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Family Photographs

Family photographs and pictures are scattered across almost all pages of .  We list here only those pages dedicated to photos.
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 Group Photos, Generations 1 & 2   Estancia “La California” (& cemetery)
 WW-I Volunteers   WW-II Volunteers
— Gen.1 —
 Josephine Kolmer-Bz  Kolmer (Josephine’s parents)
— Gen.2 —
 Alfred A. Bz & Olga Horner  Frank J. Bz
 John E. Bz & Marjorie Macintosh  Josephine Bz & Johan Schreiber
 William O. Bz & Clara Allyn  
— Gen.3 —
 Elsie Bz & Tommy Sympson  Jo Bz & Howard Webster
 Alfred D. Bz & Nancy Jeffries  
 Hattie Bz & Al Watt  Katie Bz & Stanley Jeans
 Willie A. Bz – Flora & Eileen  Nena Bz & Grahame Paul
 Clarita Bz & Jack Bell  Bernice Bz & Jim Bell
 Marion Bz & George Roberts  
— Gen.4 —
 Corina Bz & Keith Pryor  Malcolm Bz & Gertie Traill
 Charles Bz.  

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