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Mistolar & Los Palmares

Calchaquí, Santa Fé — 1896
(age: 37 years old)

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Alfred went south, that is to La Clifornia, for an extended Christmans holiday;  he was gone all of December, 1895, and January, 1896.  He was absent again September 5 through November 20, during which time he visited Los Algarrobos and El Victoriano, Johnnie’s camps south of Monte Buey, Córdoba.

The day-book was not maintained during Alfred’s absences.

This ~ brand is first mentioned on July 23, at Hope’s camp near Alejandra.  It could have been Hope’s, Alfred’s, or their joint brand.  Cattle with this brand were later butchered for consumption at Los Palmares, which suggests it might have been Alfred’s.


Workmen listed:

Production - cattle sent down to La California: total: 4,665 (approx.)

Indian raids:


Transcription Notes: The day-book has been transcribed as written, without corrections to spelling or grammar.  We standardised the date format, adding the month where missing (abbreviated to 3 letters).  Anything else we added or corrected is enclosed within [square brackets, with our comments in italics.]  (Transcribed by: Michael Mohr-Bell.)

Reference pages

Written in English by Alfred, Donkin, & others, the day-book is full of Spanglish terms as well as many other terms unfamiliar to us today.  To assist with names (people & places), maps, measures, currencies, and Spanglish terminology, we have created a set of Reference pages.  The reference pages open in a separate tab / window making them available in parallel to the diary (i.e. this window).

1896 - Qtr.1

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February, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— Saturday Feb 1 / 96. —

(Alfredo) came today from La California to make tropa from Alejandra (Hopes) (1000 cows) came on Miguels horse, as Miguel has been in Calchaqui for last 8 or 9 days curing Mercedes (Cappatas) who had shot herself.–
Camp looking splendid, all the esteros are full, and looks like a good paricion among cattle
Elias is here, peones are Nasataquin, Chacho, Rubio, Bombom, Maydana (porteno), pasuno, Juan Gomez.  Butchered cow.  This afternoon went to Frakes (potrero) whose crap [crop ] looks very well & plenty of sandia etc.  Great manga of locusts were there this afternoon.  Hot thundery weather.

— 2 Feb. — Sunday

Lots of mosquitos nights & weather very hot (damp heat).  Recorrered up to Ewaldinos.  Laguna full of water & camp looking very well.—
Antonio Pintos was here to see about taking tropa from Alejandra to La California.  To begin parting Monday week.

— 3 Feb. —

Recorred the puestos; Baldomero Peicho, Salazar & Felix.  Fearful hot day.  Sent Elias with Wenceslado & Rubio to bring the mares from Aguara to Baldomeros.  J. Martin here.

— 4 Feb. —

Began raining this forenoon a slow rain.– Leandro Moreiro was is here to see about selling his cows to Elias.– C art came from Calchaqui, bro’t canoe, yerba, & Alfredo’s equipaje.  Lots of mosquitos.—

— 5 Feb. —

Put on rodeo in potrero and butchered old cow.– Potrero cattle not looking very fat.  Afterwards paid Martins a visit.– Moreira left again.  Sent a horse to Calchaqui for Miguel by old Juan.  Fine cool day.  Gave Juan (indio) permission to hunt garza.

— 6 Feb. —

Old Bustamante came to get permission to bring his cattle to costa Calchaqui until it rained.  Miguel came back from Calchaqui.  Bombom carpieando.

— 7 Feb. —

A. and Miguel went over to see how the alambradores were getting along: seem to get along alright gave him a measure 138 C.M.– long for top wire.– Gente come together to go with troop from Alejandra.  Pinto & 11 men.  Elia came back from Aguara camp with mares & entregared to Baldomero 221 marked animals.— had noticio of 12 died (say 20 in all) 1 in Michelos camp (which he had bro’t from Rosario camp) & 3 in potrero Bellos camp — making short — making 31 short.— Fine day.– Go tomorrow to Alejandra to part cattle for La California.—

— Feb. 20 / 96. —

Came back yesterday from Alejandra where had parted cattle from Hopes for La California.  Began work on Monday the 10th and on 15th the tropa left Juan Murias — 894 cows @ 20.00  28 novillos trade for the yearling toritos & 8 vaquillonas for consuma on road at $10.00.— - A/c of the novillos for bulls is this — Recd novillos – 366 in November.—  28 now & 6 still owing making 400.  Delivered 246 toritos & 25 of Robsons making 271: still owing 129.—  Pinto goes as Capataz – peones are Nicolas, Pabia, Cornelio, Maydano, Patricio, Caceros, Lucas, Eduarte, Rubio (from Lucero) & two other chaps from Cabals.  Gave Pinto $197.00 calculating guia 46.60 puente 45.00 galsos [gastos] 55.00 peon to San Javier 31.50 Pinto 20 = 197.00.—

Feb 8 slept at Calchaqui (Mercedes died)
    9   "   Carmen
  10   "  Theodore.–
  11   "  Estancia Alejandra
  12   "  Tom Davies
  13   "  Hopes
  14      "
  15      Buille
  16      Manzeratti
  17      "
  18      Calchaqui —

Found everything all right here at Estancia, it was getting dry but yesterday & today it drizzled some.  Santiago Repetto & Domingo came out & take 15 novillos 6=~ from potrero and 4 novillos from puesto Felis to break in for a year.–
J. Martin & Bellos came to help count cattle stop the night

— 21 Feb. —

Repetto & Domingo Arrege left this morning.  Miguel went up to the Guampita to see alambrado; Bro’t back Hughes to help count cattle tomorrow.  Fine day.  Carts made trip to Palmar bro’t 40 good tiles & 12 rajared ones.

— 22 Feb. —

Counted the cattle today.  Gente of Cabales who part gave a hand, also Cabrero, & Rajelio, & a peon from other side.—

  Marked All toros
Count was – puesto Felix1021367
Peicho 9103
Zalazar 34485
Baldomero 62804
Novillos to tame2929(8)
Rodeo Mistolar 51077100130
Salado 3265465072
Palmar 2347320054
Left in camp 16397
Tamberas 1161434
Potrero 3855136
Result = 11472 Marked cattle
     15948 Todo lo que piso
        292 Bulls

There are about 200 ‘agenos’ among cattle which will be counted as they are taken out.– Very likely 50 of ours are scattered among neighbors.  Paid 10.00 to Cabals gente, 3.00 to Rogelio.– Elias has in potrero 45 marked cattle Frakes has 50.—
Julian & Hughes left for Guampita again.  Casimiro Gay, Juan Bellos, Juan Martin & Jose Paz stop here the night.– Fine day for work.– According to count there are 4476 calves

— 23 Feb. —

Sunday.  Counted the tamberas & cattle in potrero which are apuntared yesterday count.—— Warm day.–

— 24 Feb. —

Went with Miguel to alambrado costa Guampita.  Revisared the alambrado made which is 33 squares [4,300 metres] – more or less.  Bañado almost too wet to alambrar.– Went along line of fence camp to mojon No. 24 which is to be more or less the end of fence on west end.  Storm came up at noon and rained some.  Elias cut alfa (old) this morning.—

— 25 Feb. —

Miguel went to Aguara potrero to bring the missing mares Elias had left behind.  Butchered cow.– Bro’t in alfa lght [cut ?] yesterday.– Cart went to Calchaqui taking A’s valija jaha, pig from puesto, and bundle of 1 tiger 2 antbear & cat skin.– Alfredo goes tomorrow to La California.  Very pleasant day.——

March, 1896

[ Alfred was absent, at La California, from February 26 through March 29,
very likely attending a family planning conference.

