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This site (www.benitz.com, a.k.a. The Benitz Bull) is dedicated to the family of William & Josephine Benitz, their children and descendants.  There are many more who share with us the Benitz surname and we welcome their contributions.

The site includes family trees and history, and announcements of family events.  Anyone wishing to post items of family interest to the site may do so by submitting it to the site administrator (at the e-mail address below)  —  and /or providing a link to their own work.  We reserve the right to determine what we publish on the site.

The Current Events section includes photos of living persons.  For privacy, we allow access to it by family members only.  If you are a family member and wish to have access, please contact the site administrator (at the e-mail address below).

William & Josephine Benitz
Generation #1

Wilhelm Böniz (1815-1876) and Josefa Kolmerer (1830-1912) are the primary ancestors of this Benitz family unit.  Both emigrated from Endingen, in Baden (Germany), Wilhelm to New York (1833), Texas (abt. 1834), then California (1841), Josefa to North Carolina (1833), Missouri (abt. 1840), then California (1845).  They married (1846) and lived at Fort Ross where all their children were born (1846-1863).  In 1867 Wilhelm sold Fort Ross and the family moved to Oakland.  In 1874 they relocated again, to Argentina where they established estancia (ranch) “La California”, in Santa Fé.  All except one of their grandchildren were born in Argentina.  Today we, their descendants, are found in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, the U.K., the U.S., & Uruguay (2020).  And, a much diminished but still significant part of estancia “La California” continues within the family — in 2000 a family reunion was held there with 135 members from around the world.


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Peter & René
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