, 8 August

North wind, quite warm day.
braught up all the potrancas from the Tijeras from No 1 potrero.  parted out all  ~~~, 98 and put them into No 2.  and our own 84 put into No 6 and the manada from No 6 put into No 1.  Johnie went to Las Rosas; paid 200.$ freight bill.

Sunday, 9 August

Paid the bakers bill 193.50$
Strong south wind.
R. Macintosh rode up from C. de Gomez.
Johnie and Macintosh played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 10 August

Beautifull day.  started the other double plough.  both ploughs breaking up camp in the hause potrero.
Macintosh left again for “arroya seca”
butchered two animals.
Donald and Manuel went to the 51 to help take N. Halls novillios to the “Arroya Seca”.
Laid out a polo ground in hause potrero for a match to be played on saturday.
Sent horse cart to station for lime and sand.
braught up the potros, caught up three to tame.

Tuesday, 11 August

North wind, fine day.  Mr M. Whish here for breakfast.
Mr Nash sent 92 cows all with calf.  put them into big new potrero No 5.
braught up the capons killed one.
Cecelio and Valentin still domaring.

Wednesday, 12 August

Beautifull day.  Carpenter making box for horse cart.
Gustaf making buckets.
Eusebio mowing with machine polo graund.
Two ploughs working.  Mason still busy on puesto.
Anacleta finished filling up colonists wells.
Two peons digging holes for planting trees.
Mother and Miss Marjory drove over to Bohtlingks.
Seja still tends to the pigs.  cuts two loads of trigo guatcho every day for pigs.
Herman mending roof

Thursday, 13 August

Warm day, north wind looks like rain.
Braught up 19 animals to butcher, from the Tijeras.
Worked all day setting up bebidas pileta and cylinder at well in the small new potrero No 8.
Butchered a novillieto.  and a capon,
Finished mowing the polo ground,
bagged all the paraiso trees seed, had on the roof drying.

Friday, 14 August

Warm sultry day.  big clouds about.
Finished putting up the machinery and fence araund the well.
Miss Macintosh drove to the station, shopping.
Sent to the pulperia for wellow limbs for making slips. A tropa of novillios from the 51 lock in over night.

Saturday, 15 August

Rained very hard nearly all night.  cañadas full of water.  could not do any work.  except in the shop.
killed a capon.

Sunday, 16 August

Rained all last night, and nearly all day.
butchered a novillio and a capon.

Monday, 17 August

Rained nearly all last night and all day.  dreadfull weather.
Could only work in the shop.
Santos Cequiera here in the afternoon.

Tuesday, 18 August

Raining hard yet dreadfull weather, wind changed to the sauth.
butchered a cow.

Wednesday, 19 August

Cleared up at last, fine day, south wind.
braught up a load of dry alfalfa.
Mason painting with lime, the puesto.
Mat Whish here for breakfast.
B. Caffia had both of his sons killed yesterday by their hause falling down on them.
A colonist from Entre Rios came, with a vale from William for 300.$ paid it.
Salvatierra peons here, to part tomorrow.

Thursday, 20 August

Beautifull day.  Salvatierra came.  parted out 58 novillios from the Tijeras and also 20 orejano calves sold to him @ 8.00 sent to Las Lomas for certificate.  he paid us 500.$ on ac.
Mrs Dickinson baby and nurse came over to stay for a few days.  A. Dickinson came over in the afternoon.
Butchered a cow.
Cleaned out the colonists well near the new puesto.
Judy the young bull bitch, got at some poison, and died.  killed two old mares for the pigs.  Discharged washerwoman  began to plough again.  got Doña Rosa for washerwoman  Old Anton the gardener very sick.
baught 15 bags of potatoes @ 1.30 the 10.K.

Friday, 21 August

Fine day.  Salvatierra left.
Herman went to the Chaco to stay awhile with Alfred he took 150.$ along.
Took manada from No 6 potrero to No 1.
butchered a young cow
a capon died,  peons digging out paraiso trees in quinta and planting them between sheep dip and corral.
People say lots of locusts are coming down from the north.

Saturday, 22 August

Nice day.  parted out 31 vacillas  ~~~  our share of the 75 calves taken two years ago on halves.  put them into puesto potrero.
Mr Danilson was here.  parted out 100 animals from No 7 into No 5.  Sequiera arrived with more cattle to invernar.

Sunday, 23 August

Beautifull weather.  Received 200 head of cattle al corte from Sequiera.  put 199 into No 3 and 1 into No 6.  (bullock)
A. Dickinson came aften Mrs D.  Bohtlingk here for tea
butchered two animals.  Mat Whisk breakfasted here Johnie played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 24 August

Received a tropilla of horses from Avelino, tamed by him.  Eusebio mending fences: Gustaf and carpenter mending bullock carts.  Cecelio, Valentin, and Calistro domaring.  braught up the potrancas from No 6 caught two for madrinas-.  one plough working.

Tuesday, 25 August

Cloudy sultry day.  looks like rain.
Miss Elsie Macintosh came out on a visit.
butchered two animals-.
sent horse cart to the station for flour from Carcaraña
a sheep died in pig mans potrero.

Wednesday, 26 August

Wind changed to the south, nasty day.  but cleared up nice in the evening.
Drove two of the alasans about in harness and hilched [hitched ?] them to a log to drag, and afterwards put them into the cart, very quiet and tame.
Made a hurdle gate and set it up on fence of cutting potrero.
Carpenter put up doors and windows on new puesto.