[Author: Alfred]

— March 30 —

Came back from south today; cars run off the track at La Argentino and were delayed 8 hours.– Found Miguel in Calchaqui & came out together.– Yesterday sent Hope a telegram that I would be over during week to begin part.– Also reglared with Gallat to part 1000 cattle (cows & novillos @ 1800 & 2500.  part there as soon as finished over at coast.— Found a terrible storm had passed here which had done lots of damage to trees, & filled all the esteros up.  The alambradores are working on fence. & 7 men are working on ensenada.  Juntaring maiz here at house. & Damasio is making his puesto on Guampita.  Weather is hot & looks stormy.—

— 31 Mar. —

Had a very heavy rain today.  Butchered old cow.  Maiz in field got wet.  Elias gave Miguel notice he is going to quit by 10 April.

1896 - Qtr.2

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April, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— April 1 —

It was a murky damp hot day.– Was down to new ensenada
Leave tomorrow for Alejandra to part tropas for La California.  Pintos has gente to do the parting.—

— 20 Apr. —

Came back this evening from parting two troops of cattle 1 from Alejandra of 1114 cows.– 4 cows of last troop, 8 novillos 8 vaquitas to butcher total 1134 — Pintos & 13 men took them.  The other troop was from Obligados estancia San Pedro 475 novillos @ 25.00 554 cows @ 18.00 & 8 vaquitas to eat on road total 1037 = $21927.00.  Juan Gomez & 12 men took the last.

April 2) 1 day went to Calchaqui heavy rain
  "   3.     "   " Carmen
   4. Parted rodeo Toba & Theodore & slept there
   5.  "   "   loma  & slept at estancia
   6.  "   "   estancia &  " " Rafaels corral
   7.  "  Rafaels & locked in there.  Heavy rain.
   8.  "  rodeo by O’connors, entregared tropa &
    locked ½ in Mourias & ½ in Morgan Morgan.
    Tropa arrived at La California may 26 – 23 days work.–
   9. Tropa marched.  I slept at Hopes.
   10. Slept at Hopes revisared Price’s rodeo.
   11.  "   "  "
   12. Left Alejandra & slept at Carmen.
   13. Went to Calchaqui & went on to San Pedro to see about tropa.
   14. Juntared gente at San Pedro for tropa.
   15 Parted Rodeo estancia 307.
   16   "    "   invernada viejo 320
   17   "    "    "   nuevo 240
   18   "    "   costa      180
   19 Entregared tropa to Juan Gomez & Evarista, Munzon.– Who lock in at Monsilla & came & slept at Calchaqui.–
Tropa arrived La California May 8 — 20 days march 24½ days work
Gave Pintos for road 210.00
  "  Gomez " " 120.  Guia 51.85.
& extra expenses 133.75 & to pay yet to Patricio & Checho.  $40.50 making a total to be Credited for Tropa expenses $555.60
Very good tropa from Alejandra, & pretty good from San Pedro.– Gave Gaillat an order on Agar Cross for Obligado $21,927.00
Had rained a great deal on the coast, but here it had not rained so much.  Ensenada is nearly finished & Miguel received the alambrado as they could not work any more on account of the water.– Miguel received from Domingo Escrivano 74 cuadras [9,613 metres] of 13 posts (menos 10 mts.) arreglared his count he owes about $90.— Fine weather the last week.

— 21 Apr. —

Arreglared things a bit in the house.— Warm day and looks rainy.—

— 22 Apr. —

Had on rodeo in potrero and Elia Ledesma who has left & gone to Martin’s parted his animals out.  53 he took away including a last years torito orechano of mine which I traded for a novillito.  I also bought 4 novillos af him at $26.00 Ensenada finished at last.— Hot murky day.– Alfredo was up at Martin’s.

— 23 Apr. —

Another warm murky day.– Looks like rain.  Miguel recorreres up towards end of Palmar lake.  Bro’t in 8 animals.  Cart went in to Calchaqui to bring out galleta, Johnnis things etc.  3 carts went last night to monte to bring leña for marcacion.–

— 24 Apr. —

Sent Checho to Calchaqui to bring out Johnnie, but it seems J. came out in night train, & Rohr lent them horses, & so they arrived about 3 oclock with Checho.– It was a fearful sultry day with a damp heat.– Carts hauling leña for marcacion.  Sent for horses to Baldomero.  Looks stormy.

— 25 Apr. —

Storm came up last night & had good deal of rain.– Hot day & looks like more rain.– Made a new well as old well is below water.  Made last preparations for marcacion.– Cart came back from Calchaqui bringing galleta, yerba, etc.–

— 26 Apr. —

Sunday.– Began raining and rained a great deal this forenoon.  Weather still is bad.  Fearful lot of water about.—

— 27 Apr. —

Gente coming together for marcacion.  5 from Muelle 5 from Cabalo Ojidos etc.– Johnnie Sosa & A. had picnic up Palmar lake.  Fine drying day.  Report on south side of camp had not rained near as much as here.–

— 28 Apr. —

Gente all went down to south ensenada to sleep & to begin work tomorrow.  Lot of the peones went to sleep at puestos to recojer.—
Warmish day & looks like more rain, which would humbug the marcacion as the corrals are rather muddy already.  Robson & J. Martin were here

— 29 Apr. —

Began marcacion.  Wednesday.  On a/c of mud in corrals here, began an tapera rodeo which after a deal of trouble locked in the new ensenada, and began work by 12 o’clock.  Marked 940 by dark, and some left yet.  Rodeo was about 3500 head.  Parted about 80 cows with small calves out first.– It was a warm day.  Came back late as Johnnie & Sosa go in morning early to Calchaqui.– Robson here for night.
— —————

— 30 Apr. —

Johnnie & Sosa left this morning early 3 A.M. for Calchaqui.  Checho came back in evening, bro’t 2 new marks.– Finished marking the calves locked in, early.  168 calves, & then locked in Mistolar without any trouble (about 3000).  Finished marking by dark.  1014 making 2122 marked yesterday & today.  Warm day but looks threatening.  Corral very muddy.  9 yuntas worked.  Robson & G. Martin were here.—

May, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— May 1 / 96 —

Miguel went down and let out the cattle from south Ensenada.– Put on Salado rodeo about 1800 and locked in and finished by about 2.30 P.M.– 454 calves.  Let cattle in till tomorrow.  Robson left, also G. Martin this afternoon.  It was a warm day.– 2576 [badly smudged 5] marked so far.  (3 rodeos)

— 2 May —

Very threatening morning but locked in Palmar rodeo, & took other cattle back to rodeo Salado.  Had a good lock in, but it began to rain very hard and continued until night so let cattle out again in evening with all gente.
Corral in a fearful stat & camp full of water.– Won’t be able to work again for some time.

