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Stanley & Katie Jeans
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Documents of all types, personal (e.g. birth certificates) and public (e.g. census records), and In-Print of all sorts (e.g. newspaper notices) as well as handwritten letters, etc.

In-Print: News & Notices


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Stanley Roger Jeans
(Did not find promotion to Captain.)
Source: The London Gazette



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Stanley Roger Jeans
14 April, 1882 — 15 Feb., 1943
Source: Nice-Person


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Insurance Magazine
Death Notice

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



The insurance industry was hit hard by the death of Mr. Stanley R. Jeans, 60 years old, on the 15th of the current month of February.

The principal partner in the firm Wilson Jeans & Co., which represented in Brazil the English insurance companies “Sun”, “Caledonian” and “Atlas”.  Mr. Stanley continued the business of the firm after Mr. Henry Wilson Jeans, both now gone and both respected in our insurance community.

Documents & Records


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Catalina Stuart Benitz de Jeans
Brazilian Temporary Entry Permit

Issued by Consul in Buenos Aires
8 July, 1948
(Found by: Jorge Cáseres)


Letters & Correspondence

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LETTER - July 6, 1963
From: Katie to sister Hattie.

Katie was living at the Hurlingham Club
(Hurlingham, suburb of Buenos Aires)

Hurlingham Club  
July 6th [1963]  

My dear Hattie
  Thanks for your letter June 11th, I wrote to Clarita & Nena this month so you know I am still alive & trying to keep my head above water  What a life it is always trying to cut down; as a family we find it very hard.  Corina said she was tired in seeing me in my shabby winter coat & insisted bringing me out one, I told her not xxx to beging it wont fit as the serving girls don’t seem to know how to fit one   I am enclosing a letter from Corina incase you haven’t had one.  Thank goodness she will be back – about the 14th  I was very glad to see Jay & May also John witch I hadn’t seen for a very long time a very good looking chap  very like Cito  Do you remember how we sat on a fence waiting for him to come in from camp.  Of course you were always first!  A Christine Keeler.  Why didn’t we meet Profumo’s in our days?  Malcolm & Gerty came in to get the boys  I went to Audreys for dinner to meet them  George has come out from the States for his holidays.  Al must be very upset at Bezilito dieng  I wonder what she will do  It is sad.  Just as they had built the lovely home.
I had a letter from Clarita & she said she has taken a house near Marion’s.  I must say I would rather have something nearer the Cumbre.  That old car wont last much longer  I hope she got good prices for her things.  I am still trying to sell crystal.  Ordinary glass is very expensive & I am not asking very much.  I must close as it is lunch time  always ready for it as I go with out dinner & most times without tea
Give Al my love (do you trust Pedicurists.)
Have you seen Nora & Buzzey.
   Much love Katie

Al (Watt): Hattie’s husband
Audrey (Traill): Malcolm’s mo-in-law
Bezilito: ??
Cito: John E.S. Watt, Al’s older brother
Clarita: sister, widow of Jack Bell
Corina (Bz/Pryor): niece
Cristine Keeler: UK scandal 1960’s
Cumbre: town of La Cumbre, Córdoba, Arg.
George (Hall): Gertie’s son (see Malcolm)
Hattie: sister, married to Al Watt
Jay & May (Mohr-Bell): May, Hattie’s daughter
John (Mohr-Bell): son of Jay & May
Malcolm & Gerty (Bz): Katie’s nephew
Marion: sister, widow of George Roberts
Nena: sister, widow of Graham Paul
Profumo: UK scandal 1960’s

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LETTER - July 16, 1963
From: Katie to sister Marion.

Katie was living at the Hurlingham Club
(Hurlingham, suburb of Buenos Aires)
Katie died two weeks later, 30 July, 1963.

Hurlingham Club  
July 16th 1963  

My dear Marion,
   I ment to write on your arrival but as I had xxx written to all the others I thought I would write after seeing Corina.
They arrived yesterday afternoon both looking very well. & seemed to have enjoyed every minute & full of Stuart’s baby.  Saw Bernice & said she was looking very well.  Eileen is not coming out this year.  I have just heard that Inez King had to fly to England as Enid is in trouble with her married life & is getting a divorce  Poor Inez the second one in the family  I have just received a very nice letter from Camucha telling me of her trip & a thanks from all of them for the present.  I must say the little boy in the photo puzzled me & thought they must have had another  Your grandchildren are nice looking.  The weather has been simply awful no sun rain & fog.  I haven’t been to town for ages  I’ll have to go tomorrow as the diamon came out of my ring & gave up every thought of ever finding it again.  I was setting down on the W.C. when I saw it on the floor wasn’t that luckey!!  I felt I aught to buy a lottery ticket.  as my head is just above water that makes me think of poor Christine Keeler when she fell into the water & was found bobing up & down under a peer!!  I am afraid I will never have such luck.  I have been playing a lot of bridge  I suppose you will start your lessons. again.  I wish you would tell me what Billy is going to do if it is true that the place is sold.  I hear Americans are out looking for land  I think they are going to get it in the neck over the Oil that is if Illia gets in.  I was very worried when I heard about the sinking of the boat from Montevideo as I thought May & Jay might be on it, but they came over the night before
Well its time for siesta.  Love to all


Bernice: sister in UK, widow of Jim Bell
Billy: Marion’s son (at Ea. Quemquemtreu)
Camucha: Jimmy’s widow &
   Marion’s daughter-in-law,
Corina (Bz/Pryor): niece, m. to Keith
Cristine Keeler: UK scandal 1960’s
Eileen: brother Willie’s widow, in London
Enid: Daughter of Ines King
Illia: Elected president of Arg., Oct.1963.
Ines King: Willie Bz sister-in-law
Marion: sister, widow of George Roberts
May & Jay (Mohr-Bell): May, Hattie’s daughter
Stuart (Pryor): Corina’s son, in Texas

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