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Relevant Sites

The table below includes web-addresses of selected sites that are interestesting but might be hard to find. We will keep the addresses correct and current, and add to them as we discover others. However, please advise us should you encounter an error, or know of other sites that may be of interest.

To discover plenty more, search the web for Benitz.

Address Description
Argentina Las Rosas (Santa Fé) municipal site Monte Buey (Córdoba) municipal site Estancia "Los Algarrobos", Monte Buey, Cba. [conference center] Bariloche Anglers:  Tends to anglers lodging in Bariloche, fishing different rivers and sections every day.  Our cousins will be eager to take you to these pristine waters. History of the camps around the ancient estancia Monte Molino, southeastern Córdoba province, Argentina -- Juan D. Delius Pampas del Venado - focused on the region of Venado Tuerto, SFé British Settlers in Argentina [geneology, etc. of the 1800's] Old Georgian Club (Buenos Aires)
Germany Bonitz Forum (administered by Jochen Bonitz). The Benitz family name (from Endingen) is but one branch. 1600's-1800's: listed under: “Laurentious Benitz / Bönitz”. Endingen (Baden) municipal site.
U.S.A. Fort Ross State Historical Park - California State Parks website; has a good history page; also promotes educational and volunteer programs. Fort Ross Conservancy - a great site, broad & rich with information; its "Ranch Era" history page begins with William  Benitz. The Conservancy actively promotes the Fort Ross State Historic Park and Salt Point State Park. California State Historic Landmarks (Sonoma County) Fort Ross Archaeological Project, Univ. of California at Berkeley. The Union Hotel’s website provides charming image of Occidental, Calif. Occidental, California - provides a brief history & an overview of the town today.
Venezuela Colonia Tovar - founded in 1843 by Alexander Benitz.  Today a tourist site. The Lost World - Gustavo Henny, a Benitz descendant, was a co-discoverer of Angel Falls in 1937.

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