— 3 May —

Sunday.– Arreglared with the gente who worked in marcacion by day.— 32 peones who earned $361.20 outside of the estancia peones who worked by month.– Camp full of water.– Gente gradually going off.

— 4 May —

Hauling dirt to galpon.– disgranaring maiz.  Butshered novillo.  Sun came out at last.  Calchaqui swimming.

— 5 May —

Miguel went to recorrer the south puestos & stops all night.  Filling up ground in caballeriza.  Revocaring east side of house and kitchen.  A. was up at Palmar lake, which is rising.  Warmish day with north wind.

— 6 May —

Miguel came back at noon from puestos.  Alfredo recorrered towards Palmar which is still rising.  Still filling up pesebrer  Arreglando round house.  Robson turned up tonight.  Weather north wind, cloudy, & looks like more rain, God forbid.– Looks like we’d have big creciente.  Day peones on estancia, are Checho, Wenceslado, Chamorra, (Juan, Gregorio), Tomas, Camba, Pancho.

— 7 May —

Put on rodeo in potrero & marked 21 tambera calves and 102 cerrere calves.  total 123.  The cattle not looking xtra healthy.  In the afternoon marked 17 tambera calves here on estancia.  Miguel left in afternoon with Juan Gregorio, Checho & Wenceslado to mark tamberas at puestos etc.  Robson still here.  Had slight shower in morning, & now strong SE wind blowing and freshing up.  Butchered old cow, also killed adicionado toruno for skin.—

— 8 May —

Seems Miguels redomones got out of corral last night at puesto.  campiando.  Dug some batatas & done odd jobs on place.  G. Martin stops night.

— May 9 / 96 —

The peones went off to help Martin mark tomorrow.  A. & G. Martin were down at Baldomero’s where Miguel was marking colts  Miguel [per ditto marks] marked 11 zerero at Felis 14 tambera calves at Felis puestos, 11 at Zalazars, 18 at Baldomero, making 81 tambera calves marked so far & 102 cerrero in potrero making 28592770 marked so far.  It was a hot day north wind.  J. Bellos is here for night.—

— 10 May —

Sunday.  A. was over at Martin’s marking today – he parted out and marked about 318, has left about 100 more on rodeo.– Miguel came back from Baldomeros marked 33 macho colts and 35 hembras.  total 68.  Some are missing yet.– Was very hot muggy forenoon, but in afternoon wind changed t south strong and got almost misty.

— 11 May —

S.E. wind blowing, & cloudy, and tonight it began raining.  Laguna Palmar & Calchaqui rising, effects of the rain of the 2nd.  Put young tropilla into potrero.  Butchered old cow from potrero.  Bro’t load of maiz from Frakes chacra.  Peicho bro’t mail.

— 12 May —

Alfredo recorrered up at puesto Damasio, and went as as Julian Sanches to see them about keeping their cattle out of our camp.  J. Martin & mother stop the night on way to Calchaqui, also J. Bellos who takes his cart in.  Our cart also goes in.  Weather still muggy.  Men doing odd jobs on place.

— 13 May —

Had another heavy rain last night, & day was muggy and this evening strong south wind blows which I expect will clear up.– Sent cart in to Calchaqui with Bellos’.  Butchered old cow.– The Calchaqui is rising also Laguna Palmar.—

— 14 May —

Pintos came with 41 cows which he had lost in trip from Alejandra to ‘La California’.  He found them at Fortín Almagro & came on with Eduarte & Domingo — 6 days work 1 ronda = $19.50 2 = 39.00 — 6. gastos = $33.00).  To Pintos = 23 days work @ 6.00  $138.00   17 rondas @ 3.00 = $51.00he gave Anacleto 10.00   7.00 vuelto.  $6.00 capon & yerba.  $6. 00 to he gave Domingo & Eduarte = total 218.00 minus 153.70 he rec’d at La California – leaving him 64.00   $64.30 to Pintos $33.00 to Eduarte & Domingo = 97.30 to be debited to La California.—
Strong S.E wind blew & got cold.  Revocaring the outside of Miguels room.

— 15 May —

Took all the cattle out of the potrero except Frakes, & a few ajenos, & torunos.  Put them in corral and marked 21 vaquillas which (83) came up from down south last year.– Put the 41 Hopes cows in potrero.  It was a fresh morning, fine day.  N.E wind.  Cleaning up around place this afternoon.

— 16 May —

Took 37 oxen to Palmar to be herded up there by the indians.  Butchered cow.  J. Martin & Saavedra passed.  J. Bellos stops the night.  News that old Juan Gomez arrived with troop at La California.  24½ days work.  9 short – besides 9 left at Santiago Lassarin, 6 at Corina, 8 at Masillas.  – 1 at Kemmis.—

— 17 May —

Sunday.– Miguel parted up at Martin’s – 14 animals.  Saavedro was here at breakfast on way to Calchaqui with 26 oxen which he had bought from Martin at 45.00.– Cart came from Calchaqui bringing flour, yerba, salt, sugar, 1 roll alambre, etc. caños.– Laguna del Palmar still rising.–
Warm day, E winds, looks suspicious for more rain, which will bring creciente sure.–

— 18 May —

A Was down at paso Salazar who marked (46) his calves.  Filled up at gate of corral also zancheared from corral to bajo.  Warm fine day but still storm hangs around.  Paso Mistolar crecida, all canal swimming.–

— 19 May —

Miguel cutting alfa.– Butchered old cow.– Men doing odd jobs.  It was a fine warm day.–

— 20 May —

Bro’t two loads of maiz from Frakes.  Bro’t two loads of wood from Palmar.– Peones went to Felis & Rubios puesto to parar rodeo Entre Rios loma.  Arreglaring in house.  Finished cutting alfa.

— 21 May —

Put on rodeo loma for first time, about 2000 head.  Calchaqui almost bola pie [almost to: the foot (stirrup) ?] paso north of Felix puesto.  Gente beginning to juntar for marcacion.  Weather looking bad though.  G. Martin here for night.  Mail came from Calchaqui.–

— 22 May —

Began raining this morning and rained all day, consequently no rodeo & no work.—

— 23 May —

Had strong east wind last night, and today was a muggy close day.  Gente left again, as can’t think of finishing marking for some time to come.– G. Martin also left.– Laguna Palmar rising fast, and looks like we are in for a regular creciente.—

— 24 May —

Sunday.  Had another heavy rain this forenoon.  Water standing all over the place.  This evening strong South wind began to blow and looks like a temporal.

