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Updates — 2016-2021
Jun'24 AABz Diaries Rewrote & reformated Alfred’s table of Diaries
May'24 Alfred A. Bz - 1887 daybook Added bits & pieces of Alfred A.Bz’ 1887 daybook, will add more when found.
Apr'24 NewsPapers FMBz WW2 Newspaper articles re Malcolm collected by Eileen Bz (his step-mother) during WW2.
Apr'24 Telegrams re Malcolm, WW2 Telegrams from or about Malcolm Bz, received by his parents Willie & Eileen at Ea. “La California”.
Mar'24 Alfred A. Bz - 1888 day-book Alfred’s 1888 log of activities at “Laguna Yacaré” (+ updates to Glossary).
Jan'24 Charley’s CDV album Published Charley’s entire CDV album.
Oct'23 Alfred A. Bz - 1904 diary Alfred’s 1902 daily log of activities at “Los Palmares” (+ updates to Glossary).
Sep'23 Josephine KBz - Calif.1899 Invitation to & group photo of a Fadango for Josephine KBz held at Fort Ross, 22 April, 1899
Aug'23 Willie & Eileen Photos 1930s Eileen & daughter Moyra’s combined photos of the 1930s, at Ea. ‘La California’.
Aug'23 Willie & Eileen Photos 1920s Eileen Frend/Bz’s photos of the 1920's at Ea. ‘La California’ & the Córdoba hills.
July'23 Moyra Bz/Le Bas Pages Incorporated Moyra Bz & Mike Le Bas pages
July '23' Malcolm Bz camping US, 1936 Added to Malcolm photos from Moyra’s photo album of him camping in the US ca.1936
Jul'23 Bryan Bz Album of JEBz photos New page for Bryan Bz’s collection of John E. Bz photos (Thank James Bell for the copies).
Apr'23 Peter Bz - photo album Photos 1961-1966: El Piquete, polo, Christmas in the Cba. hills, camping trips “down south”.
Mar'23 Malcolm & Gertie Bz - photos Added family photos of the 1950s.
Mar'23 Malcolm & Gertie Bz - photos Added family photos of the late 1940s, in Arg.
Jan'23 Alfred A. Bz - 1903 diary Alfred’s 1903 daily log of activities at “Los Palmares”.
Nov'22 John E.Bz - Album-7 Completed John’s Album #7 (second half) + minor changes to his other albums.
Oct'22 Horner Ancestors Photos & articles re Horner ancestors & their siblings.
Sep'22 Horner Ancestral Tree Horner family: Ancestral tree of Olga (m. Alfred A. Bz)
Sep'22 Olga Horner Photos 1913 Created Olga B. Horner page of photos from the Douglas fly (trip to Pulmarí 1913).
Sep'22 Olga Horner/Bz Added "Horner" buttons to Alfred & Olga pages - began her bio. line
Aug'22 Alfred A. Bz - 1902 diary Alfred’s 1902 daily log of activities at “Los Palmares”.
Jul'22 Benitz Bull Icon Fixed bug: the Benitz Bull icon had failed to appear in tab bars, etc.
Jun'22 Jimmy & Camucha Roberts Created photos page
Jun'22 Spanglish Glossary Several changes to improve finding references
May'22 Bernice Bz/Bell - Birth Cert. Added her birth certificate, transcribed & translated.
May'22 Alfred A. Bz - 1874 diary Added PDF file listing his expenses in Oakland, January-July.
Apr'22 Wilhelm Bz - Legends Added page of the William & Josephine legends collected by Aphra Peard/Bz.
Mar'22 Wilhelm Bz - Gold Gold prospector & investments in gold mining
Mar'22 Wilhelm Bz - Vital records Created page of VITAL docs (birth/marriage/death) for him & Josephine
Mar'22 Wilhelm Bz - cattle brand Added his acquisition of the livestock brand at Rancho de Muniz / Fort Ross.
Feb'22 Michael Kolmer Modified & added to ALL KOLMER family pages: Michael, John, Caroline & Dutch Bill Howard.
Feb'22 Caroline K. & Dutch Bill Howard Kolmer cont'd: Added Dutch Bill’s history, photos, and letters to family.
Feb'22 John Kolmer Added newspaper accounts of John’s murder.
Feb'22 Ea La California Added 2 maps: (a) of the area:, ca.1872-1875; (b) division in 1956.
