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The Family In Print

Many family members have been mentioned in print, particularly the early pioneers.  This list provides access to most of the collected quotes, articles, and books included in .

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Person Type Period Page
William Benitz Books 1842-1876 William in California, list of several books.
William Benitz Newspapers 1850-1876 William in California, list of many articles.
William Benitz Court Cases 1859-1937 Transcrips of William’s court cases.
Alfred A. Benitz Biography 1859-1937 Alfred Benitz - Pioneer, Sportsman and Gentleman
Ea. “La California” Magazine 1892 The River Plate Sport and Pastime
Josephine Kolmer-Bz Newspapers 1898-1906 Josephine’s collection of newspaper articles.
Los Benitz Magazine 1955 A Breed of Pioneer in Argentina

We have not put on extensive quotes from books published recently (i.e. since about 1960).  We recommend purchase of the following books:

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