— 25 May —

Feast day.  Alfredo recorrered up to Vara Laguna Palmar & Calchaqui.  Let loose balsa which had been tied up since March ’93.  Miguel recorrered fence from Frakes to Laguna.–
It was a clear day at last with south wind & looks settled.  Lots of water about.—

— 26 May —

Took all gente to pass cattle over Calchaqui to Loma camp, but could only find two cuadrillos say about 350 head near coast Calchaqui, which gave no trouble to pass over.  It was a coldish morning but no frost, S wind blowing.– Butchered old thinish cow.–

— 27 May —

Was a misty sort of day
Sent tropilla of redomones to Peichos puesto to get madrinada.  Tomas, Wenceslado, Chamorro, Camba went up to Palmar to make raft of Palms to take to Baldomeros.  Alfredo was up at Martin’s.  Casimiro Gay & Luis Defagot were here this afternoon on a paseo.–

— 28 May —

Miguel & Cruz went up to help make raft.  J. Martin was here.  Mail came.  Laguna Palmar still rising.– Checho left to campiar two redomones which escaped yesterday from paso Salazar.– It was a fine warm day; east wind blowing.

— 29 May —

Was another fine warm day, but wind turning northward again.– Nothing going on.  Miguel came back from Palmar where the balsa of about 90 palms left about 9 A.M.  Wenceslado & Camba going aboard.  Cart came back evening.  Report river still rising.

— 30 May —

Butchered cow.  Balsa got to puesto about midnight, & left again 9:30 A.M.  It was another beautiful day.  Leave tomorrow for San Cristobal.

June, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— June 6 / 96. —

Came back at noon from San Cristobal.– S made a sort of contract for rental of camp from 1st of June next year, to be sent for approval to England.– rent 5 years at same rate as now, if sold to have one years notice to quit; to have first refusal of purchase.  to spend up to 5000 dollars in necessary improvements gratis, to be paid for if sold.– Also paid rent for coming year, & interest on wire etc. $862 gold / order on Marty
1stnight slept at Villalbas, 2n at San Cristobal estancia, 3d ditto, 4 at Muelle, 5d & 6d at Lucero
Got resguardo for Caceros who had lost his papeleta.– Helped Robson mark at Lucero.– Peones from here had gone to help on their own horses.
Found here everything all right; had slight rain yesterday, & weather has been nice & warm.  Peones had been montanando alfa.  Cornelio Fernandez ha. left today for La California by train – gave him $25.00 for trip.–
Wendroth came today on a paseo from Rosario way.  peon of his bro’t urgent letter from Johnnie asking conforme for buyin 3¾ leagues 7 leagues from Bellville.– One J. Martin was here.  One of the Bellos stop the night, also Goya (old Paz’s peon de confianza)  Sent old Paz $300. loan for 4 or 5 months.  Butchered lame novillo today.—

— 7 June —

Sunday.– Went up to Palmar lake with Wendroth.  Lake has risen about 10 inches in last 10 days, & estero Ewaldino has over 3 ft of water.– Bro’t 16 oxen down to send with cart to Calchaqui.  Fine day.  J. Bellos stops the night.

— 8 June —

The two carts left today for Calchaqui to bring out stores.  Cart from Martin went also.  Went with Bellos up to his place to see his brother who had been hooked by novillo.– Peones hauling rotten alfa out of chacra.  Wendroth & Miguel went to Baldomeros to bring Rosado tropilla for formers mount as he goes tomorrow to hunt at Damasios.  Alfredo goes tomorrow to Calchaqui.  Cold morning and looks like temporal but cleared up afterwards.  Wendworth goes to hunt tomorrow at Damasios puesto for a few days.

— 11 June —

Alfredo came back today from Calchaqui; roads very bad.  B Pd Don Carlos $100.00 and a vale of Martin on Saavedra for $450 on a/c.  Cold weather and almost a frost.  Wendworth still at Guampita puesto.– Rec’d telegram from Johnnie saying he had signed boleta for Barclay camp Bellville.– J. Martin here for night.–

— June 12 —

Butchered cow.  Miguel with the peones Wenceslado & Chamorra left to part at Guampita.  Laguna Palmar still rising slowly (about 2 inches since the 7th.  Fine day.– J. Martin left.—

— 13 June —

1st frost pretty hard.  Carts (2) came from Calchaqui bringing 130 k maiz, 1 bag yerba, 2 bag salt, 1 bag flour, 1 box soap, 25 k tobacco, etc. & for Frakes flour sugar & salt.– Miguel also came from Guampita where he parted about 50 animals from Julians.  Wendworth also came back from there & Damasios.  Did not kill anything.

— 14 June —

Sunday.– Another hard frost.  Weather over cast & cold.  Miguel went recorriendo towards campo Carancho.  The paisanos bit on a spree on a/c of cart, men having bro’t some grog.

— 15 June —

Butchered cow.  Another hard frost.  Alfredo recorrered alambrado to laguna which is still rising.  Miguel came back from recorriendo towards campo Carancho and Cañas.  Coldish day.– Men fixing alambrado of chacra.

— 16 June —

Cloudy overcast and cold day.– Wentroth went hunting with 3 of the Palmar indians taking 2 horses & pack mule.– J. Martin here for night.  Men hauling bosto on to alfalfar.–

— 17 June —

Had on rodeo the cattle that go north of Salado rodeo as far as puesto Martin & parted out the calves (with mothers to mark.  5 outsiders were working.– Vargas Eduarte Patricio, Juan & Victor Ojedo.  Parted until one & then locked in and marked 260 until near sundown and then left them out again.–
Very hard frost but fine clear day.  Butchered black cow.– J. Martin here & helped.

— 18 June —

Had on north side of Palmar rodeo & same gente as yesterday worked – marked 262 claves fine large calves, & left them out again by sundown.
J. Martin left again in afternoon.  Ernesto Pereira who settles on other side of Calchaqui by Almeidas permission was here for breakfast – he has about 300 head of cattle.  Very hard frost 5d camp all white.  Butchered cow.

— 19 June —

Had on east side of Palmar rodeo and parted out same as yesterday and marked 152 calves.  North wind again and warmer.

— 20 June —

Had on Mistolar rodeo & parted 86 calves (with mothers) and marked them in new ensenada.  Fine warm day, but slight frost in low land.  Same gente as before working.–
Butchered old cow at Ensenada

— June 21 / 96 —

Sunday.  Had on tapera rodeo which was over 5000 head, and parted 239 calves (etc) & marked them  Same gente as before worked.  Very slight frost on low land.  Butchered cow.– Marked this last 5 days 999 making a total of 3769 so far.

— 22 June —

Had on Salado rodeo and parted out & marked 113 calves.  Butchered cow.  Gente went to paso the Calchaqui so as to work on Rodeo Loma tomorrow.  Mr Wendworth came back from his hunt which was quite successful.  Warm day – N wind.  Report laguna still rising.—

— 23 June —

Had on rodeo Loma and marked 51 calves on rodeo.  Finished quite early.– Pd men off 6½ days work 4 men — $78,00 without deductions.  Fine day – North wind.  3933 so far.

— 24 June —

Gave the men a holiday for having worked so during marking.  San Juan today & Ewaldino gives a fiesta & baile.  Warm day North wind and rained slightly this afternoon.

— 25 June —

[Author: Alfred – slanted writing]

Damp sort of day (mist but no rain.  Men hauled manure to alfa in forenoon.  In afternoon butchered fat cow.– Miguel went to recorrer around puesto Rubio in monte.  Sent Checho to Calchaqui for mail.