Thursday, 27 August

South wind, pretty cool.
began at fence araund new puesto and small corral,
The new water drawing man began work @ 15.$ draws in No potreros.  lives with family in new puesto.
Valentin went to his home with the potros (6) and a madrina, he tamed.
both ploughs ploughing the small quinta potrero the second time.
laid out more land to plough in hause potrero.

Friday, 28 August

Beautifull day.  finished fence and corral at puesto
marked out holes to plant trees, and set men at digging, also made fence araund puesto well in the bajo.
Mother went to Rosario,
braught up 305 ends of posts Calistro had sawn.
Mason working on the smoke hause.
Sent horse cart to the station.
Peon washing the ox carts to paint them.
Butchered two animals.

Saturday, 29 August

Rained nearly all day, awfully muddy.
Cequiera braught 78 [written over: 88 ] head of cattle to invernar @ 75cts..  put 87 into No 3 potrero and 1 left tired in No 6.
Changed the 95 head of cattle from No 4 into No 1.
started peons to dig holes for trees.  but could not work much.
Received telegram, William coming tomorrow.

Sunday, 30 August

Cloudy all day.  William and family arrived.
butchered a capon,
Sent telegram to Alfred to expect us up there.
Took William araund the potreros.

Monday, 31 August

[Likely author: Donald Macintosh]

Very wet all forenoon, but cleared up in the afternoon, and the sun came out.  The carriage went to meet Mrs Benitz, but she did not come.  Anacleta and Cheviro went to Tejiras to transplant trees, Donald drove Mr Johnnie and Mr William to the station in the afternoon.  They are going to the Chaco.
Butchered two animals.  Tropa shut up all night in the big coral.
Panta and Capiango did not work to-day.

September 1891

[Likely author: Donald Macintosh]

Tuesday, 1 September

Cold morning, but got warm in the afternoon.  Gustaf brought five bags of sand and an axil from the station.  Mrs Benitz arrived from Rosario and brought a cook and servant girl.  In the afternoon the cart went to Tejiras and carted trees from the monte to the house.  Capiango worked half a day.  Panta has not come yet.

Wednesday, 2 September

Warm day.  The horse cart took eighteen trees from Tejiras to Pilars.  In the afternoon the cart took the new servant girl to the station, and brought back four bags of coal, one bag maiz, three pots of paint, and some small plants, and then went brought twenty nine post heads from the fence.  Chevero did not work to-day.  Valentin came back to-day.  Butchered a capon.
Two sheep killed by dogs in South potrero.  One was skined and brought up.  The other was half eaten.  Jose Rengo caught up two potros.

Thursday, 3 September

Nasty cloudy day.  Threatened to rain.  Butchered two animals  One sheep died in South potrero, and another in Pig man’s potrero.  Both were skinned and given to pigs.
The horse cart brought up two hundred and twenty seven post heads.  Mr Hamilton from San Andres stayed here last night.  Mrs Dickinson and two ladies were here to tea.  Salvatierra is here to night and his peons.  Chevero did not work to-day.
[Next line likely inserted by: John E. Bz]
Salvatierra paid 1.100.$ on ac of cattle baught.

Friday, 4 September

Cold morning, but very warm afternoon.  Salvatierra parted ninty head of cattle from number one potrero, and took them away.  The cart brought thirty post heads up.  Avelino did not work to-day.

Saturday, 5 September

Very warm day.  Donald drove to the station to meet a seamstress, but she did not arrive, and brought a demijuan of caña.  The cart went over too, for a barrel of yerba and galletas.  Butchered a capon.  One sheep died in South potrero.
Anacleta washed the big carriage.  Seventeen post heads brought up.  Carpenter went to Armstrong.

Sunday, 6 September

Very cold morning.  South wind.  It got a little warmer in the afternoon.  Butchered one animal.
All the Bothlingks were here for tea.  Soso is staying here.  He came yesterday.

Monday, 7 September

Very cold morning.  Hard frost last night.  One sheep killed by dogs in South potrero.  It was skinned and given to pigs.  Anacleta and Capiango and Jose Montoyo did not work to-day.

Tuesday, 8 September

Cold cloudy day.  Two sheep died in pig man’s potrero and one in South potrero.  They were skinned and given to the pigs.  The cart brought up sixty-five post-heads.  The seamstress arrived to-day.  Butchered one animal.  Avelino and Jose Montoyo did not work to-day.
Mr Robinson from Cañada de Gomez was here for breakfast.  The three Misses Macintosh and Mrs Clara’s children drove to the Lomas to see a polo match.

Wednesday, 9 September

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Beautifull weather cool in the morning.
Willie and Johnie came back from the Chaco.  a servant girl from Rosario came along.  braught a lot of skins and curiositis along.  send horse cart to the station for the luggage.
braught up a manada from Tijeras to mark foals.  put potros from south into No 6 potrero, and potrancas from No 6 into south potrero.
Paid Sosa interest on the 2.800$ @ 700 – 146.$ had paid him 50.$ before.  from Sept 5/90 to Sept 5/91

Thursday, 10 September

Braught up all the four manadas and parted out all the foals embras seperate from the machos: marked the embras 69 and put them into the south potrero, and the machos 73 and 2 mules into No 8 potrero.  broke 2 foals.
Butchered a cow at the Tijeras:
Eusebio mowing off the alfalfa polo graund.
baught up No 1 flock of sheep to feed off the polo graund.