Nov'21 La California photos, ca.1950s Added photos of a remate (cattle auction) near/at La California, ca.1950
Sep'21 La California: Dipping cattle Added collection of photos of dipping cattle at La California, probably taken by Moyra Bz, 1948.
Sep'21 Eileen’s Photos ca.1950 Photos of/by Eileen Frend/Benitz taken at La California & Greystone ca.1950
Sep'21 Eileen’s Photos 1920-1940 Photos of/by Eileen Frend/Benitz taken at La California & Greystone, 1920-1940.
Aug'21 May Watt & Jay Mohr-Bell Added first pages for May & Jay Mohr-Bell (wedding pics) - under developemtn
Aug '21 Stanley & Katie Jeans Reorganized Katie’s letters & added Stanley’ ancestral tree.
July '21 Mike & Moira Le Bas Began first pages for Mike Le Bas & Moira Bz - subject to many changes.
June '21 Frank A. Watt Created time line for Frank & Silvia; added photos from WW-II.
June '21 Alfred Bz - diary 1901 Added Alfred’s diary of life at his estancia “Los Palmares” in 1901.  Thank you Mike!!!
Apr'21 Stanley & Katie Jeans Corrected Stanley’s obit, updated Stanley & Katie’s timeline.
Apr'21 Frank A. Bz Letters -1917 Created new page with Frank’s letters to his sisters, 1917 (during training in England, WW-I).
Feb-May'21 Audrey Traill photo album #1 Added first 50 of 100 pages of Audrey’s first album of three: 1897 - 1921.
Jan'21 Photos at Greystone 1921 Added pool pic from Michael Mohr-Bell (with names from Audrey Traill)
Jan'21 John & Marjorie Wedding Added John & Marjorie’s wedding certicates to their DOCS page.
Jan'21 Audrey Traill’s photos Published photos of Joe & Audrey Traill, and began publishing photos from Audrey’s first (of 3) photo albums: 1895-1924.
Jan'21 TRAILL family Created place-holder pages for Gertie’s TRAILL ancestors: father (Joe), grandfather (Edmund), & great-grandather (Rev. Robert).
Jan'21 John E. Bz Added portraits to pages; letters, newspaper articles, marriage, & other docs to web.  Off-line, copied material sent by John P. Bz.
Dec'20 Gertie Traill Separated Gertie’s early bio from F. Malcolm Bz’s; placed her youth, marriage to George Hall, & WW-II experiences on her own pages within the TRAILL family pages.
Sep'20 Tragedy at Cruz Grande Added the account and photos of the tragedy at Cruz Grande (20 March, 1916) when a large creciente (flash-flood) broke the retaining wall.  It took the lives of John E. Benitz and five others.
Sep'20 Alfred Bz - diary 1900 Added Alfred’s diary of life at his estancia “Los Palmares” in 1900.  Thank you Mike Mohr-Bell!!
Sep'20 SITE SECURED We implemented HTTPS (secured HTTP) on all 350+ pages (note the padlock on the browser address bar).  Browsers no longer flag the site as unsecured and a potential security risk (we do not exchange data with users anyway).
Aug'20 Malcolm & Gertie Bz: Album 1960s Added their photo-album of the 1960s, with almost 150 photos: polo, El Piquete, trips.
Aug'20 Nany Benitz & Urban Mahrer Recreated "Nany" Benitz’s (b.1819) & Urban Mahrer’s page, adding much material (discovered in the past 15 years).
Aug'20 Malcolm & Gertie Bz: Photos 1960s Added photos of their first camping trip "down south", to Ea. Pulmarí (near Aluminé, Neuquen prov.).
Jul'20 Anton Bz Family Tree Improved Anton Bz’s (William’s brother) descendants tree with more generations & detail.
Jul'20 Bz Family in Arg.1875-1900 The first 25 years in Argenina (1875-1900); beginning with William’s decision to Benitz Hermanos.
Jul'20 T.Gillyatt’s Tales of Los Algarrobos Ted Gillyatt recounts his experiences as a 20-year old segundo at “Los Algarrobos”, 1928-1929.
Jul'20 Alfred Bz - Photo Album-2 Added Alfred Bz’s 40-page photo album, approx. 1895-1915. (173 photos on 42 pages)
Jun'20 Alfred Bz - Diary 1900 Loaded Alfred’s “Los Palmares” diary for the first half of 1900 - thank you Michael!! (Indians constantly stealing horses)
Jun'20 Elisa Bichsel Frank J. Bz’s widow - added details about her life, provided by a great-grand-daughter.
