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Mistolar & Los Palmares

Calchaquí, Santa Fé — 1894
(age: 35 years old)

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The 1894 day book begins on April 13 when Alfred arrives from “La California” (home, down south).  He had been gone almost a year, having left “Los Palmares” on April 25, 1893, for an extended trip to Europe and the US.

Two months later, on June 27, he received a cablegram from London accepting his offer for “Los Palmares”.  However, it is likely (Alfred’s entries are terse) the local management of the Santa Fé Land Co. were not in favor of the sale; Alfred agreed to continue renting until the camp was measured.  After mid-June, his day-book entries become sporadic, weeks go by with no entries, none in all of September.  It seems possible that he was depressed.  He did not buy “Los Palmares” until ten years later, on March 11, 1904.

On April 16, Alfred counted the cattle at “Los Palmares”:

Puesto Felix216milch cows
Puesto Damasio50milch cow — puesto, Paso Mistolar
Lorenzo50milch cows — puesto, south
Rodeo Mistolar5,124 
Rodeo Palmar1,413 
Rodeo Salado4,000(approx.)
TOTAL10,838(Adjusted? Our total is: 11,573)

On May 6, he listed his permanent employees at “Los Palmares”, wages are per month:

Elias Ledesmacapataz$40 
Baldomeromensual 18
Cambamensual?15with Felix
Eulogio Espinosamensual?8with Felix
Damasiopuestero18puesto at Paso Mistolar
Lorenzopuestero20puesto South
Ramon (boy)mensual?6with Lorenzo
Ewaldinopuestero12puesto Palmar (wage missing, deduced)
Gallegaschacarero8on halves in potrero (how?)
Eulaliacook 8
Espinosalavandera6(Eulogio's wife?)
Small herd (312 head) to “La California” May 6-21:
Miguel Frairecapataz100 with 6 herders (temp.): Tomas Bergara, Clemente, Domingo Ledesma, Lucas, Rojas

On November 6th, Alfred listed his full time workmen (17), and on November 12th he listed 12 temporary (paid by the day) workmen, most of whom would later accompany a herd to “La California” with Elias Ledesma as capataz.  On December 2nd he listed 5 peones left at “Los Palmares”, excluding puestos, after the herd left for “La California”.


Transcription Notes: The day-book has been transcribed as written, without corrections to spelling or grammar; however, when in doubt we chose the most correct.  We inserted month titles and applied a standard format to dates, adding the month where missing (abbreviated to 3 letters).  Anything we added or corrected is enclosed within [square brackets, with our comments in italics.]  (Transcribed by: Michael Mohr-Bell.)

Reference pages

Written in English by Alfred, Donkin, & others, the day-book is full of Spanglish terms as well as many other terms unfamiliar to us today.  To assist with names (people & places), maps, measures, currencies, and Spanglish terminology, we have created a set of Reference pages.  The reference pages open in a separate tab / window making them available in parallel to the diary (i.e. this window).

1894 - Year

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April, 1894

[Author: Alfred]

— Apr. 13/94 —

Arrived from La California at noon.  Pancho (rengo) bro’t me out.  Cart in Calchaqui brings out the 3 terriers and the goods bought in Rosario for the peones and valise.  Saw Frakes in Calchaqui.  Camp very dry out here, grass all dried up, but several esteros still have water and Salado muy crecida.  Had swim in afternoon.  Arreglared gates of tras-corral in afternoon for marcacion.  Fine weather very slight frost in morning.—
Miguel looks very thin.

— 14 Apr. —

Recorrered potrero in forenoon and afternoon had swim.  Fixing corral and brought up caballado from puesto Lorenzo. - Juan the indian juntaring maiz.  Loros doing lots of damage.  Warm day but cool night.