— 26 June —

[Author: Alfred]

Mail came back from Calchaqui.  Bro’t 2 loads of leña from Palmar.  J. Martin stops the night.  Miguel came back from other side, sin novedad.  North wind sultry.

— 27 June —

Hauling manure on to alfalfa.  Gave permission to Chamorro & Camba to work marcaciones at Aleman’s.  Nothing xtra going on.  J. Martin stops night on way to Calchaqui.  Very hot sultry day, but tonight south wind.

— 28 June —

Sunday.  Regular temporal but no rain only misty.—

— 29 June —

Same day as yesterday with slight rain at noon.  Butchered cow.  Paull & Hill turned up in afternoon from Robsons.—

— 30 June —

Another muggy day with fog in morning.  Took a turn up Palmar with visitors.  Laguna still rising but slowly about 2 inches in 14 days.—


1896 - Qtr.3

[Click to download Q3 page images (2.3 mb PDF file)]

July, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— July 1 —

Went over to Martin’s with visitors.  Another muggy day.  Taming in little macho.–

— 2 July —

Was down at puesto with visitors.  Butchered black overo milk cow.  Another muggy day, sun only appearing at entervals.  J. Martin came with mail.

— July 3 —

Paull & Hill left in rain for San Cristobal again.  Had heavy rain today bad!  Miguel had gone to recoger mares at Baldomeros to mark some stray colts, but had to come back again.–

— 4 July —

Cleared up again at last but weather still warm & threatning.  Sent two carts to bring out maiz etc.  from Hilario Avalos who brings it from Calchaqui.  Nothing going on.–

— 5 July —

Sunday.  Another beastly murky & foggy day, which is the 8th damp day.– Butchered fatish cow.–

— 6 July —

Another muggy warm day.  Alfredo recorrered down to Zalazars.  Nothing going on.

— 7 July —

Miguel went to recorrer down to Baldomeros for a few days.  Fine day sun out, and slight north wind.  The two carts came from Las Cañas bringing 20 bags of maiz & 2 of yerba.  Ewaldino also came out having been “sacciared” mail & everything.

— 8 July —

Very fine warm day.  North wind.  Splendid weather for camp.– Fixing up carts etc.  Recorred up Palmar.  G. Martin here since yesterday.—

— July 9 / 96. —

Warm fine day with north wind Miguel came back from recorriendo south.– Bro’t two loads of wood from Palmar.  Butchered cow.

— 10 —

Sent two Checho & Wenceslado to cut some timber from other side.  Tomas took letter to Defagots.  Alfredo & Wentroth also recorrered on other side.  Fine warm day with north wind.  Camp looking green.  Mail came tonight.  Martin Carrero) bro’t it.—

— 11 July —

[No entry]

— 12 — Sunday

Alfredo went yesterday and recorrered at lower puestos, slept at Peichos. – Every thing all right.  Camp growing, & Calchaqui creciendo.  Very hot weather.  Hauled two more loads of wood yesterday.  Killed cow.

— 13 July —

Tremendous manga of langosta passed today in afternoon northward, wind also changed to south, looks like temporal.
Sent two carts to Felix puesto to dishacer the old balsa, and bring up some timbers.  Hot forenoon.  Kicked Segundo out for drunkenness.  Martin & Santos & families also left Palmar toldos.

— 14 July —

Temporalish sort of day, but fine evening south wind.  J. Martin here making recado.

— 15 July —

Butchered a cow.  Miguel recorrered other side of Calchaqui.  Saw surveyor there who is measuring the Calchaqui Co. lands.  He says our alambrado is only out 4 or 5 mts at most in places & that is on account of the mojones which were put wrong.– Sent Zalazar’s boy with & for mail to Calchaqui.  J. Martin left.  Fine day S.E wind.  Checho & Wenceslado still at puesto getting palms out to corral.  Laguna Palmar looks like it is falling again.

— 16 July —

Another fine day.  N.E. wind.  Tomas ill with bad eye.  Nothing new on place.  Waldino killed tapir put hide in salt.–

— 17 July —

J. Martin here working on saddle.  Miguel was over other side on Loma camp with the surveyor.  Nothing going on.

— 18 July —

[No entry]

— 19 July —

Sunday.  Alfredo, Wentroth & Juan the indio had left yesterday to recorrer up towards Cueva del tigre.  Slept last night at Paso C de Tigre and came back thro monte till Laguna del Palmar.  Shot a venado, & chased bagual at paso C de Tigre.  Water going down fast.  Cueva del Tigre fallen about 10 inches.  Saw peon of Morell.
Butchered cow.  Fine weather.

— 20 July —

Began making brete at puesto to cure the new bulls which will arrive soon.  Miguel, Checho & Tomas working.  Chamorro came back again to work, bro’t mail.
Nothing xtra going.
light frost.

— 21 July —

Lent Bravo 10 tambera novillos from Baldomero’s puesto to break in.– making 20 altogether. Miguel with gente still working.  New peon Sarza began working also Chamorro.  J. Martin was here, finished saddle.  Another frost slight, but warm day.  Locusts going past.  Tremendous lot for last 10 days.

— 22 July —

Sent cart to Calchaqui for provisions.  Tomas & Zarza went.  Taking tapir hide for Arzuaga, & Paulls skins.– Finished brete at puesto.– North winds, locusts gone.

— 23 July —

Butchered cow.  Took out the useless animals out of Potrero (17) leaving only the 38 ~ cows  Some boughten (11) novillos, & Frakes cattle (60) about.  Strong north wind & hot.

— 24 —

Fine hot day.  Chamorra working straps.  Nothing going on.  Mail came.–

— 25 July —

Another fine hot day  N. wind.  Miguel recorrered down Peichos.  Surveyor is other side Paso Mistolar.  G. Martin is here.  Arreglared rastra.

— July 26 —

Sunday.  Cart came last night from Calchaqui bringing yerba, flour, potatos, Epsom salts for new bulls, soap etc.  Wentroth went with G. Martin to look for tiger up near Bellos.  Hot morning, but in afternoon strong south wind sprung up.  Butchered cow.

— 27 —

Fine cold morning but afterwards got overcast.  Killed one of the hogs in the afternoon.  Juan Gregorio harrowing in chacra.  Tomas made yugo.  Chamorro making straps.  Cleared out well.  Alfredo was up at Martin’s.  Wentroth came back from tiger hunt, unsuccessful.  G. Martin & Frakes helped kill hog.–

— 28 —

Cut up hog & made some head chease & salted rest down.  Weather bad & looks like rain.  Peones went down to make corral at Baldomeros.  G. Martin still here.

— 29 —

G. Martin left.  Sent some of the peones who are working at corral to help bring the bulls (from La California) from Muelles.  Planted out some trees ets. & arreglared round place.  Fine cloudy warm day but bad for the pork.

— 30 —

Another muggy day but fresher.  Racion day.  Butchered cow.  Nothing going on.—

— July 31 / 96 —

Were xpecting the bulls from La California at Felis puesto but they did not turn up.– Juan Gregorio still harrowing.– Tomas, Zarza, Checho & rengo working at corral of Baldomeros.  Camba fixing up shed by c arpinteria & preparing to recover it.  Chamorro doing hide work.– Muggy but warm fine day with fog.

August, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— Aug. 1 —

The bulls from La California turned up this morning at Felis with several ill from tristesa.  50 from La California and 1 from last years tropa.  Cured 47 bulls with 48 litres water with 60 lbs Epsom salts 2½ oz sugar of lead and 4 oz vitreal.  Worked in brete at puesto & the two men of tropa Hipolito & Nuñez worked.  Horses from La California also arrived with Manuel & Gerrobia — 33 horses, 3 madrinas, 2 potrillos & 14 potros.  They arrived in good condition.  Johnnie can’t come up to hunt.  Warm cloudy day & looks like clearing up at last.—

— 2 Aug. —

Sunday.  Butchered cow.— Went down to Felis & saw bulls.  remedy seems to have done them good.  Marked the horses & potros this afternoon.  14 potros. 3 madrinas, 2 colts hembra.
  9 horses of Picaso tropilla
 10   "   " Tordillo "
 14   "   " Cordobesas — $200 –
Manuel had $17.00 xpenses on way up & Hipolito had 45.00 xpenses.
Will send old macho down with Manuel  North wind & warm day.  Locusts appearing again towards north.

— 3 Aug. —

Troperos from down south left this morning.  Cured the bulls again this morning & mixed 30 litres water 44 lbs Epson salts etc.  Afterwards mixed 40 litres water & 60 lbs Epson salts etc. for future use.  Three of the bulls had died but they had not been cured.  1 is still very sick and 1 slightly.
3 of the men still at Baldomeros working on corral.  Bro’t load of wood.  Going tomorrow to costa.  Wentroth going hunting.  J. Martin here.  Weather very strong N wind.  Hot.

— 23 Aug. —

Alfredo came back last night from Alejandra where he had gone on the 4th.  Parted out and sent down to La California 982 head of cattle — viz 612 cows ~ @ 18.00 12 vaq. for consumo on road @ 10.00 335 animals 3½ yr & up @ 19.00. 23 novillos @ 2500. total $18076.00 Anastasia Aguiar & 10 peones take them down.  Left 8 animals in Iriondas camp to a/c of Hope but not included in 982.– Paid Anastasio $15000 for road xpenses, & paid out 3000 for xtra gastos.  Slept at following places

Aug 4Calchaqui
  5   "
  6   "
  9   "
 10   "
 11   "
 12   "
 13   "    parted Cemeterio
 14   "    rain
men began work15   "    parted O’Conar
 16estancia   "   Paraiso puesto
17  "    "   estancia
 18Toba puesto.  Theodores.
counted cattle19   "   "   Toba puesto
passed Toba20Carmen

Tratared in Calchaqui with viuda of Guampita for 250 to 300 head of cattle @ 12.50 $13.– al corte.- Weather warm but today it got cooler on a/c of south wind.  Found the indians had made another invasion on the night of the 18th. taking 11 potros madrina & colt from potrero on Salado.- 7 of the new cordobese horses madrina & potranca, 3 tordillos, 2 morros, 2 rosillos, 1 colorado — total 30.  A great pity especially for the potros which were a fine porteño lot.- Sent Miguel with Ewaldino & Juan to go on track to see where they go to.— Six of the new bulls had died altogether which shows the purge is a good thing.– Had fixed paral, & renewing the ramada.–

— 24 Aug. —

A. was at Felis puesto – chasque came with telegram from Kroeger saying he was coming to Calchaqui today.  Butchered a cow there & here.  Only 6 of the bulls which had arrived on the 6th had died.  The medicine seems good.  Zarza & Camba bro’t load of Chilca for ramada which Wenceslado is fixing up.  Tomas ill.  Checho was at Lucero to see Pinto & to get gente for tropa.  Elias Ledesma was here.  Juan Gregorio plowing.

— 25 Aug. —

Miguel came back at noon from rastreando the indians who stole here on the 18th.  Tracks go north from 1st chañaral on Salado beyond laguna, another roba from other side of Salado joins them.  Working on ramada.  Alfredo was down at Baldomeros and Zalazars.  Bro’t up tropilla of picasos.  Fine day.  G. Martin here for night.

— 26 Aug. —

A. & rengo domador went to Martin’s with tropilla picasas to bring potro which escaped from indians & also helped Martin capar about 40 bulls.  Finishing ramada.  Pinto came to see about tropa.– Elias Salteño here looking for a job.  Warm day north wind

— 27 Aug. —

Bro’t leña.  Robson stops night.  Also old Kroeger from La Pelada who came with tropilla.  Wrote to Ramayon about robo on 18th–  Say train stopped running on account of strike.  Hot day North W.

— 28 Aug. —

Alfredo & Kroeger were over at Julians (Guampita) to see about making troop.  Fearful day with strong N. Wind tonight changed to south – looks like seca.– Butchered cow.—

— 29 Aug. —

Was up at Palmar.  Gente coming together for making tropa.  Cool nice day.  J. Martin here.  Cleaning up in front.

— 30 Aug. —

Put on Palmar rodeo and parted out 112 old cows for tropa.  Also parted out 160 toritos of last marking – 12 discornared for padres, 30 capared & put the rest about 116 into potrero.  15 men with horses under Elias Ladesma worked.  Fine day.  Butchered cow.  Cattle very parrida.

— 31 Aug. —

Had on Salado rodeo and parted out 100 old cows for tropa.  Also 99 toritos of which marked 6 discornared 11, capared 20 and put the rest 37 into potrero.  Hot dusty day.  Frakes says he heard indians in camp last night.  Butchered cow.—

September, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— Sept 1 —

Had on tapera rodeo parted out 99 old cows – marked 51 calves capared 46 & about 50 left for potrero.  Very hot day.– rodeo looking very well & very parrida.  Mail came.– Kroeger had paseo up Palmar.– Butchered cow at ensenado end.

— Sept 2 —

Had on Mistolar rodeo about 2000 & parted 133 old cows for tropa & marked 39 discornared 30 & put about 70 into potrero for Hopes pick.  Same gente as before worked.  Very strong south wind & quite cold & cloudy.

— 3 Sep. —

Had on rodeo loma (Guampita) & parted out 60 old cows & marked 15 calves a rodeo, & capared all the toritos with the exception of 12 which we discornared for padres.  Cattle looking best of any rodeo & very parrida.  Kroeger found his horses & left again for “La Pelada”.  Good weather with strong S.E wind.  Peonada went to Guampita to part tomorrow the viudas cattle I bought.–

— 4 Sep. —

Parted 265 head of cattle at Guampita (viuda Zanches) bo’t at 1250 $1300.  Locked them into corral at puesto.– Tropa ready to start tomorrow.  Alfredo goes to Calchaqui for guia & from there goes south.  Cold morning.  Weather looks like a seca.–

[ Alfred was absent September 5 through November 20,
for the most part at La California meeting with
his brothers re “Benitz Hermanos”.

1896 - Qtr.4

[Click to download Q4 page images (2.8 mb PDF file)]

[ Alfred was absent September 5 through November 20,
for the most part at La California meeting with
his brothers re “Benitz Hermanos”.

November, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— 11 Nov. —

Came back from down south where had been since Sept 5.  Came with Lupp and Rohr. who stop a few days also Domingo Arregé.  Left La California on the 15th – to Rosario
16th to Santa Fe   with Marty
17   " Reconquista  "  "
18 & 19   "     "  "
20   Calchaqui
21   Home.

Camp looks splendid & has lots of rain & esteros full of water.  Had on rodeo once since Sept 5 for all the neighbors, & to capar.  Entregared 129 toritos to Hope, finishing up our trade of last year.  The indians had stolen here on Sept 18 altogether 53 horses & mares of which 18 horses & 5 mares are from ~ mark.  (10 from Zalazars puesto) 2 from Ewaldino’s puesto & 6 from Estancia & 5 mares) = 23.  & 30 from peones Zamurrio 2 – Miguel 1 Chamorro 5 – Zalazar 2 Felis 1 paisanos 15 – Elias 2.  Men on hand are Miguel mayordomo, wife-cook, Tomas Bergara, Checho, Wenceslado, Bay (caballeriza).  Espinosa peon de galpon, paysano.
Very hot day & looks stormy.  Had been at Victoriano & Algarrobas (Cordoba) also in B.A.  Gathering in alfa.

— 22 Nov. —

Sunday.  Took a paseo up Palmar with the visitors & came back by about 2 o’clock.  Chasqui came back from Calchaqui with news indians had stolen from Campo Carancho & Calchaqui.  Had a heavy storm last night and lots of rain.  Fine cloudy cool day.

— 23 Nov. —

Visitors left.  A. went as far as Damasio puesto with them.  Gathering in hay.  Camp looking splendid.  Calchaqui swimming at puesto bridge.  Domingo Arrege stops here.

— 24 Nov. —

Had on rodeo in potrero to part out oxen to go to Calchaqui, & to butcher.  Cattle are looking very well in potrero as there are only about 200.  Frakes raising calves of ~.  Three carts left for Calchaqui taking 260 cowhides. 5 horse hides, & 2 bag of hair. consigned to Adolfo Funes 132 Calle San Martin Buenos Aires.  Frakes was here in afternoon & went with him to look for Garzal – any amount of garza in camp.  Hot day.

— 25 Nov. —

Miguel went to Calchaqui to dispatch carts.  Domingo Arrege also went.  Tomas Bergara came back from carts with swollen foot.  J. Martin was here, report indian tracks (3) coming in outside.  Recorrered fence in afternoon but found no tracks.  Casimiro Gay & an acopiador were here in afternoon but was not home.

— 26 Nov. —

Alfredo recorrered down to Baldomeros & Peishos.  Had mares in corral at Baldomeros which are looking very well.  Elias has 14 potros breaking in.  Revisared Don Benito Rodriguez cattle which he wants to sell about 180 novillos & cows – about 80 are 3 year old novillos & rest are cows.  Tratared for Bargas novillos 9 @ 17.00 for our tropa.  José Manuel brought 2 young aguaras paid him 10.00.  Very hot day, strong north wind  Camp on south side looks drier than up here.

— 27 Nov. —

Miguel came back from Calchaqui this morning.  J. Cabrera was here.  A recorrered up as far as Ewaldinos.  Hot day.  N. wind & looks tormentoish.

— 28 Nov. —

Butchered cow ~.
A. was up at Martins who was not at home.  Carts came back from Calchaqui.  Very hot day, & this evening a strong south wind came up but no rain.  Bargas brother began working in chacra.  Fixed cavalleta of house, & also finished up alfa in chacra.

— 29 Nov. —

Sunday.  Big storm came up about 1 A.M. & rained until about 9 o’clock.  Camp full of water.  Cleaned up house, & arreglared things

— 30 Nov. —

Miguel went to part at Casimiro Gay’s with 3 men.  Sent for horses to Baldomeros for recojidas.  Bargas carpiendo back of house.  A. was over at puesto monte (Juan’s Gonzalez.  Told old Zalazar to look for another place.  It was a hot clammy day.–

December, 1896

[Author: Alfred]

— Dec 1/96 —

Fearful hot day & thundering.  Butchered a vaquita.  Miguel came back from Casimiro’s where he had parted about 30 animals. 8 of which escaped.  Had ruano horse hooked by a bull.  Mail came from Calchaqui.

— 2 Dec. —

Rained hard nearly all forenoon, Camp full of water again.– No work done.  Gente did not parar rodeo as was intended.

— 3 Dec. —

Fine day, grass growing like fits.  A was down at paso.  Frakes killing Garza.  Butchered cow ~.  Bro’t two loads if wood from Palmar.  Also the canoe from lake to fix up for sail boat.  Camp full of water.

— 5 Dec. —

Miguel went down yesterday to Peichos puesto to leave tropilla of redomones there and bring other tropilla up.  Alfredo yesterday recorrered alambrado & when he came back found the chasque oriental Elias here, from Benito Rodriguez who wanted to sell his animals down on coast of Calchaqui so went down with him.  Tratared for the novillos about 60 3 yr old at 25.00  Found Alfredo Almeida there who is putting off [evicting] the settlers on the 8 leagues of Bank land sold to Tailler and Michelos.  Notice 2 days to dispoblar.  Told Peicho to go to Baldomeros puesto.  Slept at Peichos last night.  Had on loma rodeo this morning, disembichared & capared toritos and parted 22 of the youngest bulls and scattered  [insert:]Miguel went down to part the nov. from Benito Rodriguez. [end insert]  them on Salado rodeo cattle.  Checho & Wenceslado were looking for stray mares towards Calchaqui unsuccessfully.  Bro’t mail.  Casimiro Gay was here yesterday.  Good warm weather.–

— 6 Dec. —

Sunday.  Miguel bro’t the cattle from Benito Rodriguez 56 novillos @ 25.00 — 78 cows and 2 yr old novillos @ 19.35 total $2901.25 also 6 novillos from Vargas @ 2700.  Sent word to Marty to pay the 1901.25 (2901.25 mistake) into Alfredo Almeidas hands Santa Fé.  Hot day but cold south wind sprung up tonight.–

— 7 Dec. —

Miguel went to Vera to get guia for tropas we are going to make.– “hacienda removida”.  Parted out from potrero the 5 novillos bought from Elias and 10 of  ~, ~~~, old torunos & “reservada” bullocks.
Butchered a cow, & sent the animals on to puesto with señuelos.– South wind.  Varga & Domingo carpiendo batatas.  Marcelino & Venancia cutting espadaña.  Owner of canoe from Est. Erzilia – Francisco Pedrotti was here asks $5000 for it.  Will get certificate and send it to A. Lesener [Leseuer ?] of San Cristobal.

— 8 Dec. —

Had on rodeo Loma and parted out in afternoon 138 novillos – very good ones which we juntared with the pastoreo making 288 so far.  About 15 outsiders worked on their own horses.  Hot day.  Miguel came back from Vera with guias.  Report Morel had 200 head more cattle stolen.

