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Diaries & Letters

We are lucky in that many of our ancestors left a written record of their activities in the form of letters and diaries.  The following list provides access to all that we have added to — so far.

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Person Type Period Page
Thaddaeus Benitz Letters 1852-1863 Letters from brothers in the Americas
William Benitz Letters 1852-1863 Letters to brothers
Josephine Bz-Schreiber Poesie Book 1867-1890 Poesie Book 1867
Alfred A. Benitz Diaries 1873-1937 Diaries & Day-Books
Frank J. Benitz Diary 1876, July Diary after his father died
Frank J. Benitz Diary 1878-1908 Letters, Notes, & Legal Notices.
Estancia “La California” DayBooks 1888-1906 Estancia Day-Books
Josephine Kolmer-Bz Letters 1898-1912 Letters sent & received
John E. Benitz Diaries 1890-1912 Diaries, Notes, & Letters
Josephine Bz-Schreiber Diary 1900 Grand Tour of Europe
Josephine Kolmer-Bz Diary 1909-1912 Diary at “Villa Josefina”
F. Malcolm Benitz Diary 1943 Escape from POW camp

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