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John's Diaries & Notes

John was not a constant diary keeper; however, he did leave us a record of his activities in various forms: estancia day-books, one diary, and some notes & letters.  All of which we have transcribed verbatim - as written, without making corrections to spelling or grammar.

To follow along, we recommend you open and have available (in a second window or tab) our Reference Pages of: Names (people & places, including maps), Spanglish Glossary, and Measures (length, area, weights, volumes, currency).

Available documents: (To view a document, please click on its title.)

Ea. ‘La California’ Day-Books (1890-1896) — It was the custom to record the activities at the estancia in a day-book.  John made most of the entries during the period he managed ‘La California’, approx. 1884 - 1899.  We are missing the early day-books throught 1889 (if any, mice may have chewed them up).  The main protagonists are John, his brothers, other family members, and key employees. 

John's Personal Diary (1904-1911) — The diary consists of a single note book of 44 pages, (Feb. 1904 - July, 1911).  It is rich with details.  John made brief notes recording almost everything that was important to him: family activities, business dealings, civic duties, and managing ‘Los Algarrobos’.  He must surely have kept diaries before and after this one, sadly they are not to be found.

John's Diary Notes (1911-1912) — Consists of a collection notes on scraps of paper and two well worn pages.  The notes appear to have been made for later inclusion in a diary.

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