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11 August 2017

Group Photos
Generations 1 & 2

Assembled here are various family group photos.  Most, if not all, are included on other pages where they are relevant to the subject.  Like with all photos on the website, we have restored them to their original state (or at least close) by removing the scars of time: fading, stains, spots, scratches, and tears.

Photo of a Framed Photo (1)

Missing image

Josephine K. Benitz and children, Fort Ross, 1865
l-r: Charlie, Josephine, Herman, JKBz, Frank, Willie, Alfred, Johnnie, & nurse
Nurse: Likely Maria Myers (father: Charles Meyer).
(Source: F.Malcolm Benitz)

Cabinet Card (2)

Missing image.

William & Josephine and Children
Oakland, ca.1873
William(jr), Frank, Alfred, William, Josephine, Lizzie Howard, Josephine(jr)
John, Herman

(Source of this copy: John C. Benitz)

Cabinet Card (3)

Missing image.

John E. Benitz, Herman V. Benitz, & Alfred A. Benitz
Rosario, ca.1890
(Source: F. Malcolm Benitz)

Cabinet Card (4)

Missing image.

William O. Benitz, Alfred A. Benitz, & John E. Benitz
Buenos Aires, ca.1900
(Source of this copy: Fort Ross archives)

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