Friday, 11 September

North wind, getting warm again.
braught up all the manadas again and remade them put in 27 potrancas into the different manadas and culled out 27 old mares and put them into Pilares potrero.
butchered a capon.
Miss A. and E. Macintosh both went to Rosario.
Johnie and William went and called on Kemmis.
Sent horse cart to Las Rosas braught over a new harrow and a hundred turniquets.
a sheep died No 1 flock.

Saturday, 12 September

Warm day.  braught up from Tijeras 23. reses to kill.  butchered a cow.
Mother Clara and children drove out in the evening.
Carpenter and Mason working on new room.
Received from Raimundo 30 bags of maize, 20 at 150 the 10 K.  and 10 yellow at 1.30

Sunday, 13 September

Beautifull day.  held a polo meeting, camp against C. de Gomez.  thirteen players turned up.
Paid Raimundo 200 on ac of maize baught

Monday, 14 Septembre

North wind warm.  Gustaf mended cylinder with p.
butchered a cow.
Señelared No 1 flock.  187 lambs - cleaned tails and feet.
William went to Entre Rios.  killed a capon for him to take along to Buenos Aires.
braught up No 3 flock from Tijeras.
Mr Nashes bulls shut in small potrero the night.  Harrowed with new harrow the new quinta.

Tuesday, 15 September

Warm day, sultry, looks like rain,
Senelared No 3 flock.  343 lambs and cleaned tails and feet.
butchered two animals.
Peon sowed broadcast paraiso seeds in new quinta.
Mr Nash here for breakfast.  baught a bull from him for $150.00mn
He parted out 21.  of the 26 nov. Put in last August. to take to C. de Gomez.
Put eleven bulls into the cows in No 7 potrero.  put 11 novillios from No 6. into south potrero.  and 45 cows out of No 7 into No 6.
Put the bull baught from Nash into south potrero to the lecheras.

Wednesday, 16 September

Cloudy sultry day.  found a vacilla  ~~~  in Lomas camp.  braught up the potros caught up two for Cecelio.  covered 2 mares with Solomon for a colonist.
Gustaf tarring gates.
Two ploughs still working, graund getting hard.
Rolling the land sown with paraiso seeds.

Thursday, 17 September

Warm sultry day.  clouds to the south.
Put the four stallions among the manadas  there are a lot of little foals already.
Mother and Clara and children drove to Las Lomas in the afternoon.
Put all the hides out of the hide room and drowned the rats out of there with water.
Sowing woman left.

Friday, 18 September

Began to rain early in the morning and rained gently all day, could do no work.
Carpenter and Gustaf began work making dump cart.
Sent a lot of horses to Pilars puesto to rest.

Saturday, 19 September

Received ac of Contribucion Directa paid by F Meyer y Cia
vale en Receptoria from last year  144.$ bonos baught 375.00 total 519.00
Beautifull day.  cleared up nice.
butchered two animals.  Finished ploughing house potrero.
Planting potatoes in new quinta.
one of the 26 nov  ~~~  died in south potrero.

Sunday, 20 September

Received from Jose Dall Orso.  Salvatierras socio.  1.868.
closing ac of cattle taken up to date excepting 16 cows taken Sept 4 of which price not yet fixed.
Beautifull day.  Station masters children all over to a tea party with the children.

Monday, 21 September

North wind, getting warm and sultry again.
Took the two double plaughs and bullocks to the Tijeras, began to plough up No 4 potrero to resow alfa  Took one horse plough down and laid out furrows.
Mr Nash sent peons and parted out 72 cows  ~~~  to embarcar for B.A.
Braught up No 2 flock of sheep and señelared 107 lambs, cleaned and cut sheeps feet.
parted out 153 caponsitos put them into capon flock.
butchered an old ewe, and a big lamb died.
Mr Nash and men stayed the night, braught up all the potrancas  ~~~  and put them in corral over night.

Tuesday, 22 September

Mr Nash braught up the 39 calves in pig mans potrero.  marked them and put them into No 8
Parted out 61 potrancas took them to the Rafango.
Sent three peons to the Lomas to help kill locusts.  A great many locusts passed over today.
Discharged Gustaf, drunk.
Carpenter making a dump cart.
Mason putting brick floor into pig sties-
Two men hauling bricks.
finished planting potatoes.
Cecelio took his tropilla of redemons to work at Rafango.
Received from Fallenstein a cheque for 10.000$  ten thausand nats lent by William, to buy stock with to invernar.

Wednesday, 23 September

North wind warm day.  braught up 15 young bulls and put them into stallions paddock.  also braught up 22 vacillas and novillietos from the puesto and put them into No 4 potrero.  marked 6 calves.
butchered a calf.
Received from Nash 79 potrancas  ~~~  put them into No 2 potrero.
Tremendous lot of locusts about.  laying eggs.
Ladies went out riding.

Thursday, 24 September

[Likely author: Donald Macintosh]

2801020.00 [These sums are written left & right of the printed date title.] 10.00
23  15.00 6     
10.00  3.00
  6.90 17  -  
  0.1020 00

Very warm day.  Mr Johnnie went to Rosario.
Mrs William Benitz and family went away to-day.
The paintor and the mason also went away.
The cart brought up one hundred and forty post heads.  Butchered two animals.
[Next sentence likely inserted by: John E. Bz]
Gave Clara a pagare a la vista to William for 12.000 received as loan, 10.000 received new cheque from R. Fallenstein on London Bank and 2 last year Oct 4 on same bank money used to buy horses with

Friday, 25 September

Another very warm day.  One sheep died in South potrero.  The cart brought up sixty nine post heads.