— 15 Apr. —

Sunday.  Peones arreglaring hoofs & mane of caballado.  Recorred up Palmar.  Lake nearly dry but canutillo still very good.  No water up Palmar way at all.  Gente beginning to come for marcacion.  Had swim in afternoon.  Fine day but no sign of rain.—  —

— 16 Apr. —

Cart came late last night.
Today counted the cattle viz Tamberas puesto Feliz 216, Tamberas Damasio 35_ Tamberas Lorenzo 50_ Rodeo Mistolar 5124, Rodeo Palmar_1413 _ calculated Rodeo Salado 4000.  Total without potrero (about 900) 10838.  Tried to lock in Salado rodeo but had a great deal of work and only locked about half in.  Gente worked badly and no order, about 30 altogether to lock in Fine day but fearful lot of dust.  J.  Martin is here to help —

— 17 Apr. —

Locked in a few of the cattle that were near Salado rodeo and marked 664 finished about 1.30 P.M.  Tras-corrals worked pretty well, capared the machos.  Had the horses rondared last night by Ewaldino y Juan.  Some gente went to Lorenzo’s puesto to ‘recojer’ tomorrow.  Had swim in Salado —

— 18 Apr. —

Rained in night and forenoon so could not recojer to mark.  Lorenzo came along from his puesto recogiendo but stopped halfways.

— 19 Apr. —

Put on rodeo of coast Calchaqui as far as Damasio’s displayado, and coast Calchaqui side.  locked in very nicely about 2500 and marked in afternoon 729.  Butchered two cows.  Found a vaquilla butchered near Mistolar rodeo. – two men looking for work did it – one was yierno of Ponce (Entre Riano) of Orientala.  Splendid day.  G. Martin here.

— 20 Apr. —

Put up [Lock up ?] rest of Salado Mistolar rodeo straight towards corral from the camp south and had a very good lock in about 2500 and marked in afternoon 672.  Woked very well.—  Fine day.  Butchered a cow.  broke one calf.  Dispatched 12 men as tomorrow we need less to part.—

— 21 Apr. —

Put on Salado rodeo and parted out the calves that were left over and marked 340 in afternoon.  Finished at 5 P.M. and had bath afterwards.  Gave the gente a carne con cuero! pasteles y vino.  finished with the gente, marked so far 241905.—  2405

— 22 Apr. —

Sunday.  Arreglared with most of the gente.  Nothing particular going on.  Some racing.

— 23 Apr. —

Had on rodeo in potrero and marked the calves.  47 tamberas calves and 118 calves from plantel and old cows.  5 outside men worked on their own horses.  Butchered old cow.  Huntaring maiz.  Looks rainy.  Broke calf making 3 altogether.

— 24 Apr. —

Marked the tambera calves of puesto.— 57 tambera calves and 2 of cerrero cattle.  Hot day & looks like rain.  Bro’t in maiz.  Marked 14 calves of house tamberas.  Fixed gate of caballeriza.  Marked so far 2643.  Butcher cow at puesto.—

[No entries 25-29 Apr.]

— 30 Apr. —

Parted out 97 calves from Mistolar rodeo and marked them, also about 50 old cows & some novillos & torunos to put in potrero.  Cloudy & hot day and dry.—
Just men from place working.

May, 1894

[Author: Alfred]

— Mayo 1 —

Put on Palmar rodeo and parted out 121 calves & marked them in afternoon. Also parted 23 old cows for potrero._ Hot day north wind.

— 2 May —

Put on Salado rodeo and parted out 48 calves & marked them in afternoon, also parted out 31 old cows & novillos (4) into potrero. Making marked so far 2909.–

— 3 May —

Parted out at our French neighbors of punta Monte Aguara. Rodeo near Quebracho near Fortin Union. Parted 12 13 of potrero cattle. Mucky drizzly day. Butchered

— 4 May —

Parted out troop from potrero which Miguel takes tomorrow 312 altogether viz — 116 novillos – 128 cows – 52 torunos, 16 oxen.  Good troop except some old cows are thin.  Miguel (capataz)[,] Tomas Bergara, Clemente, Domingo Ledesma, Lucas, Rojas (Media Luna) go.  Murkish day & looks like rain.—

[No entry: May 5]