Apr-May'20 Bz-2020 Reunion – La Cumbre Created the Bz-2020 reunion pages. GREAT PHOTOS!! (Also replaced the HTML editing software.)
Mar'20 Malcolm & Gertie – Wedding Added Bs.As. Herald articles & photos of Malcolm & Gertie’s wedding, Rosario, May 1946.
Feb'20 Willie A. Bz - Photos 1910 Added photos of Wilie as a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at the University of Illinois (1909-1910).
Jan'20 La California - 1907 Added the 1907 day-book, in PDF format.  The last of 19 day-books recording the daily activities on the estancia. Written almost entirely in Spanish. It needs to be transcribed! Volunteers?
Jan'20 Tommy Sympson’s Ancestors Created chart & trees of Tommy's ancestors, back to the 1600’s
Jan'20 Josie Webster/Lockwood Created a full set of pages for her; all empty except for Agar Lockwood's family trees.
Jan'20 La California photos ca.1892 Added cabinet cards found by Andres von Buch at an estancia in Entre Rios.
Dec'19 "TOP" button Adding floating jump to "TOP" button to all long pages, particularly useful for diaries & photo albums.
Many pages to update... by person in alphabetical order, as time allows, completion June 2020?
Dec'19 Alfred diary 1937 The last 3 months of Uncle Alfred’s last diary – he died Friday, Sept.17, 1937.  Thank you Mike M-B for the transcription!!
Sep'19 Howard Webster Created a page of charts & trees of Howard's Canadian ancestors, & a second page with photos & documents.
Aug'19 SITE MAP Reorganised it to make it more intuitive, and made more prominent: family tree pages, cross-index of pages by type, & reference pages.  Removed a summary of the website
Aug'19 Jo (Biyou) Benitz/ Webster Created a set of pages for her & posted many, many photos & documents of her experiences in WW-I.  Yet to add many more for later periods in her life.  Includes charts & trees of Howard Webster's Canadian ancestors.
May'19 Clara Allyn Ancestors Added chart of her direct ancestors, to her 6Xgreat-grandfathers, they arrived in New Enland 2½ years after the Mayflower.
Apr'19 Benitz-2020: Reunion Status Created info page with the reunion committee's first detailed e-mail: dates, hotels, activities, etc.
Mar'19 Malcolm & Gertie Bz - Photos Added pictures of Malcolm & Gertie's wedding to the photo page.  Also updated their date line.
Feb'19 Tommy & Elsie Sympson Have begun adding photos of Tommy & Elsie Sympson and their family.
Feb'19 Jack Bell's ancestors Jack's ancestors were from Scotland & not directly connected to the other Bell families in Argentina.
Jan'19 Watt family photos Added a stack of AL WATT & HATTIE BENITZ family photos, to their pages and those of her sisters and her mother (Clara Allyn Bz).
¡¡ Thank you Jane W/B & Michael M-B. !!
Dec'18 Percy & Vera Watt Added 4 pages: Bio. & Event Time-Line, Photos, Documents & Letters, and Drawings.  First of four brothers who became RAF pilots, Percy was also a champion glider pilot, and an artist.
Nov'18 Al Watt & Hattie Bz & family Several pages created and/or updated, in particular theirs & eldest son Percy (Willie) Watt (d.1939, WW-II) & his family
Sep'18 Various Added many photographs to "La California", William O. Bz, & William A. Bz - all early 20th century
Jun'18 La California - 1906 Added the day-book for 1906, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Much more detailed; written almost entirely in Spanish.
May'18 Malcolm Bz - WW-II Updated 4 pages & added 4 new pages (Training, Wounded, Redeployed, & Demobilized): many photos, letters, newspaper cuttings.
Mar'18 Alfred A. Bz - Chronicles Completed its transcription!! (Thank you, René!)
Jan'18 Clara E. Allyn-Bz Page with details re Clara's chacra, which she purchased in 1914 with Mr. E.C. Schiele.
Jan'18 Alfred A. Bz - 1899 Diary Completed Alfred's “Los Palmares” diary of 1899. (Thank you Mike M-B!)