Saturday, 26 September

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Johnie come back.  paid out in bills also for another double plough, repuestos and expenses $561.95
Received from Salvatierra on ac of cattle $ 100.00
Mr Wood Mr Nash and a butcher here for breakfast.
Johnie braught a blacksmith with son and daughter out.
hired a mason.  Secquiera took 12 animals away out of No 6.

Sunday, 27 September

Mr Davidson and peons came from Rafango and took 76 cows  ~~~  out of No 5.  shipped them from Las Rosas to B.A.
Johnie played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 28 September

Cloudy to the south, looks like rain.
butchered two animals.
The ploughs working nicely at the Tijeras.
Mason taking up the old drain to put new one down.
braught up No 1 sheep.  parted out the 9 lambs left for rams for Salvatierra, put them among our rams.
Miss Macintosh went out riding.
Set one peon to dig out locusts eggs to see how many a man can dig out in one day.  got 2 ½ kilos.
Hired Dionisio Perez at 18.00 to do nothing but look after fences.  gave him four horses, he is to live at Pilars puesto.

Tuesday, 29 September

Received from Cequiera $61.50 on ac of invernada.
Big storm last night.  a lot of thunder, rained a great deal.
All the peons out, driving all the fillies and potros along the roads.  to trample the locust eggs into the mud.
Johnie attended meeting of neighbors at Oroños to make arrangements about destroying locusts eggs.  Passed a decreto.  every family in the department is oblidged to deliver 15 Kilos of eggs before 20th Oct. under heavy penelty.  Received a redemon from Avelino.  One Cequieras cows died.

Wednesday, 30 September

South wind.  cool nice day.
Cequiera took 30 animals away.
butchered an animal.
braught ten bags of lime from the station.
hauled bricks in the afternoon.
Dr Mac Innes had breakfast here.
Received from Nash 257 nov  ~~~  to invernar.
Law passed by government every family must deliver 15 Kilos of locust eggs.  befor 20th October.

October 1891

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Thursday, 1 October

Beautifull weather.
hauled bricks into the back patio for new sewer
sowed paraiso seeds in piece ploughed in cutting paddock.
braught up the potros .  caught up the two blancas.
Donald went to Rosario.
got a cart load of sand from the station.

Friday, 2 October

Rained a heavy shower in the morning.  a splendid day.
Sold 22 cows from the Tijeras to Cuello at 16 he paid a cheque on London bank for 300.$ on ac.
butchered a cow.

Saturday, 3 October

North wind, big clouds to the south, looks like rain.
Took two horse carts to Las Lomas and baught 10 rams @ 60.00 apiece.  paid cash down, got one as a yapa.  also braught a capon over.  sold Bohtlingk a capon
Mr and Mrs Mac Donald from Rosario on a visit here.
took all the bulls 17 to the Tijeras to No 1. potrero.
Sent Cuello to the south to look for cattle to buy.  he went with Manuel and tropilla.

Sunday, 4 October

South wind, quite cool.  Johnie played polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 5 October

Beautifull weather.  Took new double plough to the Tijeras also little plough.  Eusebio and Rufino drew out more furrows.
Two peons gathering locusts eggs.
Butchered an animal.
Blacksmith making carriage and harness bits.
Valentin domaring.

Tuesday, 6 October


Wednesday, 7 October


Thursday, 8 October

Jose Sequiera took away. 36 animals from his invernada.

Friday, 9 October

Foggy day.  Johnie came back from Rosario.
have received about 150 Kilos of locusts eggs from Colonists.  all the locusts eggs have maggots that are destroying the eggs.
Three ploughs going at the tijeras.
butchered one animal.
a potranca  ~~~  died at the Tijeras.

Saturday, 10 October

Beautifull day.  parted some animals back from No 7 to No 6.  baught up No 1 flock sheep senelared 17 lambs and parted out 9 little rams and 43 caponsitos and put them into capon flock.
Mr Nash took away 2 cows, we gave Oroño 2 vacillas for a carne con cuero tomorrow at station.
Sent cart to the station for groceries and cement.

Sunday, 11 October

[Likely author: Unknown]

Beautifull day.
Butchered one cow.  Great festivities at the town Instalation of Oroño, as Gefe Politico of the Belgrano department.
Johnnie played Polo at Las Lomas.

Monday, 12 October

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

East wind, cloudy.  looks likely to rain.
Seja got a bad kick in the side by horse in the corral.  had to telegraph to Dr Macinnes to come and see him.  he also vacinaled peons children.  fee paid 50.00$
Cleaned out the corralon getting ready for shearing.  baught half a dozen shears at the station.  1.90$ apiece.
Mr and Mrs MacDonald left;
Calistro tending to the pigs.

Tuesday, 13 October

Begun to rain a little in the morning.
butchered an animal.
braught up No 1 flock parted out the boregas, and a few ugly sheep
braught up No 2 flock.  shut them over night into corral.
finished putting up bretes, and floor for shearing.
a plough broke at the Tijeras

Wednesday, 14 October

Rained a lot last night.  and again in the afternoon.
braught up the plough from the Tijeras, and mended it.
could not do much work.

Thursday, 15 October

[Likely author: Unknown]

Rained a lot last night and nearly all to-day Could do no work except in the shop.
Received 52 dollars from Cuello on account of cattle sold
The ostrich layed her fourth egg to-day.

