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Photograph Album

Pages: 0 – 19 (& loose inserts)

See more pages of photos:
20–39,  40–59,  60–79,  80–99.

It is likely this was Alfred’s first album – 349 photos (including 3 loose inserts) on 99 pages.  Apparently, he first filled the front side of each page (the odd numbered pages), then began over, filling the back sides (the even numbered pages).  Consequently, pages with photos of him as a boy in school are intermixed with pages of photos of him as a young man playing polo.

The photos with a number inscribed in a corner of the image were most likely purchased from professional photographers.  Otherwise, the photos were either taken by Alfred or given to him by friends and relatives.  Amateur photographers all, many of their photos are hazy.


We are enormously grateful to David & Jean Benitz for loaning us the album to copy.
(Copied March, 2017.)

Page 00 (inside cover)

Missing image. Missing

TL: ??   TR: Alfred in kilt
MC: John, Marjorie, & children
Jo, Alfred, Marjory, Elsie, John

Los Algarrobos, ca. 1906
BR: ??

Page 01

Missing image. Missing

"Los Algarrobos, 1921"
Monte Buey, Córdoba

Page 02

Missing image.

TC: ??
MC: "Chance" & Alfred

Page 03

Missing image. Missing

TL: "Joker"; TR: "The Rat"
BL: Alfred on "The Rat"
BR: "Horatious" - Anglo-Norman stallion
(chestnut; 1899-1901 at La California;
1906 - bought by John E.Bz from Alfred A.Bz)

Page 04

Missing image.

TR: ??
MC: "Hurlingham 1922"
"Los Ceibos vs The Tyros
Emilio Anchorena Cup"

Page 05

Missing image.

TL: "Chance" & Alfred TR: "Caen" Anglo-Norman stallion
(Caen: very likely “Heretier” bought in Caen, France, 1910)
BL: Alfred on "Ormonde Boy"  BR: "Chance" & Alfred

Page 06

Missing image.

TL: "Picaflor" & Alfred   TR: "Sarco"
BC: "Quinta ‘See Bung’ "

Page 07

Missing image.

TC: Alfred on "Chance"   TR: "Tatucareta"
BL: ?? on "Comisario"   BR: Alfred on "Joker"
The tatucarreta looks very like one at "Las Tres Lagunas".

Page 08

Missing image.

TL: Alfred on "Sarco"   TR: Alfred & "Eustace"
BL: Alfred on "Errol"
BR: "Govan & Moly" (Likely at Hurlingham Club)

Page 09

Missing image.

TL: "Mons"   TR: "Polo at Los Algarrobos 1920"
BL: "Polo at Los Algarrobos 1921"
BR: Alfred & "Mariposa"

Page 10

Missing image.


Page 11

Missing image.

"Cruz Grande"
MC: "Father"

Page 12

Missing image.

Howard Webster at La Gloria
(Jo’s share of Los Algarrobos)

Page 13

Missing image.

TL: "Jo & Howard Wedding - Villa Josefina" (1922)
TR: "Greystone"
BL: "Departure - Marion & Georges Wedding 1921"
BR: "Villa Josefina"

Page 14

Missing image. Missing

TC: Biplane likely at Los Algarrobos
MC: Biplane John & Alfred, center next to it
Other photos: Likely Córdoba hills & Cruz Grande

Page 15

Missing image. Missing

"Villa Josefina 28 - 2 - 22"
TL: inside decorated for the wedding?
MR: "Jo & Howard" on wedding day
BL: Jo and friends

Page 16

Missing image.

Lewis Lacey

Page 17

Missing image.

Capilla del Monte, Córdoba

Page 18

Missing image. Missing

TL: Alfred   TR: Los Algarrobos
MC: Elsie & Tommy Sympson with Margery & Rodney
at El Venado?  1920
BL: Vegetable garden at Los Algarrobos

Page 19

Missing image.

"Mina Clavera

Sierras Grandes, Córdoba

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