— May 6 Sunday. —

Tropa started yesterday [see May 27 & June 17], Alfred & Pancho went with them as far as Media Luna where they locked in.  Left old milk cow behind & 1 novillo (baya) and a mocha cow escaped corral last night at Media Luna.  Making 309 gone in tropa.  Gave Miguel $50.00 along for expenses.  Horse of Lobuna tropilla died also an calf estropeado of yierra.  Butchered cow ?.  Baldomeros wife got baby girl last night.  Storm all disipated and no rain. — Men on place are – Elia 40.00 (capataz), Baldomero 18 & Pancho 18 mensuales.  Benitez 15.00 caballeriza.  Eduardo 20.00: chacrero, Felix 30 puestero with Camba 15.00 & Eulogio Espinoso 8.00.
Damasio 18.00 puestero at Paso Mistolar.
Lorenzo 20.00   "   South with boy Ramon 6.00.
Ewaldino    "   Palmar.  [wage 12.00, deduced from total]
Gallegas 8.00 chacrero ‘a medias’ in potrero.
Angela 10 cook, Eulalia cook 8.00, Espinosa lavandera 6.00.
Total $252.00 per month, Miguel 100.00 = 352.00

— 7 May —

Began raining this forenoon and had a very nice rain, not enough to juntar water, but will do camp a world of good.  Nothing going on.  Recorrered towards monte.—

— 8 May —

Foggy morning and fine growing day. Eduardo harrowing Maiz stalks.  Nothing particular going on.  A. going tomorrow to Calchaqui. Vera & Yacaré.—

[No entries: May 9 - 13]

— 14 May —

Came back today from Yacare.  Went to Vera on the 10th and took out a guia for tropa & sent it down to Miguel & then went to Yacare with Elia on the 11th and marked the colts 75 – 35 machos & 40 hembras. – & parted out & bro’t out 12 potros of our mark to break.  Mares not looking good on account of long grass and scab.  Cattle over that way looking thin & camps dry.  Met towards Curva, Mariano Seiva, Jefe Politico Cabrera, Wm Stevens, Also. Lorenzo Larguia, Luis Boutet, Wm Livingston.  Had good time.  Hired Patricio Perez (son of Isidora).
Butchered on the 9th & today.  Eduardo is plowing for barley.–  Weather looks rainy & grass has sprouted some.

— 15 May —

Last night had put potros into Salado potrero, and caught a saino malacara for my mount, turned out quite tame.  J. Martin was here to see about marking tomorrow.  Fine warm day.—

— 17 May —

Yesterday all hands went up to Martins to give a hand at marking.  Had a bad lock in and only marked 146 yesterday and today marked 50 more on rodeo.  Warm weather.  Nothing going on here. Eduardo harrowing. —
died Toro mestizo ?

— 18 May —

Fine warm day, North wind.
Butchered a big lame novillo ? for hide.
Eduardo harrowing.
Nothing extra going on.–
Butchered Puesto Lorenzo –

[No entry: May 19]

— 20 May —

Sunday.  Yesterday sent for our cart up at Martins and cut leña at puesto Felix (other side Calchaqui).  Alfredo went recorriendo up as far as puestita at Wampita where the cattle 100 odd of Farias are.  Found Victor Garcia there.  Had a look through their cattle and came down the coast towards Laguna de las Aves when suddenly met about ½ league from the puestito 6 men driving a big fat overo negro cow and a 2 yr old torito towards the puesto.  As soon as they saw me they cleared towards the monte leaving the cow.  Also 2 dogs of the puestito stopped behind.  I immediately galloped towards Felix puesto in hopes of finding Elia there, but he had already left for the Estancia.  So we immediately at sun down with Elia, Baldomero, Patricio & Felix went up at Arroya de las Perros and slept there, and this morning early went to the puesto and found there with Victor Garcia, Isabelino Baretto (a neighbour of Urbano Avalos) who has the cattle on shares, and the two boys Victoriano Zanariago (or Garcia as Baretto said) and Prudencio Pamaga (or Garcia).  They denied having any thing to do with the robo, but said that they had met Montenegro & son with 5 or 6 more running in the camp.  Yesterday Victor Garcia said that the boys had gone out with Montenegro running to the south.  Felix & Patricio found the track of the 6 men in monte close to the puesto, where they had come down yesterday morning. —
So we came home again and I wrote a letter to Cmte Cabrero Jefe at Vera complaining.  Eduardo goes to Calchaqui in morning to bring out barley to plant. —
Ewaldino sent word that tracks were seen of indians near Chilcal.  Hot weather with strong north wind.–

— 21 May —

Eduardo left for Calachaqui this morning early with packmule.  Brought two cartloads of fire wood from other side Puesto Felix.  Weather suddenly changed at noon into a regular temporal but no rain.– Pedro Benavides was here wanted to borrow $50.00 gave him a letter on Pastorelli.