Friday, 16 October

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Beautifull day, wheat looking splendid just coming to ear.
butchered a cow, also two mares for the pigs.
one of solomons mares died, a gateada, foaling.
cooked out a lot of potro grease.
Mr M. Whish breakfasted here.
Johnie went to Bohtlingks and Lomas.
sent horse cart to the station for 2 boxes sheep dip and one barrel cement.
a lamb died.
Cuello took 16 cows frm the Tijeras @ 16.00

Saturday, 17 October

Began to shear, clipped the rams 22 before breakfast and clipped part of No 2 in the afternoon.  parted out all the boregos.  and have got them on pastoreo seperate.  also parted 38 caponsitos put them among the other capons.  eight men clipping.
butchered two animals.  a yearling filly died.
Mrs Watt and son Mr C.P. and Latham Hall and Mr Ripley here for the night.

Sunday, 18 October

Rained very hard last night.  strong south wind.  very muddy.  Mrs Watt and her son left for Las Rosas  Mr Ripley left for 51.  Cecelio went with him.

Monday, 19 October

Bright sunny day.  Mr C.P. and L. Hall left for the 51.
Finished No 2 flock at noon, braught up No 3 and began to clip them.  parted out of No 3 all the boregas and 162 caponsitos put them among other capons.
Jose Cequiera parted out 111 head of his own cattle.  paid 250.$ invernada ac.
Mr Nash and Davidson here for breakfast.
received from Mr Nash a cheque on London bank for $2.000.  on ac of the invernada.
Carpenter and Mason finished their work.
Three tramps here for the night.
Mr M. Whish had breakfast here.

Tuesday, 20 October

Fine day.  beautifull weather.
a ewe lamb drowned in dip last night.
one sheep died No 2 flock.  Dipped No 2 flock and took back to Tijeras.  Finished No 3 and began on No 1.  beautifull clean wool.  No scab at all.
Paid off the carpenter 187.60 also the mason 13.40  Sent them to Armstrong in horse cart.  cart came back again in the evening.
Another tramp staying the night.

Wednesday, 21 October

Finished clipping No 1 flock.  dipped No 3 and took back to the Tijeras.
butchered a cow, a sheep died No 3 flock.
Mr Isherwood and Mr Owen here for breakfast.

Thursday, 22 October

Finished clipping the boregas and dipped them.
began on the capon flock.
Dipped the No 1 flock.  butchered a capon.
Mr Ripley was here last night.  braught a redemon from the 51.  one that Avelino had taming.  (sent it a big mano) and two beautifull alasans (2 years old) to Entre Rios to William.  Gave Mr Ripley 500.$ on Williams accaunt.

Friday, 23 October

Finished shearing early in the afternoon, and dipped the capons afterwards.
clipped in all.  1,950 sheep.  expenses.  110.88
Johnie went to Las Lomas in the afternoon.
Found the remains of a cow butchered in No 5 potrero, one of Cequieras cows.

Saturday, 24 October

Beautifull day.  Johnie went to Las Rosas.
Miss Macintosh drove to station.
Marked out a lot of furrows at the Tijeras.
plowing getting along pretty fast.
Mr Hall and Mr Fillips here for the night.
Sent polo ponies to C. de Gomez to play in tournament tomorrow.

Sunday, 25 October

Johnie and Miss Macintosh drove very early to C.  de Gomez.

Monday, 26 October

Johnie came back in the evening.
played in St Fe team polo against teams from Rosario and B. Aires.  beat them both.
braught up a plow from the Tijeras, mended it and sent it back again.

Tuesday, 27 October

North wind very strong.  Capared 72 potrillios and 2 mules.  did not break any.  Bellesario capared paid him 50 cents apiece.
Mrs Munroe and children were here to tea.
Sold to Bohtlingk 16 novillietos from the Tijeras @ 22.00$ also 16 to Jose Cuello.  gave certificates.
Sold the wool to Dickinson.  fleeces $10.00 the 10 Kilos.  lambs 8.50.  bellies 5.00, hides 7.30 potro hair 14.00 sheep skins consumo y epedemis 85cent per Kilo potro hides 4.00.
Baught 2 nov  ~~~  from Hall @ 20.00 apiece.
(lame ones left here from last tropa)

Wednesday, 28 October


Thursday, 29 October

Very hot sultry day.  clouds to the south.
butchered a cow.
Sent Panta and two horses and harness to fetch a alfa cart  baught these for 2.35.$
Colonist sowing maize in hause potrero for us.  Rufino harrowing it in with three horses.
Loaded the wool and hides into the three ox carts and in the two alfalfa carts.  braught up bullocks from Tijeras.
Took the potros from No 5 to No 4.  and Montecristos manada from No 4 into stack potrero.  put freshly capared colts into No 5.
Johnie went to Las Rosas to meet Government inspector to confer about the R.R. fencing.  Receved a cheque from Dickinson for 235.$ paid for the cart with it, sent cart to the Tijeras to fetch hides and sheep skins.

Friday, 30 October

Storm last night but cleared up nice.  rained very little.
Carted all the produce to the town to Dickinsons galpon in 5 carts.

Sold 4203 K  wool@ $10. the 10K –$4.203.00 
 " 270 K bellie  " "  5.  " "  –135.00 
 " 216 K borega " "  8.50 " "183.60 
  52 K horse hair "  14.00  "72.80 
  23 potro hides "  4.00 –92.00 
  140 K sheep skins "  8.50  "119.00 
  143 cow hides "  7.30  "891.33weighed 1221 Kilos
   8 calf hides 15.90 
  15 K. cow hair. 14.01 

Saturday, 31 October

This afternoon the Santiago team arrived from C. de Gomez.  Mr B. Ray drove up from C de Gomez in his four in hand.