Dec'17 La California - 1905 Added the day-book for 1905, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Entries made in Spanish & English.
Dec'17 La California - 1904 Added the day-book for 1904, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Written in Spanish.
Nov'17 Frend Family tree New page: the family tree of Eileen Frend's ancestors (wife of Willie Benitz).
Nov'17 Al Watt & Hattie Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Nov'17 Willie & Eileen Trip 1935 Willie's account of a 3 month trip to the US, June-Aug. 1935.
Nov'17 Willie A. Bz at Rodeo Willie rode bareback at a Texas rodeo, ca.1910
Oct'17 Willie, Flora, & Eileen Added a combined time-line- INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Flora King - Chart Added chart of Flora King's (m. Willie A. Bz) direct ancestors, back to Brazil & Azores.
Oct'17 Billy & Ida Roberts Added time-line - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Jimmy & Camucha Roberts Added time-line - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 George Roberts - Ancestors Created chart of George's direct ancestors, & family trees of both father & mother (Turnbull).
Oct'17 George Roberts & Marion Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print, Roberts Ancestors - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Frank Bell & Marie Simon Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print, WW-II - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Jim Bell & Bernice Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Jack Bell & Clarita Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Graham Paul & Nena Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos (WW-I) - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Stanley Jeans & Katie Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Sep'17 Clara E. Allyn/Bz Added time-line - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Sep'17 William O. Bz Added time-line - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Sep'17 Alfred A. Bz (i) Biography: Combined 6 web pages into one page;
(ii) Chronicles: Began its transcription to the web;
(iii) Added "In Print" and "Documents" web pages, currently empty.
Aug'17 Various bits added (i) Frank A. Bz.: photo of Memorial Stadium column; (ii) Fly. Cemetery: List of gravestones; (iii) Malcolm Bz.: E-mail re ditching in the Med.
Aug'17 Alfred A. Bz - Biography (i) Completed chapters 3, 7, & 17: chap.3 (US Civil War ironclad naval battle); chaps.7 & 17: Argentine history.
(ii) Made ready to include the "Chronicles" upon which the biography is based.
Aug'17 Benitz Hnos. - 1897 Articles of Benitz Hermanos, the company created by the brothers Alfred, John, & William on 1 April, 1897.
Jul'17 Alfred A. Bz - 1898 Diary Completed the “Los Palmares” diary of 1898 - Alfred produced 8,930 head of cattle! (Thank you Mike M-B!)
Jun'17 Frank A. Bz WW-I: Added photo of Frank's crashed F2.b "Brisfit" in which he died.
Jun'17 Malcolm Bz - POW WW-II: POW camps P.G. 75 & P.G. 78 in central Italy - letters & photos.
Jun'17 Malcolm Bz - Capture WW-II: Ditched in the Med., 10 days w/o food or water (saved by rain), rescued, & taken prisoner.
Jun'17 Malcolm Bz - 104 Sqdn. WW-II: Pilot with RAF 104 Bomber Squadron (Wellington Mk.II's), based in England, Malta, & Egypt.
May'17 La California - 1903 Added the day-book for 1903, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Written in Spanish.
May'17 La California - 1902 Added the day-book for 1902, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Written in Spanish as of July 1, 1902.
Apr'17 La California - 1901 Added the day-book for 1901, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed.
Apr'17 Alfred D. Bz - Photos His first photo album, 1918-1925: Los Algarrobos, Malvern, Fort Ross, trips, polo, & many family.
Feb'17 John's Photo Album 6 The Hills ca.1905-1910: Completed!! Finally!! Still need names to some people.
Feb'17 Alfred A. Bz - 1891 Diary Added list & cost of troperos (Dec 13); a loose insert to the diary.
Feb'17 Alfred A. Bz - 1898 Diary “Los Palmares” 1898, first ½ - rough yet.
Feb'17  Xref of Names - Chaco Added contemporary map (1916) of east ½ of the Chaco Territory (later province).
Feb'17 Queries Removed page because of concern for privacy (was last updated in 2004).
Feb'17 SEARCH Added Google's Search engine - free, so comes with adverts (sorry folks).
Jan'17 William Bz  b.1815 A new page for a new chapter: He arrived in New York, Dec. 2, 1833. Other pages modified.
Jan'17 Alfred A. Bz - 1897 Diary Transcribed! Alfred's “Los Palmares” 1897 day-book.