[Author: possibly not Alfred]

— 22 May —

Carts brought two loads of fire wood again.  A. recorrered south along Calchaqui. Juan digging out patatas.
Very cold day.

— 23 May —

Frost this morning.  East wind.  Eduardo came back from Calchaqui, bringing barley etc.  Juan Ajido began work at noon.  Caught up 4 potros ? to tame. Juan digging out patatas. –
died – 1 overo horse Lorenzo tapera.
 "  1 morra cow of tropa at Juan Cabrera.
 "  1 novillito (calf) at Lorenzo Tapera.

— 24 May —

Sowed about ½ square 90 x 15 yds. of barley with 100 K seed.  Eduardo harrowing.  Juan digging out patatas.  Another frost.

[Author: Alfred]

— 25 May —

Hauled the patatas home and put them in a trench.  Left about ½ without digging.  Felix goes to Calchaqui tomorrow. –
Another frost slight.  Cutting maiz stalks to remake ramada.
Butchered blanco novillo [Loop, possible brand or marking].

— 26 May —

Juan Martin was here.  Caught up 3 more potros ?.  (Indio) Juan bro’t load of algarroba from paisanos.  Took down ramada to remake.  Slight frost.  Eduardo cleared up barley land.
died – 1 calf killed by lion near puesto.

— 27 May —

Sunday.  A. recorrered the monte.– Rec’d letter from Johnnie saying Miguel had arrived with tropito on the 21st with 120 cows – 16 bullocks 157 novillos & torunos, leaving 19 on road.– Gastos 30.95. —
It was a windy day slight frost.—

— 28 May —

Elias went to Calchaqui.  A. went to Matin’s and helped finish mark with peones.  Juan (Indio) bro’t another load of algarroba seed from toldos.  Eduardo boring varillas for fence.  It was a temporalish sort of day but did not drizzle.

— 29 May —

Elias came back from Calchaqui.  Eduardo boring varillas.  Juan (Indio) not working.  Arreglared with Juan Antonio & Cruz for algarroba seed 390 kilos @ 30¢ – $11.70. —
Butchered old cow. –

— 30 May —

Very hard frost.  Juan (Indio) and Eduardo brought load of firewood for house.  A. recorrered monte near puesto Felix.—
Peones remaking ramada and riding colts.

— 31 May —

Eduardo left for Pajaro Blanco for a few days.  Juan (Indio) not working.–  A. recorrered up in monte towards Laguna del Perro and Wampita way.–  G. Martin is here, reports indians stealing 3 horses from soga on night 29th.  Cold cloudy day. —

June, 1894

[Author: Alfred]

— June 1 1894 —

Another hard frost.
Two chaps from Pajaro Blanco — Young Wilcken & Adolfo Tapponi came today looking for camp – stop the night.
Butchered old cow.
Died    "   "   in potrero
  "       "   "  "  "  last week.
  "  or lost "   "  "  "   "  "
Bro’t load of tijeras from near puesto for ramada.—

— 2 June —

Two chaps that came yesterday went up to Martin’s to revisar at the costa of Salado. A. went as far as Martin’s.
died calf killed by lion near puesto.–
Patricio & Baldomero went to Calchaqui.

— 3 June —

Sunday. Nothing going on. Elias recorrered as far as monte.  North wind cloudy day.
Butchered Lorenzo tomorrow.—

— 4 June —

Coldish day. South wind. Wilcken & A.Tapponier stop the night on way back to Pa. Blanco.  They had looked at camp beyond Fortín Union.  Cart left for Calchaqui.

— 5 June —

A. recorrered monte towards Arroy Perro.  Butchered old cow.  Nothing going on.—

— 6 June —

Cart came back from Calchaqui, bringing yerba, rice, flour, soap, 2 empty barrels. tab etc.  A. was up at Palmar, tratared with Juan to cut & rodear 500 long palms at 10.00 per 100.–
Windy day. North.