November 1891

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Sunday, 1 November

Rained hard last night.  drove the Santiago men to Las Lomas – in the carriage.  played a match Sta against Santiago beat them one goal to nil.

Monday, 2 November

Rained hard againt this morning.
Santiago men left in the afternoon by train.
butchered a novillio cut up them hide,  ~~~ 
Could not do much work.
Mr Schiele was here, made him a present of the little lion to take to England.
Cequiera took away 79 head of his cattle.

Tuesday, 3 November

Temporal from the south, rained nearly all forenoon.
braught up a broken plow.  mended it.
Johnie went to Dickinsons regulated ac,
Received one cheque London bank payable Piquet Lamuniere No 216 No C 131910 for 1.000.$ and another payable to us No 217 No C 131911 for 4.300.$

Wednesday, 4 November

Beautifull weather.  Mowing machine going all day.  Three ploughs going.  graund splendid to plow.
Raked alfalfa in the afternoon.
Carting earth araund the buildings.
butchered a novillio  ~~~  cut up the hide –
Paid Piquet Lamuniere the cheque for 1.000.$ and the vale for 27.75$
Donald came back.

Thursday, 5 November

Cloudy cool weather.  alfalfa dries very slowly, cut all day.  piled up in the afternoon.
Carted earth to the bebidas in south potrero and in No 5 potrero.
Nash sent 15 bulls to put into his cows in No 7 and took the eleven bulls out and put them into south potrero,  he also sent 30 small animals put them into No 8.
made a well rope out of hide killed yesterday.

Friday, 6 November

Warm day, but heavy clouds hanging about, south east wind
Took all hands to the alfalfa, took two carts down.  raked and piled up.
braught up twenty five animals from the Tijeras to butcher.  butchered two animals.
Wheat looking splendid.
Mr Nash was here early this morning.

Saturday, 7 November

Cloudy day, could only stack half a day.  alfa wont dry

Sunday, 8 November

Cloudy cool day, cleared up, all day peons worked half day piling alfalfa.
attended service at Las Lomas.  played polo afterwards.

Monday, 9 November

Beautifull day, cleared up fine at last, stacked alfa all day.  sent Manuel to Las Lomas to revisar their sheep which they are dipping,
Mr Middleton had tea here.
Sent horse cart to the station to fetch a piece of wood to make carriage poles of.

Tuesday, 10 November

Warm day.  dipped No 2 and No 1 flocks of sheep.  braught up No 3 from Tijeras.
Parted out about 60 sheep at Las Lomas.
butchered a cow.
Mr Nash here.  braught, 160 vacillas from Rafango put them among the cows 200. in No 7, untill thurs day.  when they are to be taken away.
Parted out 47 vacillas out of  ~~~  cattle in No 5 and put them into No 8 with the 39 calves  ~~~.
All hands stacking alfalfa.

Wednesday, 11 November

Warm north wind.  hay drying fast.  stacking as fast as we can.
Dipped No 3 flock capon flock and borega flock.  one ewe died in No 3.  senelared 43 lambs.
Salvetierra sent us 300 cows he baught for us @$12.00  paid the peons 192.$ for bringing them.  put them into No 7.  and the cows  ~~~  that were in No 7.  put into No 2.

47  116
39    86
86    30

Thursday, 12 November

[Likely author: Donald Macintosh]

Very warm day.  Mr Johnnie went to Rosario.
Butchered one cow.

Friday, 13 November

Another very warm day.  Butchered one cow.
Mr Nash’s peons arrived to take away his tropa to-morrow.  Mr Dickinson sent over for the loan of a pick-ax and got it.  Brought up a broken plough from Tijeras to be mended.

Saturday, 14 November

Dark cloudy forenoon, but cleared up in the afternoon.  It rained a little last night and again this morning.  The peons did not work in the alfalfa to-day.  Brought up a cart load of alfalfa for the stable.  Mr Nash’s peons took his tropa away.  360 cows and 10 bulls.  They left a lame cow behind.

Sunday, 15 November

Warm day.  Butchered one cow.  One capon died in horse potrero.  Mrs Benitz and Miss Macintosh drove over to “Santa Clara” in the afternoon.

Monday, 16 November

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Beautifull weather.  Johnie came back from Rosario.  braught a Mr Webb with him on a visit.
Johnie cashed the cheque for $10.000 and the cheque for $4.300.  paid $3.600 for the 300 cows baught and paid other bills to the amaunt of $974.95 in Rosario.
Mother went to Rosario.

Tuesday, 17 November

Beautifull weather, wheat looking fine.
a great number of locusts have hatched out.
Men getting along nicely with alfa stacking.
Two ox plows going at the Tijeras.
Sent Manuel and Donald to look for some of the caponsitos that were seen towards Tietjens Estancia.
Butchered a cow.
Salvatierra and Cuello were here.
Johnie and Mr Webb went to Las Lomas.
Mr Webb left in the afternoon.

Wednesday, 18 November

Very warm day.  working hard at the alfa have got twenty men at it.
a young lady came on a visit a Miss Smyth.
Thieves stole ropes from well in No 8 potrero.

Thursday, 19 November

Very hot day, north wind.
All hands hard at the alfa.
butchered two animals.

Friday, 20 November

Storm came up in the morning.  rained a little  could only work half a day in the alfa.
Santos Cequiera took away 85 eighty five head of cattle paid one hundred nats on ac of invernada.
Sold Cuello ten of the animals baught from the Argentina.
Put up a shelter for the men at the alfa stacks.