Jan'17 Johann E. Bz  b.1812 Emigration - added his arrival in New York, Dec. 2, 1833
Jan'17 La California - 1891 Diary The 1891 day-book has been transcribed & published with PDF files.
Dec'16 Family Cemetery Photos of ALL the headstones in the family cemetery at Ea. “La California”.
Oct'16 Charles A. Bz Created title and photo pages for Charles - to be filled in.
Oct'16 John's Photo Album 6 The Hills ca.1905-1910: 60+ of approx. 90 photos are up - under constrcution.
Sep'16 John's Photo Album 8 Re-edited the photos - 1890's to 1912. Includes trip July 1907 by John & 3 daugters to Los Palmares.
Sep'16 John's Photo Album 5 Camp photos ca.1905-1910: 96 large photos, all of Los Algarrobos was first getting started.
Aug'16 Malcolm Bz - Youth Several pages with photos, docs, etc. of his years before WW2.
Jul'16 Alfred A. Bz - 1896 Diary Transcribed! Alfred's “Los Palmares” 1896 day-book, increases production, more indian troubles.
Jul'16 Josephine Bz-Schreiber Her Poesie Book, begun in 1867, includes many poignant cards & messages.
Jul'16 Alfred A. Bz Photos Added portraits of Alfred & Olga, likely taken soon after they married, Sept.1915.
Jul'16 John's Photo Album 4 Camp photos of 1900-1908, when Los Algarrobos was first getting started.
Jun'16 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries Transcribed! Alfred's “Los Palmares” day-book for 1895, rents more land, has indian troubles.
Jun'16 Elisa Bichsel Elisa Bichsel, Frank's widow, has been found! Many thanks to Jorge Cáceres.
May'16 John's Photo Album 3 Loaded John's album (#3): family members 1900-1910, most in Cruz Grande, dress-up party.
Apr'16 Aphra Peard - Ancestors Aphra Aileen Peard’s ancestors from Ireland & Canada - NEW
Apr'16 John's Photo Album 2 Loaded John's album (#2): family & activities at Los Algarrobos & Cruz Grande.
Apr'16 Marjorie Macintosh Created pages for Marjorie (wife of John E. Bz, b.1861) and her family - to be filled.
Apr'16 Nena Bz-Paul - Photos Added page & some photos.
Apr'16 William & Clara - Docs Added many interesting documents, certificates, and some photos.
Mar'16 La California - 1900 Added the day-book for 1900, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed.
Mar'16 Willie A. Bz - Photos Added photos of Willie's wives: Flora King and Eileen Frend.
Mar'16 Allyn Ancestors Added wills, newspaper cuttings, etc. to Clara E. Allyn’s (wife of WOBz) ancestors.
Jan'16 Willie O. Bz & Clara Allyn Created time lines for both - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!
Jan'16 Willie O. Bz - Documents New page - family documents and references in print.
Jan'16 Eileen M. Frend Eileen (Willie Agar Bz's 2nd wife) now has a page - we need the FREND fly tree & history!
Jan'16 King Fly Trees Added Flora's (Willie Agar Bz 1st wife) KING famliy ancestor tree
Jan'16 Allyn Fly Trees Expanded Clara E. Allyn’s family tree; her ancestors arrived in Massachusetts, 1623-1640.
Jan'16 Frank A. Bz Added: his 1912 tour of Europe on motorcycle; & his 1917 Pilot Aviator certification

Standard Abbreviations

AABz AABAlfred A. Benitz, b.1859 Fort Ross B2KBenitz 2000 reunion, estancias Arg., April 2000
ABzAlexander Benitz, b.1813 Endingen BQ05Benitz 2005 reunion, Fort Ross Calif., July 2005
BzBenitz Bz-2010Benitz 2010 reunion, Bariloche, Arg., April 2010
JEBz JEBJohn E. Benitz, b.1861 Fort Ross Bz-2015Benitz 2015 reunion, Fort Ross, Calif., July 2015
JKBz JKBJosephine Kolmer/Benitz, b.1830 Endingen Bz-2020Benitz 2020 reunion, La Cumbre, Arg., Feb. 2020
WBz WBWilhelm Benitz, b.1815 Endingen
WABz WABWilliam Agar Benitz, b.1888 Argentina
WOBz WOBWilliam Otto Benitz, b.1859 Fort Ross

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