— 9 Dec. —

Had on rodeo Tapera and parted out 252 novillos and 7 black vaquillas for consuma on road.  Marched them right off across the Salado. & lock in at Lucero tonight.  Antonio Pinto takes them with 7 men.  Tropa is composed of

56novillos bo’t of B.Rodriguez @ 2500Paid by
 La Calif.
78cows & novillitos  " "   " 19.25
6Barga27.00 Pd
7terneras para consumo10.00 
392novillos  ~~ 30.00 
547total of troop  

Gave Pinto $50.00 for troop xpenses, & sent a man to Calchaqui for paso for the horses.  It was a warm day.  Butchered cow in afternoon ~.

— 10 Dec. —

Had on Palmar rodeo and it was very large, about 6000 at least.  Parted out 360 novillos, finished by about 12 o’clock.  Desembechared afterwards.  It was a very hot day, 93º shade.  J. Martin was here.  Butchered cow.  4 juntas worked on rodeo.

— 11 Dec. —

Fearful night.  Hot & mosquitos.  No cattle came on rodeo hardly, Salado.  Only parted out 62 novillos.  Storm came up as soon as we finished.  Marched troop to ensenada do sud.  13 men worked.  Rained a little today.

— Dec. 12 / 96 —

Parted the novillos out on rodeo Mistolar (about 4500 head), 227 novillos & 7 black vaquillas for consuma.  Juntared them with tropa, and desechared 10 of the smallest ones.  Tropa stops the night at the ensenada and leaves in morning.  5 juntas parted out.– Weather very threatning but it was a hot day.–

— 13 Dec. —

Had heavy rain last night & hail, biggest masses of ice I ever saw – masses nearly 4 inches broad 2 of them melted filled ½ glass of water.– One of the aguaras escaped.  Passed the tropa across the Salado into camp of Lucero.  Very pantanosa had to pull the horses out “asincha”.  tropa 634 novillos & 8 vaquillas 1 killed yesterday best troop of novillos sent yet.  Gave Elias 50.00 for gastos peones xtra 74.00 & owe Domingo 15.00 for work parting.  Butchered lame novillo ~~~.– Weather not settled yet.—
Peones tropa are, Elias (capataz), Duarte, Aurelio, Mesa, Chamorro, Zamurrio, Barga, Ewaldino, Zarza, and Pintos took Nicolas, Palonio, Rubio, J. Ojedo, P. Cabrera, Luis Ojedo, Julian Benites.

— 14 Dec. —

Cleared up in place.  A. was down at Felix and Zalazar’s.  Mail came from Calchaqui.  Longiared hide charquiared.  The two paisanos, Venancio and Marcelino bro’t paja for thatching.—

— Dec. 15 —

Tomas went to Calchaqui with packmule to bring out chucherias & take in mail.  Another shower of rain & cool south wind.  Bro’t load of fire wood.  Cleaned out well.  A. was at Martin’s in evening.

— 16 Dec. —

Put on new rodeo Palmar first time only a small point of about 400.  Doña Bernardo (Miguels keep) left.)  Sent Miguel in afternoon to Villalbas to see whether he wants to sell cattle.  Venancia cut varas to thatch rancho.  Vargas & comp revocando, pulling wire etc.  It was a fine day, cold nights.–
Checho went to Baldomeras’s to help recoger yeguada tomorrow.–

— 17 Dec. —

Fine day but looks like rain.  Sent cart to get timber from across river.– Began putting up mangrullo.– Doña Isidora began cooking.– Frakes still shooting garza ‘a medias’ at nesting place in big estero.  Tomas came back last night late from Calchaqui, bringing new recado (Mataldi), mail & shot for Frakes, & scythe.  Report roads to Calchaqui in fearful state.

— 18 Dec. —

Butchered cow ~.  Cut old patch alfa.  Put up mangrullo.  Miguel came back from Villalba, cattle not for sale.  It was a hot day

— 19 Dec. —

Finished mangrullo.  Bro’t in alfa in afternoon.  Miguel went to part mares at Media Luna.  J. Martin was here, also Casimiro Gay & Fernando for breakfast.  Martin Jarra here looking for work.  It was a very hot day, & tormento blew this evening.

— 20 Dec. —

Sunday.  Very hot (dampish heat) day N. wind and looks like a storm.  Miguel came back from Media Luna.  Bro’t 48 mares from there.  Nothing going on.  Cart went to Calchaqui, peon from Martin’s and Tomas, to bring out stores etc.  Took in antbear and wild pig for La California.  Juan bro’t another antbear.

— 21 Dec. —

Hot day and stormy.  Butchered cow ~.  Was over to see Gays and Defagots novillos.  They ask $28.00 3 yr & up.  Finished putting cage on top of mangrullo.  Pelado Rodriguez (Lautero V.) came this afternoon to offer cattle.  Bro’t load of palms and tejas from puesto Felix.

— 22 Dec. —

L.V. Rodriguez left again.  A went to see Martin about his novillos.  He asks 30.00 could not tratar.  Planted posts in new rodeos (algarrobal and medio).  Paisanos finished techaring’ ranchito.  Fearful hot day and stormy afternoon.  Sent Checho to Calchaqui with mail and telegram to Johnnie ré novillos of Gay & Defagot.

— 23 Dec. —

Wenceslado & Miguel went to help Baldomero huntar the yeguada.  A recorrered alambrado.  Barga recorrienda batatal.  Cart came from Calchaqui, bringing caña, yerba, salt, flour, encomiendas/libreria & cartriges & mower blades.  Warm day & looks stormy still.  Rained up towards laguna last night.–

— 24 Dec. —

Had on rodeo Loma.  Desembechared and capared about 20 sucking calves.  Butchered cow ~.  Very hot day and stormy afternoon but no rain.  Flies & mosquitos bad.

— 25 Dec. —

Xmas.  Spent the day with the Martins.  Hot day.

— 26 Dec. —

Another hot forenoon.  Afternoon dry storm.  Tried to parar new rodeo del medio but no cattle.  Put on rodeo (new) Algarrobal in afternoon, about 2000 head of cattle.  G. Martin here.

— 27 Dec. —

Sunday.  Another hot day 89º in shade.  Butchered cow ~.  Cut alfa for about 2 hours.  G. Martin here.

— 28 Dec. —

Cut alfa for about 3 hours and broke brazo (conexion) [(connecting) arm] of machine.  Got in (4 loads) alfa in (stack) afternoon.  Stormy forenoon – but hot day 92º in shade.– Cured Martin’s Austrian peon of maggots in back.  Tomas bro’t load of palms from puesto.–

— 29 Dec. —

Fearful hot day 98º in shade.  Sent Checho to Calchaqui to bring out Mr King.  Bro’t in rest of alfa 6 loads (stack) and as it looks stormy put on roof of tejas.  Carlos Rohr sent mail (via Guampita) .

— 30 Dec. —

Cooled off last night nicely and had a slight shower of rain this forenoon.– Bro’t two loads of leña.  Mr King arrived in afternoon from down south.  News William is ill with tyfoid fever in B.A.  A goes tomorrow to Calchaqui to spend New Year.  Butchered cow ~ Fine cool afternoon.

© Peter Benitz (Benitz Family)