Saturday, 21 November

Mother came back from Rosario.  sent horse cart to fetch some furniture she baught.
Could not work much in the alfa.  damp.

Sunday, 22 November

Storm clouds hanging about, sultry day.
played polo at Las Lomas.
Made arrangements with peons to keep on cutting alfa at 2.00 per day.

Monday, 23 November

Miss Smyth left.  Mother and Miss Macintosh drove her to the station.
Frm today pay the men 2.00 per day to work in the alfa.
butchered a cow.
Found two novillios dead in high alfa in south potrero, both hides spoilt.

Tuesday, 24 November

Foggy last night.  could not work untill late in the alfalfa.
Mowing machine broke down all worn out.  can not cut untill another one arrives from B.A.
butchered a small animal.
Put all cattle 337 out of south potrero into No 7.

Wednesday, 25 November

Fine hot weather.  colonists beginning to cut wheat.
Took Monte Cristos manada from stack potrero to No 1.  and Marengo’s from No 1 to No 8.  redemons and tropillas out of No 8 into stack potrero.

Thursday, 26 November

Hot sultry day.  big clouds hanging about.
Sent horse cart to fetch new mowing machine.  Albion No 5 from Agar cost $291.00.  set it up right off.  and cut all afternoon.
a tropa locked in last night.

Friday, 27 November

Warm day.  storm clouds hanging about.
Could not stack today no dry alfa
butchered one animal.

Saturday, 28 November

Cloudy day.  began to stack alfa in the afternoon.
found two of our bulls in the Tijeras at the Independencia  collared them together to keep them here.
Miss Macintosh went to Rosario.  Mother drove her to station.
Big storm clouds about in the evening.  hope it wont rain.

Sunday, 29 November

Very hot day.  stacked alfa half a day, raked and piled up all afternoon.
Miguel Fraire here for breakfast.
Sent carriage to the station for ½ doz hay forks and a bag galletas.  butchered one animal.

Monday, 30 November

Hot day, north wind.  all hands hard at the alfalfa 23 men.  have got four carts a going and two stack at the same time.
butchered one animal.
sent to Armstrong colony, got a mule, lent to colonist to tame.  put it into alfa cart to work.  white mule has maggots in its eyes.
Cequiera took away 15 animals.

December 1891

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Tuesday, 1 December

Very hot day, north wind.  no signs of rain.
looks like a big seca.
Worked hard at the alfa all day, finished a stack.
butchered one animal.
Miguel Fraire here nearly all day.
Mr Nash here, took away nine bulls.
saltona locusts have got into front gardens.
camp is full of them.
colonists have cut about a fourth of their wheat.

Wednesday, 2 December

[Likely author: Donald Macintosh]

Very hot dusty windy day.  Butchered two animals.  Mr Robson arrived here from England.  Mr Ripley was here for tea, and then rode to Cañada de Gomez with Mr Johnnie, who went for bulls.  Manuel, José rengo, and Escedro also went.

Thursday, 3 December

[Likely author: John E. Bz]

Strong south wind.  quite cool.  peons could not work fast in the alfa, wind too strong.
Johnie come back.  baught from Schöenberg 35 yearling bull at $60. – $2.100.  gave a cheque on the bank.
Miss Macintosh came back.

Friday, 4 December

Beautifull weather.  finished cutting alfalfa in the pig mans potrero, began to cut in the south potrero.  Mr Nash here.  took away 23 cows.  13 novillios (ten of which are of the guatcho nov.) 36 animals in all
butchered a cow.
sent cinch cart to station, for caña, yerba sugar. salt and machine oil.

Saturday, 5 December

Hot day.  began to rake the alfalfa in south potrero.
butchered a vacilla.
Received 200.$ from Cequiera on ac of invernada.
braught up Mazeppa’s manada.  cut open a tumor he had under his chest and put him into stable.  cured foals of mosquillo.

Sunday, 6 December

Wam day  alfa men worked half a day.
butchered one animal.
M. Whish here for breakfast.
Played polo at Las Lomas in the afternoon.

Monday, 7 December

Strong south wind, very dry.  no sign of rain.  locusts eating up all the alfalfa.
Finished stacking in the pig mans potrero and moved all the carts and tools to the south potrero.
butchered one animal.
braught up No 2 flock of sheep parted out the lambs and the rams.  bathled a few scabby sheep.

Tuesday, 8 December

Warm day again.  started making two stacks in the south potrero.
braught up No 1 and 3 flocks parted out rams and lambs.  put ewe lambs to the other ones at the puesto, and caponsitos to the others at Tijeras.
Sent carriage to the station for groceries also two young ostriches Cequiera sent as a present.
killed an old sheep.

Wednesday, 9 December

Cloudy day.  rained a little in the afternoon.
only worked half a day in the alfalfa.
braught up 18 head of cattle from the Tijeras to kill.
butchered one animal.
sent cinch cart to the station to fetch a new horse rake baught in Rosario.
a tropa of mules locked in over night.

Thursday, 10 December

Rained a little during the night.
could not stack during the day.
Cequiera took away fifty animals.
a lot of peons sick with influenza.
Mother and Miss Macintosh drove to the Tijeras and station.
Mr Voss was here in the afternoon.
butchered a small animal.

Friday, 11 December

Began to rain in the morning early, and rained untill noon.
Mr Woods Thrashing out fit arrived in our colony.
butchered one animal.
Mr Nash sent fourty heifers to invernar.
Johnie went to Las Chilcas to look at a manada of mares for sale.