— 7 June —

A. recorrered southwards,  caught up some more potros ?.  J.Martin stops the night.–
Nothing fresh going on.

— 8 June —

Warm day, cloudy & looks like rain.-

[No entry: June 9]

— 10 June —

Sunday.  Alfredo yesterday went to Lorenzo puesto & slept there and today recorrered monte north of Mercedita.  Killed bagual & pig.
Butchered yesterday.  Morell & Mendoza passed today looking for camps to poblar.– To Laguna Cura [Cueva ?].

— 11 June —

Caught up 3 potros ? from potrero.  Cold south wind & temporalish.  Frakes stops night on way to Martin’s.

— 12 June —

Alfredo went with Frakes to Martin’s.  F. stops night again also Eusebio Saavedra & Urbano Avalos who goes out to Martin’s looking for camp.-  Very hard frost, worst yet & south wind blowing.-

— 13 June —

Butchered old cow.– Lent horse to Frakes to go to Calchaqui.  Saavedra & comp. passed on to Martin’s.  Cold weather & cloudy.

— 14 June —

Died cow malparicion.  Cold cloudy day.  Nothing going on.

— 15 June —

Alfredo revorrered over towards Wampita.  Fine day, -  but very dry.

— 16 June —

Put on south rodeo and parted out 5 cows & 3 novillos & put in potrero to butcher.
Butchered 1 big novillo.  Very hard frost.– Killed one of the little pigs to butcher roast in the oven.–

— Junio 17 —

  Lorenzo  Lorenzo —
Tobacco          1.25
  — Damasio —
Jabon 1.20 Tab 3.00     4.20

— 17 June —

Route of cattle herd to “La California” that left “Los Palmares” on May 6: SW across Rio Salado; south between it & Arroyo Cululú; crossed the arroyo near Cululú town; south to San Agustín (25 km. west of Santa Fé city); south along west coast of the Rio Paraná to Arocena; inland SW to “La California”.  Some modern names: Soledad, Arauz, Pelado, Cululú, San Agustín, Arocena, Irigoyen.

Sunday.  Miguel came back from down south bringing 74 yeguas & horses viz:- 44 yeguas disechadas con 4 crias, 12 horses & 1 madrina morras, 4 potrancones 2½ yrs, 1 potrillo blanco año, 1 cohudito rosillo 2½ yrs, 1 tordillo horse, 1 cohudo retajo, 1 potro petizo tuerto, 1 burro hechor, 1 potro malacara (Miguel), 1 oscura horse, 1 potro ? for Livingston. 10½ days on road.  On road down with tropa slept 1st night Media Luna, 2nd ronda Casta ConchaT, 3d. Nicolas Taller, 4 La Zara, 5 Soledad, 6 Col ArauzT, 7 Pelado, 8 frente ProgressoT, 9 Costa CulluluT, 10 IturraspeT, 11 San AgustinT, 12 Maciel [Mistaken, too far south, Alfred probably meant Coronda], 13 ColastineT o Arozeno, 14 Estación IrigoyenT, 15 Almacen Bergamino, 16 Las TurbiasT.  cada peon $3.00 #1 ronda = 4.00  Tropa lost left at Bergamino 1 toruno & 1 cow, Frutos estacion Arozeno 2 torunos, Campo Sanudo 1 toruno y 1 nov. muerto, Puente Cululu Damas Caravajan 1 toruno, San Vicente de Iriondo 1 toruno, La Pelado 1 toruno, Nicolas Taller 1 toruno, 1 cow died in Salado, 1 cow died at Medialuna, bro’t back from Media Luna 1 nov. & 2 cows. 1 cow died at N. Taller.  3 supposed to have got away from Media Luna in lock in – 19 in all.—

[No entries: June 18 - 19]

— 20 June —

Last two days was a nice temporal with a little rain.  This afternoon cleared up.
Butchered old cow.–

[No entries: June 21 - 26]

— 27 June —

A. came back this afternoon from San Cristobal – had gone there on 21st – slept 1st night at Robson – 3 nights at San Cristobal 4th at Bruces & 5 at Robson.  Gates, Richards Lee & Climinson at Estancia.  Sykes at Robsons.  Found telegram here saying cablegram from London “Telegrame recibido de Londres oferta aceptado por las Palmas”.  Nothing going

— 28 June —

A was at Martins.  Frakes & wife passed at noon for Calchaqui to bring out their pigs to Martins.  Peones fixing brocal in well.  J. Martin here, tomorrow we go out to Isletas Laguna Cura.– Fine warm day.  Grass sprouting.

