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Howard & Jo Webster
Letters, Print, & Documents

Unless noted otherwise, copies of these items were very kindly provided to us by Jo’s grandchild, J. Lockwood.  We have organised them by subject, and within subject by date.

Jo’s Letters – 1900’s

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Letter: Jo to Father
8 March, 1905
age 9

“Cruz Grande”    
La Cumbre   
March 8th1905

Dear Papa
  Thank you so very much for the little pup you sent us, we call him Toby: he is so fat he can scarcely walk.  We were expecting Mama home yesterday Tuesday but we had a letter to say that Aunt Elsie was still with the doctor.  We had a lot of rain here on Sunday and the river was flooded and part of the Asequia [small canal] washed away, but today it is nice and fine again, and we are going for a little ride this afternoon, as we have only been out once since Mama has been away and that will be a fortnight next Friday.  We had great fun on Sunday and Mr Henertz bought us two boxes of squirts, so we had more fun on Monday.  I wonder whether you will like Alfred with his hair cut, he looks so funny.  The peaches are  dropping very fast a great many of them have got bechos [bugs] in them. One of the white turkeys got strangled the other day trying to get into the cage.

With lots of love and kisses from us all
I am
Your loving daughter

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Letter: Jo to Father
28 June, 1907
age 11

June 28th 1907

My dear papa
   Is it very cold up there, is it snowing, have you seen Coleaky yet tell Rolemar to look after him. Today Mr Pad Mr Hemmerie Mr Cambell and Mr Warnock have gone to Bell Ville with some of Mr Paul’s horses
It rained here all Monday and Tuesday and cleared up on Wednesday

Mr Turter has gone to his aunts house yesterday afternoon by himself.  Will you please bring my mate and bombesio which is in the kitchen somewhere, and my two sctraps books whinch are on the dressing table drawer.

With love from
your loving daughter

Jo’s  WW-I Letters, Records, & Documents

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Card to brother Alfred D. Benitz
30 Oct 1918

Found loose in brother Alfred’s Photo Album-1.
(Source: D.J. Benitz)

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“I reckon this bloke must ‘ave caught
‘is face against some of them forts
at Verdun!”

Stamped: Swinden Station 30 OCT 18

A. Benitz
6 Bullingham Mansions
Pitt Street
Kensington. W.8.


Swinden. Mondy

Dear Alfred.  I thought you would like this postcard. Tell the Plunk that they won’t let me go back to London as there are so many girls away on leave and I have to go to Netheravon Cavalry school and drive a Crossley car there, until my car is ready.  Tell her also to send my blouses to Swindon.  348 Coy. MT.ASC. No 2 Wood Street.  Also The eider down and mackintosh to Lidworth to Lidworth with Not to be forwarded on it.  They will send xxx xxxx to me from here to Netheravon.

(Top margin)
Hoping this will find you in the pink as it doesnt last.

(Bottom margin)
Love to All from Jo.  I hope Johnnie is alright

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Certificate of Identification
YMCA Worker

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Motor Test
25 May, 1917

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Permit to Phototgraph
22 February, 1918

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Permission to be absent

27 March to 2 April, 1918

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Clothing request for Women Drivers
12 June, 1918

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To be released 3 April, 1919

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Demobilization Gratuity
£7 5s 0p

22 May, 1919
(adjusted for inflation per CPI,
July 2019 = £356 or U$D450)

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Jo’s British War Medal
Roll of Individuals Entitled to Medals
Not awarded until 19 Dec. 1942

(Found by: J. Cáceres)

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Jo’s British War Medal
Not awarded until 19 Dec. 1942

(Source: National Archives, Catalog: WO/372/23
Found by: J.M. Bell)

Howard’s  WW-I Records & Documents

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Embarkation Permit
British Consulate
Buenos Aires
4 June, 1915

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2nd Lieutenant
19 Oct., 1915

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Adjutant, acting Lieutenant
1 July, 1917

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Acting Captain
13 July 1918

Missing image.

Reverts to Lieutenant
23 Apr., 1919

Howard’s  Letters during WW-II

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Letter 11 Nov. 1943
From Howard to Willie Benitz

(Source: F.M. Benitz)

Estancia “La Gloria”

Monte Buey F.C.C.A. November 11th de 1943

Dear Willie –
    Hearty congratulations on Malcolm's escape – It was a great effort as he's a great lad –
What wonderful stories he will have to tell when he gets back.  They should give him a good long leave so that he could come out on a trip – Jo mentions him in all her letters, wondering how he was getting on & will be overjoyed to hear of his escape.  By the way I had a letter from her yesterday & she says that Josie who was driving some colonel up to Liverpool ran into a tank going round a corner and broke a rib, but it cannot be very serious as she drove him back next day after getting bandaged up –
   Love to you all & hope to see you soon



Jo’s  WW-II Letters, Newspapers, Records, & Document

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Josie’s change of address to
ATS Training

Missing image.

Marjory M. Sympson’s
change of address to India

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Certificate of Appreciation and Thanks
June 1st, 1944

Missing image.

‘American Ambulance’
Units Handle 2,500
Patients Every Week

(Source: The Leader, Oct. 24, 1943?)

Missing image.

Thank you for your services
British Embassador

Buenos Aires – 7th May, 1947

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