Saturday, 12 December

Storm last night.  rained nearly all night.  fine!
Peons raked turned alfa and took wet alfa off of the stacks
Mr Nash sent a bull a Jersey to put among the 40 heifers.  and five nov  ~~~  . . . . . . . . . . .
sent a cheque 200. to P. Lamuniere to get change to pay peons.

Sunday, 13 December

Very hot day.  thrasher began to work in the evening.

Monday, 14 December

Rec from Cequiera 200.$
Hot day.  rained a little in the evening.
Thrasher thrashing Raimundos wheat,
grain small, but plenty of it.
butchered an old sheep.

Tuesday, 15 December

Sent Mr Ripley 50.00 on Williams ac.

Wednesday, 16 December

Cloudy stormy day.  but no rain.
thrasher not working.
butchered an animal.
Cured a potranca imbeechada in leg.
Black cook left.
Sent cart to the station to fetch 6 young ostriches sent from the Petacas.

Thursday, 17 December

Beautifull weather.  changed novillios and fillies out of No 7 into south potrero.
Finished stacking alfalfa, cant cut anymore locusts too bad.
Mr Woods and Miguel Fraire breakfasted here.
a sheep died –

Friday, 18 December

Cloudy day.  cool, but no rain, getting very dry, potreros pelared by locusts.
Thrasher worked all afternoon,
butchered a vacilla.
Donald went to Las Lomas braught over 80 boregas.  parted there.
Set horse cart to the station for things from Rosario.

Saturday, 19 December

Beautifull day, nice and cool.
Alfred and Herman arrived from the Chaco.  a german Mr Sinn came down with them.  braught a lot of skins with them,
killed a sheep.

Sunday, 20 December

Rained hard all forenoon, splendid rain.

Monday, 21 December

Beautifull weather.
butchered a small animal.
Thrasher working hard all day.
braught up a plow, and all the plow horses from the Tijeras.
Put a peon at fishing locusts out of all the wells.
Alfred Mr Sinn and Johnie recorered all the potreros.

Tuesday, 22 December

Fine cool weather.
Alfred Sinn and Johnie rode to the Rafango.
Received the first wheat from the colonists @ 1200
braught up all the yearling foals.  cured several of mosquillo.
marked out furrows and started double plow with four horses to plow in house potrero.
Cook left.  one peon digging potatoes.

Wednesday, 23 December

Cloudy cool day.
Took six milch cows back to the puesto, and braught up three with small calves.
braught up mules from puesto.  and gave Valentin Olmos four mules to break into harness.  give them to him for one year.  Isidro helped him take them away.
butchered a small nov.
Mr Melville called on in the evening.

Thursday, 24 December

Sent a cheque to Stevens St Fe No 6 060646 for 1.600 one thausand to pay rent for land of St. Fe Land Co. and six hundred to pay Alfreds’ almacenero, “Capata” bill in Calchaqui.
Blacksmith went on a paseo to Rosario, paid him off.
sold an old sheep to Bohtlingk.
killd a cordero to roast tomorrow.
thorough bred bull lame at the puesto.
changed potrancas from South potrero into No 7.
received a load of wheat.
Miss Elsie Macintosh came out to spend Xmas.
Cequiera called on.

Friday, 25 December

Rained hard last night and late into the day fine, as the potreros are looking very bad from locusts.  Locusts everywhere, destroying everything.
Mr King breakfasted here.
No work done today.

Saturday, 26 December

Rained hard again last night, and part of the day.  peons chopped wood and mended harness.
butchered a small animal.

Sunday, 27 December

South wind fine day.  Mr Sinn left.
took a galgo pup to Landa for William.
braught up Marengo’s manada from No 1 put into stack potrero.  peons horses put into puesto potrero
dogs killed one of the best rams.
paid to P. Lamuniere y Cia 500.$ half of 1000 cheque from Nash

Monday, 28 December

Warm cloudy day.
Novillios arrived from the Chaco 431 head cost of bringing them down.  $ 491.50

butchered an animal.
Miss Elsie Macintosh went back to Rosario.  took a greyhound pup with her, for her brother.
Mr Bohtlingk had breakfast here,
Sent a cheque to Rosario $55.00 to pay for two wheels and axle baught there.  killed a lamb for Chaco peons.

Tuesday, 29 December

Hot day.  Seja filling up an old well in No 5.  one peon taking locusts out of wells.
Sent horse cart to the station for groceries, and another washerwoman.
Had the owner of dogs which killed ram. citared to Oroño.
Cequiera took out 25 animals.

Wednesday, 30 December

Braught up animals from puesto.  potros from No 4 potrancas from No 7 and potrillos from No 5, and parted. out animals to send to the Chaco, following —
10 mules.  5 mares and potrancas.  4 horses-.  8 potros.
butchered one animal.

Thursday, 31 December

Cloudy day, looks like rain. , received wheat from colonists.
parted eleven pot vaquillas (2 years olds) from No 4 into No 2 to Nashes bulls, into the 92  ~~~  cows —
butchered a sheep.  sold an old sheep to Bohtlingk.
Mrs Bohtlingk had tea here.
Justo Salvatierra was here, sold him the 300 cows baught Nov. 1191 @ 12.00 sold them @ 20.00 each. (ternero por muerto)  untill end of March to take away in.  he is to pay cash down $4.000.  (deposit in bank) and the rest $2.000.  when we call for it.

© Peter Benitz (Benitz Family)