[No entry: June 29]

— 30 June —

A. came back from isletas Cura where he went yesterday with J.Martin, Patricio & Juan Antonio.  Lakes up there almost dry very salty and canutilla of course all dried up.  Slept coast of monte but found no water  Only saw an aguara which escaped.  Miguel yesterday saw some cattle tracks near Wampita and today went to follow them with Elias & Baldomero.– A chap from Inca stops a day or two as his horse is tired.– Guess he is Faraira from Las Rosas.  Fearful north wind yesterday & today – guess will blow a tormenta together.–

July, 1894

— July 1 —

Sunday.— Miguel recorrered monte beyond paso again. Another beastly north wind.— Mail came from Calchaqui. Ursisindo Gomez & 2 peones passed on way to Martin’s.– A goes tomorrow to Pajaro Blanco weather permitting.

[No entries: July 2 - 8]

— 9 July —

A came back this evening from Pajaro Blanco where he had gone on the 2nd.  1st night slept at Calchaqui, 2nd at Carmen, 3, 4, 5 6th at Hopes and 7th at Calchaqui.  Had very nice time.  Delivered calf ? at Jacare for Livingston.  Met Dick Morgan, Teofilo Ricketts, Falkland Ricketts, Bell, Davy Morgan, Mr & Mrs Hope & Miss Helen Domselaar.  Had rain over there, but here none at all and weather has been very warm.  Camp looks quite green.  Here everything all right.  Parted 4 reses out last week and put in potrero. — Spent 24.00 — $3. to Patricio gastos) 2. for Potrillo, 2.00 gastos 17.00 To Pastorelli.

[No entries: July 10 - August 4]

August, 1894

— Aug 5 —

Johnnie & Bischoff arrived from Rosario.

— 6 Aug. —

Had on rodeo for first time this spring.–  Took J. & B. as far as ensenada puesto.

[No entries: August 7 - 14]

— 15 Aug. —

Came back from hunting.  had left on the 7th.  Johnnie, Bischoff, Alfredo, Elias, Domingo, Ewaldino & peon.  Camped 3 nights opposite Estero Tejas in monte 4  "  [nights] north of Laguna del Perro & 2 nights near Palmar del monte.
Bag 3 ciervo, 3 leon, 3 cuati, 9 black pig,2 corvats pig, 10 jabali pigs, 1 ostrich, 3 aguara, 1 zorro, 3 guasuncho, 1 antbear, 1 gato onza.– 40.  First days were fine cool & cloudy, last two were hot & looks stormy.  Also caught 3 young black pigs.

[No entries: August 16 - October 14]

October, 1894

— Oct 15 —

Came back from up Salado – had left here on 10th 1st night slept at Martin’s, 2nd at Paso where indians from Ceres had passed, 3 & 4th at Laguna [DRAW] del Garabato, 5th near puestito of Verde (Salado).  Intended to have gone to Cacique but did not on a/c of R. Robson & Sykes & Ewaldino Cruz & boy Eulogio went.  No game but 1 horse, and chased band of baguales near Quebracho Solo.

— 16 Oct. —

Had on Salado rodeo & parted out & marked 77 calves, broke 2.  Miguel left with Juan indio & Marcelino ditto to follow up some cattle tracks going towards Chilcas.– Fearful day storm dust & wind.

— 17 Oct. —

Rained morning early, afternoon cleared up.  Skinned two of the fine bulls.—
Planted melons sandias etc.  Transplanted batatas.  Cool evening.—
Wrote letter home.  Gave a/c of Tregathens cattle:- 3 novillos ? sent south to envernar.  I believe 4 cows of original lot here yet.–
marked 1894 – 10 calves
    1893   8  "
    1892   8  "
    1891   6  "
There should be 40 to 45 head.—

— 18 Oct. —

Fine growing day.  Skinned a bull near paso & 2 animals struck by lightning in potrero.  Benevidez sent Pedro to repay the 50$. borrowed in June.  Pancho could not find horses missing.  Says colorado redomones passed the barra,  Robson sent for Yerba & Tobacco.—

[Alfred apparently turned 2 pages instead of 1 when recording the entries for Oct. 19 & 26, leaving 2 blank (facing) pages.  He then filled in the blank pages with entries for November & December, titling the pages with: “Next page first.”
We have ordered the entries in date sequence.

— 19 Oct. —

Jose Eugenio came back from San Javier did not bring any horses.  Says Jefe of San Javier has a mestizo saino of our mark but would only give it up to myself.  also a chap named Alvarez has horse bayo but hides it away.  G. Moore also has horse but was in Mazerotti’s camp.  Patricio got his foot hurt yesterday by a potro.– Butchered cow.  Miguel came back from Chilcas.  Cattle tracks belonged to Morells cattle.  J.Martin stops night.– Campeando dead bulls – nil.—

[No entries: October 20 - 25]

— 26 Oct. —

Alfredo came back from San Cristobal.  He had left here on 21st.  Saw Gillingham about buying this land. Gil. – holds to contract signed in London with Marty.  He will make out paper by Escribano Publico in Santa Fé in 15 days or so.  Land to be measured twixt Calchaqui and east bank of Palmar lake and south of fence.  Elias had capered 16 colts in Yacaré and Salteño had cut 4 before.  U. Gomez came to potrero with family.  Nothing extra going.  The Paraguay plowing for maiz.–

[No entries: October 27 - November 5]

November, 1894

— 6 Nov. —

Splendid rain this morning and day before yesterday morning.  Juntared a little water in cañadas.  Seca broken.  Miguel Elias, Juan Gomez, Wenceslado, Patricio & Eduarte went yesterday afternoon to part at Media Luna.  A. yesterday morning visited people at Wampita (Gimenez)
Agustin (chacrero) transplanted some batatas.  Gomez in potrero planting maiz.  Olivero doing odd jobs on place.
Peones on place are Miguces [Miguel ?] Elias (capataz) Agustin (chacrero) Wenceslado (indio), Patricio, Olivero, Juan Gomez, Olivero Eduarte, Eustacio (indio) (caballeriza. Ursesino Gomez in potrero.  Felix, Rubio & Eulojio (boy) at old puesto.  Damasio puesto Mistolar.  Baldomero & Pancho at puesto sur.  Ewaldino & Juan at Palmar.–

[No entries: November 7 - 27]

— 28 Nov. —

Began parting novillado for tropa south.  12 day peones working:  Pinto Arneleio, Raquel, Caseros, Tomas Bergara, J.Hijinio, Patricio, Juan Gomez, 2 from Aguara, to help part 3 men.  Had on south Mistolar rodeo which was rather small and parted out 370 novillos, and locked them in Estancia Corral,  3 got away.  Good day for working and plenty of water in the cañadas.

— 29 Nov. —

Had on Salado rodeo which was rather small and parted 138 novillos.  Had to lasso 4 to lock in.  Butchered cow.–  Left novillos out to feed & water this afternoon.  Same gente as yesterday worked.  Hard south wind blew in afternoon regular tormenta but no rain.

— 30 Nov. —

Put on Palmar rodeo and parted out 425 novillos & 10 black etc calves to butcher on road.  Rodeo was about 5000 head.  Had novillos out to water & feed in afternoon and afterwards counted them in corral – 900 novillos & 10 calves to eat.  Elias goes as Capataz & Eduarte & Ewaldino go with 9 other peones.  12 in all.  Gave Elias &5000 along.– Romero & Antonio worked 3 days & tomorrow.–

December, 1894

[No entry: December 1]

— Dec 2 —

Tropa started yesterday 900 novillos 10 calves to butcher.–  Elias Ledesma goes as Capataz and takes 11 peones @ 3.00 per day $1.00 ronda.  Locked in last night at Media Luna, and passed the barra this morning.– 2 peones from here went as far as Barra, and 1 peon from Baldomeros.  2 peones from Robson helped as far as Media Luna.  Said cattle got through corral last night but none got away.– Alfred stopped night at Robson.  Doña Angela goes to Corrientes on 4th and Alfredo leaves for down south also on 4th –  Peones at Estancia now are Pilar Benitez, Agustin (chacrero), Gregorio Olivero, & Wenceslado (indio) and Eustacio (caballeriza).——
Eustacio goes in cart tomorrow.——

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